UFO Challenge

My UFO has progress to report…Yahoo.

I got a chance to work on it before I realized that my fireman benefit quilt needs to be finished in a couple weeks.

My blocks all have their string corners on them.  That didn’t happen as easy as it looks…(does it ever?)  I was sewing along getting the corners put on when I realized that somewhere along the way, after I had pieced the string triangles, I decided to make the quilt bigger.


So I had my 30 blocks done but was short corners for the remaining six blocks.  That sent me back to the sewing machine….and that left me with more blocks that needs the paper ripped off of them.  I happen to have three little kiddos in my life that LOVE depapering string blocks.  Truly, they love it.  See?

They take the job so seriously.  It’s cute.UFO03

If you  have two and three year olds in your life, let them give depapering a try.  It’s so cute to see them work at it.  More than that….it’s great for fine motor strengthening and great for hand eye coordination.  It’s so fun to see how much they have progressed.  Last fall these same kiddos helped me another day.  I had to “start” all of the papers and rip a little for them.  Now they are pros.

I don’t know how much I’ll get done on my UFO Talkin’ Turkey next week as the firemen benefit quilt and the baby quilt have to have attention first.

You can find me back here next week…hopefully with a little progress. I’ll be happy if I can simply get a few of the borders sewn onto these blocks. Little by little, it will happen.