UFO Progress

My bum foot has been so good to me with having time to sew.  I am so happy to have found an advantage to not being as mobile as I would like.  Want to see what I accomplished?



This is Star Gazing.  You can find the pattern in Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails book one.

It came with it’s own set of problems.  I originally added the border on like this….


BUT that was the wrong way.  The pattern shows it attached like this….Notice the little neutral triangles are suppose to be inward not outward.  UGH.  I couldn’t decide if I should take the time and change it or leave it as is….


I took it off  and put them on according to the pattern.  I don’t think it was a big deal either way but in the end, I do think I like it slightly better with the neutral triangles inward.

I asked Hubby if he liked it or not.  His response…”too much green.”

Look again….Do you see a lot of green?  I know I purposely put some in but really???  Too much green??


Oh well.  This one will probably be given away at some point.  I very much like it but I’ve been keeping to many lately.  I have backing for Star Gazing so it’s going in the “to be quilted” pile.

So what’s next in the UFO department for me….Well closest to the machine was…Zuckerwatte.  It’s in Bonnie’s String Fling book.  I had it all cut out and the white and pink triangles were sewn together.  Now I am working on piecing the triangles together…then onto the string blocks.


I LOVE string blocks!  I plan on hurrying through this so I can get stringing.

You’ll find me back here next week. By then I hope to be stringing away….

P.S. I am making TWO of these quilts at once so it might take me a little longer to tackle them.