UFO Challenge

Well, I’m still here slowly working on my UFOs.  I had intended on going full speed ahead and trying to pump out as many UFOs as I could before the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt starts but then guilt lead me somewhere else.  I have so many charity quilts here that were set aside while I was recouping with my foot that I feel like I should be working on them and not on my stuff.  I’m “kind of” setting my stuff aside a bit and tackling the charity quilts.

I’ve actually come up with a bit of a plan.  Morning sewing is a split between charity quilts and my UFO’s.   Nap time, if I get any time then, is my choice time.  Evening time, once blog posts are written is all charity quilting time.  So far, it’s working.

Over nap time I finally managed to finish ironing all the half square triangles I need for Blue Skies.


Yahoo.  Now I need to finish up the center portion of the blocks and get these sewn on.  At this point, the hardest, or most time consuming part of the quilt is done.  I’ll likely sew on these a bit in the mornings.

I’m planning on taking a couple days off over Christmas break.  I’d like to be able to work on some of my own stuff then and I’d like to do it guilt free.  That means I need to keep working on these charity quilts and I do have a wedding quilt top that isn’t quilted yet.  I’m planning on attaching myself to the quilting machine as much as I can tackling all I can.  Maybe if I’m really good I’ll treat myself and quilt Wonky Wishes or Winston Ways.  Both of them are in the wings waiting for their turn to shine.

I’ll be back here next Wednesday.  I’m hoping there’s some progress to share…it might only be a little but I’ll take forward movement, even if it’s slow.