UFO Progress


I have progress in the UFO department….

Look and see!


My Pfeffernuse quilt is a top!  I’m so excited.  It feels so good to have a project that is this far along.  I started thinking about where I am going to put this quilt in the line up of quilts waiting to be put on the quilt frame.  The good news is that this one already has a backing ready to go…dare I hope to get it done over the weekend…maybe.


What’s fun about this quilt…I bought a big box of scraps, many 80′s calicoes on a garage sale for $1 and they make up much of the string blocks.  The box was so big that there is plenty more to make another quilt.  Kelli saw this and said if I didn’t mind, she’d take the rest of the box of scraps.  She wants to make this quilt too.


I’m very happy with the border fabric.  It’s a piece I bought from Whittles Fabrics.

You can find me here next Wednesday sharing my UFO progress..oh my, I have to figure out what I’m pulling out to work on.


  1. Linda says:

    Lovely quilt top. I like your colour choices, they all work so well together.

  2. PattiLynn9 says:

    I love this top! You’re right, the border is stunning! Very eye-catching!

  3. Carolyn Johnson says:

    Wow! Very impressive! I always love your color selections!

  4. Anna Singleton says:

    I love this quilt. I may have to start it next lol. I am working on Bonnie’s new mystery and also working on her Celtic Solstice mystery from a few years ago. Happy Stitching!

  5. Kim LeMere says:

    Home from a vacation to Florida and hope to sew some this week, after laundry and getting some groceries in the house. Love your quilt its on my bucket list to make.

  6. Anne Deedrick says:

    Love how your quilt turned out! I think you should treat yourself and get it quilted soon. It’s a beautiful top!

  7. Paula says:

    I want this quilt! Love the combination of colors.

  8. Inese Woodburne says:

    Your quilt is gorgeous! Makes me want to make one too.

  9. WOW!! I love this one!!!!

  10. Nell says:

    Does cleaning out the sewing room count??? I have been working very hard in my room to purge fabric I will not use, get UFOs put together, get tops and backs put together to quilt, and just get organized. I have decided that processing 1 tote (18 gallon) of scraps, reduce number of kits by sewing them up, 1 Bonnie and 1 Jo finish by August and a 30 UFO challenge from my friend Lorraine are my goals for 2017.
    I have clue 5 done, but need to finish sewing 2 and 4 (all cut). I did quilt a couple of quilt tops that have been hanging around and will be sending those to the Tennessee fire victims as soon as I get the bindings done. I am not sure that I will meet my Easy Street finish goal, but decided the donation quilts were more important to me.
    I hope that you will continue this Wednesday check in, so I have some accountability. :)

  11. Maureen says:

    Jo, this quilt is beautiful! I love the outer border!!!

  12. ShirlR says:

    I love the red and brown together, and the border fabric is outstanding! Very handsome quilt!

  13. Elizabeth McDonald says:

    Jo, this is a GORGEOUS quilt! Congrats!

  14. Michelle says:


  15. Cindy Wienstroer says:

    Your inspire me with your work! Looks like gingerbread with frosting. Yummy!


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