Two Left Feet

Since my foot surgery I’m back to being able to wear my favorite summer shoes….canvas ones.  Every year I buy two pair.  One pair is for “good” (running to town) and one is for home (gardening and chores).  Last year I went all out and bought THREE pair as one was for childcare too.

Well at the end of the season I decided that two pair were shot.  I thought I’d keep the “good” pair and they would be this year’s “home” shoes.   The other two would go to the garbage. I thought that was a great plan.

A month or so ago I was in Walmart and picked up two pairs of new canvas shoes…so I’d have a “good” pair and a “childcare” pair.

Sunday I was planning to work in the garage painting and prepping things for the White Barns sale.  See the mess I am trying to conquer?

I went upstairs and got my oldest sweatshirt that I’ve had since high school.  It’s my favorite sweatshirt too…and my painting shorts…they are a favorite of mine too.

Then I grabbed the “home” shoes that were last year’s “good” shoes…or so I though.  I carried them downstairs and went to put them on….and UGH….SEE?  I have two left footed shoes.

What’s a girl to do?  I threw them away…went back upstairs and now I using a brand new pair for my “home” shoes.

Hopefully I make a good profit at the sale so I can back to Walmart…I need new “good” shoes as now I only have a “childcare” pair and a “home” pair.  Thank goodness they are only $10 or so…and that’s the story of my two left feet.