Trying To Create Some Fun

Monday was chemo and radiation days.  Those are my days to drive because we don’t want to tax any of our friends into sitting through the long days.  On Monday we left the house at 5:30am and got back home at about 5pm.  That did include a stop for groceries and a stop at the thrift store…but that makes for a long day even without the stops.  Besides, Kramer talks to the doctors on that day and we can discuss problems if there are any.

This week there were problems.  Swallowing and the feeling of heartburn were the new “fun” feature.  The doctor said…”Ya, those typically come into play about now”.  UGH.  Kramer has been trying to defy all of the predicted problems but that’s just not happening.  He takes that a little bit hard.  He’s always been a VERY strong man and like most of us, he thought his physical strength and his higher pain tolerance could power him through some of these symptoms but sadly, chemo doesn’t work that way.  Chemo can take the toughest of people and put them in the recliner for a few days.  Kramer never expected that he’d be one of them.

The doctor said “We have meds for this….no worry.”  And so Kramer added two more pills and now a liquid medicine for this new symptom.  He, a person who previously didn’t take a lot of medication, is suddenly on pill overload.  We had to buy him a pill organizer last week.  It’s simply too hard to keep track of it all.

So what do I do on Mondays while he’s taking in chemo…I stitch.  To pass the time and make it a little more fun I “make up little games”.  On this day, my goal was to try to finish up my little cross stitch piece for the month.

The first day of chemo I was able to get the border almost done.

The next week I finished the border and then I did the tree, words and the green grass.

At the start of Monday’s chemo day I needed to do all of the putzy stuff.  The red flowers, white flowers the blue, the fish and the sheep.

Chemo days are a series of appointments.  We start in the waiting room…then a blood draw…then waiting room…then doctor..then waiting..then the infusion process starts.

That is even a lot of starts and stops.  First premeds…then anti nausea meds the one med and then another med.  So I played a game….could I do a certain section or a certain color in the amount of time we had to wait.  That was going so well…then we got to the infusion room.  I was about here.

Time to start in on ecru and the sheep.

This was my view.  Kramer is so blessed with the ability to sleep through much of this.

I was happily stitching along and then before I knew it, chemo was over.  Next stop radiation.  I stitched and stitched like a mad woman trying to finish the piece.  It’s so nice to feel like I accomplished something on chemo days so crazily I stitched ignoring my phone and everything else and I finished!!
I am thrilled!!  The last stitch went in with about 5 minutes to spare.

Next week I start this one…. “Faith”
I am so impressed with myself.  I’ve been stitching along on these meeting my goal of one a month.  I have FOUR finished now.  Next week’s goal will be to get as far as I can on the border.  I always start with the border first.

It’s silly to play games and race the clock but sometimes it’s the little things that get us through the big things.