UFO Progress

I set the mystery aside long enough to sew just a bit on Talkin’ Turkey.  My goal is to work on UFOs and I can’t work on them if I don’t take a little time out for them.  So….here’s what I got done.

Yes, I know it doesn’t look like anything at all as it’s unorganized but here’s the goods.


Last week I told you that I thought I had all of the flying geese done but this week I went to sew the borders together and alas, I was short a few pieces.  I counted and recounted.  Originally I thought I was short about 8 geese.  Well when I was making 400 and some that makes sense that I could be off 8 geese.  This is so true as I knew I cut this out over the course of week during nap time moments when all the kids were sleeping.  I counted again and I was closer to 45 off.  Oh well…might as well start sewing right?

So I sewed them all- then sewed them into the borders.  I was so happy to have those outer borders of flying geese finished up.  Then I lifted up my book with the directions and ah…there in the box below was a border strip I already finished!  That was why my count was off and dang.  I didn’t need to make 45 more geese.

…and so goes the life of an unorganized quilter!!

Oh well.  From there I was onto making the sashing strips.  They are all finished too.  They even got Ruby’s stamp of approval.  See?

So now with Talkin’ Turkey I’ve been working on this quilt kind of backwards.  I have the outer border of the blocks done, the sashing done and all of the borders done except the string pieced part…can you believe it’s the blocks themselves that I don’t have done?  The main reason is I was being lazy.  I need to pull fabric for that part…and I’m doing a bit of a debate.  The blocks call for 2 5/8″ squares.  I have GOBS of 2 1/2″ strips.  I hate to not use them up.  Right now I’m thinking that I’ll use the 2 1/2″ strips and simply sew just a smidge of a smaller seam.  I’ve not gotten brave enough to experiment with that.  Then I can’t help but think- “oh girl, you have PLENTY of fabric!  Just cut the 2 5/8″ squares and be done with it”.    Confession-this is what happens in your life once you get addicted to the scrap users system.  It’s hard to think any other way!!

Find me here next week. Hopefully I’ll have a few of those center blocks done and can show them off.