UFO Progress

When I left you last week I had hoped to have my Pfeffernuse blocks sewn together.  Well, that didn’t happen.  I went to sew them together and WHAT???  The string blocks were too big.  I failed to read the memo and cutting them to size.  UGH.

I put them in a pile to work on during nap time one day this week.  I often try to do a little project during nap time if everyone sleeps at the same time.  Trimming the blocks down will likely take me a couple nap times but that’s okay.  It’s something I can do in the kitchen that’s quiet and still allows me to supervise the sleeping little ones.

Well that left me scrambling.  I wanted to work on a UFO.  I’m committed to these UFOs and know that once I do nothing on them for a week, I’ll let them fall to the wayside and that’s definitely not what I want…so what to do??

Well I have TWO finished Bonnie Hunter UFOs that are finished-just not quilted.  Well that was an easy decision…load a quilt.  Now, Wonky Wishes or Winston Ways?  I ended up picking Winston Ways.  Here’s the truth why I picked that one.  I already had a big piece of fabric to use for the backing set aside…I don’t know I am backing Wonky Wishes with.

I measured and got a backing made.  I loaded the quilt.  Then it was time to pick thread….What would you have picked?


I ended up with the warm brown to the right.  I use brown a lot on quilts like this.  I sometimes blends better than anything else.

From there I started in.  I’m on bobbin #2 and ready to roll the quilt for the first time.  Wow…I love this quilt.  What do you think?
I’m a 4 patch lover…what can say?  Anything 4 patch makes me happy…so very happy.  I think the only other thing that would be better would be all polka dot fabric and 4 patches all together!

Getting the quilt loaded is always the part I procrastinate on.  Now that’s it loaded, I’ll easily find time to keep working one it.  It’s fun and so close to completion now.  I can’t wait to have a finish.

You can find me right back here next Wednesday.  Dare I hope to have this finished??