UFO Challenge: Scrap Crystals

I had a comment not to long ago from a blog reader.  She wanted to know about my Scrap Crystals quilt.  Well….mine was only cut out.  No blocks were made.  Much of this was cut out from scraps of batiks that blog readers had sent to me.  The story goes a little like this.  In the course of one week two blog readers had sent me scrap bags of mostly batik fabrics.  One had leftovers from someone cutting out lots of greens.  There was just about six inches left from a 2″ strip.  I debated and debate about what to do with them.  Then a few days later I was talking to Connie and she had mentioned that she was thinking of making Scrap Crystals with batik fabrics.  BINGO!!  That was it.  These 2″ strips would be perfect….and so the quilt got out and the scrap bag was history as I also cut out Garlic Knots.


Well fast forward…Last week I told you and showed you my center of Pineapple Crazy.  I was gung-ho on making the outer blocks but it’s slow work and I was sure you all would be bored with me showing entry after entry of “look, I sewed six more this week”!  So when a blog reader asked if they could see what I had going on with Scrap Crystals, I took that as a sign that I could work on TWO UFOs at once….and so I make one block of Scrap Crystals.  See?

I am LOVING it!!  So much so that over the course of two nights and some leader and ender-ing, I have all of the half square triangles sewn….and that’s where it will sit until I get some time over nap time to start pressing the half square triangles.  Ironing is the perfect nap time job.  I can do it very quietly.


Of course I am making mine bigger…a 5 x 5 setting for me. This one is easy to enlarge.  I’m so glad.

You can find me back here next week…will I be working on Scrap Crystals or Pineapple Crazy…or maybe even a different quilt.

I’m starting to think I’m going to make Bonnie Hunter’s Wild and Goosey quilt from batiks too.  If anyone has any clipped off corner triangles in batiks that you don’t want, I could put them to use!  Yep!  My quilting A-D-D is kicking in again.