Today Starts the Crumb Quilt “Crumb Along”


Hey all..I am so excited.  Today is the first day of the Crumb Quilt “Crumb Along”.  If you are new to “crumb” quilting let me tell you a little about it.

As far as I know, Bonnie Hunter, from Quiltville is the original “crumb” girl.  You can check out her site and see lots of awesome free quilt patterns including a pattern for Crumbs.  Bonnie’s tutorial inspired me to make my own crumb quilt for my daughter. Kalissa.


I admit the first time I saw the blocks and thought about sewing with tiny pieces, I thought it was crazy.  Then after a few blocks, I was hooked.  I am betting you just might get hooked too.

After an email box of questions and a tremendous amount of comments, someone suggested I host a “Crumb Along”.  I thought it was a GREAT idea….So WELCOME to the first ever “Crumb Along.”


Let me start by giving you a few details….

Each and every Tuesday for the next ten weeks, I’ll be giving you ideas on fabric requirements, block construction, layouts and the like.   You’ll have a week to make 2-10 blocks a week depending on your preference and your schedule.  It’s important to remember this is not a race at all.  It’s for fun….and an opportunity for all of us to get rid of a few more scraps.   Come back each Tuesday and I will  have a Mr. Linky here for you to link your blog up and show off your week’s progress.  If you don’t have a blog, that’s okay…I have a flickr group listed as Crumb a Long Quilts and my Jo’s Country Junction  facebook page that will all be open for anyone who wants to post pictures there.  If you are not a picture poster type gal…that’s okay too.  You are welcome to work in whatever way is good for you.

The directions I am giving will be to make a baby size quilt that will finish at about 48″ x 48″.  The original quilt that is shown is larger finishing at 82″ x 82″.  If you want to make the larger size, that is your option.  You can just make more blocks each week.


The center of the quilt we will be making has 36~ 6″ blocks.  We will start on making them first.  When first looking at the quilt it is hard to see where one block starts and the next ends but after a couple weeks of making blocks, you’ll see the blocks of the quilt in no time at all.

I used recycled cotton fabric from shirts in the original quilt with solid red scraps.  The reds are not matching reds, just scraps from previous projects that I had left over.  You can use any cotton fabric that you would like that is light weight.  This quilt will not work with blue jean fabric or any heavy fabric as there are LOTS of seams in the blocks.  I HIGHLY recommend having some sort of solid or constant fabric besides your scraps.   Someone asked if I purposely choose a lot of blue fabrics for the quilt.  The answer is no.  Men’s shirts just tend to be more blue colored and that’s what I had.

I will be making my blocks with recycled fabrics again.   I’ll try to make a few block samples with civil war prints and bright prints so you’ll get an idea of what those fabrics might look like as well.  Honestly…anything goes that is cotton quilt type fabric.  How much fabric, you may be asking….that question is virtually impossible to answer.   Crumbs just seem to multiply and multiply.  About 2-2 1/2 yards worth will give you plenty variety.  If you have a big ziplock bag full, you’ll be able to sew for a long time.  I used the solid red for the inner border and for the binding.  You will need about 3/4 of solid for the border and binding or about 2 yards total of a solid color.  You will need backing fabric too.  My back will be pieced with blocks in it.  If you don’t want a pieced backing you will need 3 yards.

The next question is always how big do the pieces need to be…well, that varies.  You will need some that are 8″ long.  If don’t have any you can pull strings from your string box or I’ll show you a way to work around it.  I don’t sew with anything narrowed than 3/4″ wide.  By the time a seam gets sewn on each side, there will only be 1/4″ of fabric showing so smaller pieces aren’t recommended.  Your scraps can taper from wider to narrower.  Your scraps can be 1″ by 1″.  We’ll find a place for lots of the scraps regardless of the size.

There is no right way or wrong way to make this quilt.  Each and every person’s quilt will be very different.  If we make a block that isn’t you favorite, you can make alternate blocks instead.

Besides fabric you will need thread.  It doesn’t even have to match.  When I made mine, I used up every odd bobbin of  thread that I had.  You’ll also need a ruler that allows you to square up blocks.  I have a 7″ square ruler that I love and is perfect for this.  If you have a different ruler that works for you…great.

Crumbs get really messy so it might be nice to have a large bowl, tote or cake pan sized container that you cam dump your crumbs into.  This allows you room to sift through the crumbs without getting them all over.

By looking at the pictures, you will see that the border has words in it.  This is entirely optional.


My daughter, who I made the quilt for, has an unusual name.   I purposely put her name in the quilt so that she would have a something with her name.  If you want to put words or a name on the border, you will want to purchase Tonya’s book, Word Play Quilts: Easy Techniques from the UnRuly Quilter (That Patchwork Place).  We won’t be making the borders for a few weeks so you have plenty of time if you want to order it.

So this week’s assignment:
Gather your goodies….fabric and squaring up ruler is all you have to have for next week.
Leave a comment here after this post just so we get an idea of who is crumbing along with us.
You might want to follow along on facebook …it’s a great place see what others are asking or to get answers to your questions quickly.
You might also want to join the flickr group so you’ll have that all ready for posting your fabric selections.

Also, do a little public relations work and let your quilting buddies know this crumb along is going on.  Grab a button located on the upper left hand corner and post it on your blog.  This way more people can get started with us next week and not feel behind once the fun begins….

I hope you’re all ready to “crumb along” with me!

Today I am hooking up with Confession of a Fabric Addict…I am hoping all the gals over there will give a big Whoop! Whoop! and join in the fun.
I am also hooking up with Homestead Revival. Now that the gardens are slowing down, maybe some gals from there will join us too.


  1. Mayleen says:

    I’m joining in on this because I’m a crumb saver! Unfortunately, I probably won’t make a lot of progress because I have way too many projects right now as it is. Plan to keep working along with you though and am looking forward to seeing everyone’s blocks!

  2. Eden says:

    Me, me! I will ‘crumb’ along on this journey! My blocks will be a little smaller as I already have a shoebox full of 4 inchers, but I certainly need to make some kore and they are SO fun and addicting.

  3. Kathy in FL says:

    I’m ready to get started! I’ve got a bin of crumbs and a couple of shoeboxes of bigger scraps. Now, all I have to do is get the solid red yardage.

  4. Kathy says:

    I’m in! This looks like a place where I could use some of those orphan blocks that I have been collecting as well.

  5. Sarah C. says:

    Oh I have tubs of crumbs!! Count me in!!

  6. Judy D in WA says:

    I’ll join in. I always have crumb blocks in progress. Maybe now I’ll use some of my blocks again. This is a good idea Jo!!!

  7. Skye says:

    Crumbing along with you! Have plenty o’ crumbs & crumbles ready to go! Thanks for hosting this!!

  8. Kris says:

    I save everything – even the tiniest pieces go into a “scrap bag for stuffing” – I have 2 of those now so I should make some pillows. I would love to learn how to make some crumb blocks as I know these little pieces can be used for something. Will get my bowl out and start stirring

  9. Sandi Price says:

    I really want to crumb along too. Like someone else said, it’s not like I have no other projects going, but I’ve been collecting crumbs for quite sometime and it’s time to start using some of them. A Crumb-along sounds like just the way to do it.

  10. Pam says:

    I’m crumbing too!

  11. Cheryl says:

    I hope to join in, but I don’t have a website to blog from.

  12. Donna - also in FL says:

    I am so looking forward to this – I have a friend at work who is hoping to join in too!

  13. I am definitely going to play along…can’t decide which crumb bag to open first!

  14. Dianna says:

    I am ready to get started on this one. Crumbs and ruler are by the sewing machine waiting further instructions.

  15. Sandra Sharp says:

    I will be “crumbing” along. I have a hugh pile of crumbs and scraps. Maybe I can put some kind of a dent in them.

  16. Count me in. This will be a good way to use up all those little scraps that I just can’t throw away. I might need to go through and pull out the really small scraps that are smaller than 3/4 in. Can’t wait for next Tuesday. I’ll be away at a quilt retreat, but will get at it as soon as I return.

  17. Anita Bedsole says:

    Count me in! This sounds like fun

  18. Barbara Honey says:

    I’m in!! I don’t have a blog but will post pics as you described. I have a scrappy quilt to finish before I start the crumbs so that is a reason to push to get it done quickly. Thanks Jo for this crumb-a-long.

  19. Charity says:

    Count me in! I’m not sure how many I’ll get to make. But as you said there is no race. I need something to pull the fun back into sewing.

  20. Carol says:

    Hey I’m a pretty crumby quilter, so I’ll join in the fun.

  21. Sherri says:

    I can hardly wait to get started! I do have other projects going, but what’s one more!

  22. Vivian says:

    Is it time to start already?! I might join along too. I’ve got a desk full o’ crumbs from projects from worked on all spring and summer and an idea for a project that I wanted to apply them to. Since there’s ten weeks and no deadlines, I’ll just see how far I get!

  23. Cathy B says:

    I am ready to be crumby!

  24. Robin says:

    I count me in!!! My blocks will be small. I have some 3 1/2 inch blocks that I did. This will help me to do more!

  25. Barbara says:

    I am getting excited!

  26. Mary says:

    Hello! I’m planning to crumb along, but will probably get a slow start. Our local quilt show is coming up early in October and I’m busy quilting things for others to show and finishing up some things of my own.

  27. Mary Ellen says:

    Count me in

  28. Karen in CA says:

    I’m ready to join in. I’ve got a plastic bucket full of crumbs and making more every time I sew.

  29. patti says:

    i’m following along but can’t start til the end of september. am in texas now but will be back in florida by then. i love crumbs!

  30. Ellen says:

    Let the crumbiness begin!! I want to follow along too!!

  31. petra says:

    I’m in, sounds like fun, oh what constant solid to choose? purple or blue, or something else? decisions decisions……

  32. Cindy says:

    I’m so excited about this quilt along. Got the ruler, now I need to gather my little scraps together and I’m all set. Thanks so much for showing us the way.

  33. Vickie says:

    I’m joining in even if I just get a couple of blocks done at a time. Need to get rid of some small pieces and at the same time have fun and not much thinking. Time to clean out some bins.

  34. Julie says:

    Ready, set, lets go!! I am ready to get started.

  35. Teresa in Music City says:

    Hi Jo! Count me in but I’m not sure how consistent I will be able to stay…. I love your crumb quilt and would love to make one for an upcoming new grandson. I guess I’ll just have to put other things aside at least long enough to get a few blocks done each week. Thanks for hosting this!!!! :*)

  36. pkquilter says:

    Jo, I’m joining in on the fun, too. Since I just can’t seem to throw away any “usable” fabric, there is lots to play with in my sewing room.

  37. pkquilter says:

    Jo, I’m joining in on the fun, too. Since I just can’t seem to throw away any “usable” fabric, there is lots to play with in my sewing room.

  38. LOTTO says:

    Crumb-Along – what a fun name for this adventure. I am excited to start it. Would you believe my husband has cleaned out his closet and I have all these beautiful used 100% cotton shirts and you are so correct – they are ALL blue !!! Now the challenge is to find the solid color to use………

  39. Angela says:

    Crumbs, check
    Thread, check
    Sanity, well, that part is optional, right?

  40. I’m in, and I have a ton of crumbs. I may have to go for a bigger quilt – I’ll see what with all the other things I have going. I’ve looked through my stash and found I hardly have any solids at all. All I could find were fat quarters or smaller pieces. I could do it in white, but not this time as I have other plans for that piece. I found a 2 yard piece of gray, so I guess my solid will gray!

  41. Sandi1100 says:

    I’m very excited about making crumb blocks as I have never done this however, I have to finish quilting a quilt that I’ve been working on. I’m hoping it have it done before Tues. so I don’t start out behind. Thanks for doing the crumb along!!!!

  42. I’ve always wanted to do one of these projects because I literally CAN NOT throw this stuff away! Finally some way to use it up! :-)

  43. Judy D in AZ says:

    I can’t believe I want to do this. But I’m looking forward to crumbing along!

  44. I’m just putting the borders on my last crumb quilt (left in the UFO bin for over a year). I am definitely in the mood to crumb again.

  45. Catherine S says:

    Count me in! What a great idea – thank you for putting this together.

  46. Add me please. I keep forgetting to sign up. I have bags of crumbs and some 4 inch ones started. cant wait to try new ones. thanks for doing this, vicki

  47. Kathi S. says:

    I have never made a crumb block, but I am in! Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Hi Jo… I’m joining in!

  49. Barbara says:

    I am very excited about this crumb along! This will be my first. Thanks so much for hosting.

  50. Beth in MN says:

    I am so looking forward to the crumb along. Thank you for hosting!

  51. quiltmac1678 aka marge says:

    Love working with crumbs. No rules to get me in trouble, just do my own thing at my own pace!

  52. Sara says:

    Ready Set, let’s do some crumbing!!!!!

  53. Sharon Judkins says:

    I want to join in also. I don’t have a blog but I will post on Flickr as I am comfortable doing that. I already have a tub of scraps ready to go just need some instructions! This is going to be fun.

  54. HM says:

    I’m going to TRY and keep up with this. I have quite a few strings left over from Bonnie’s RRCB and I can cut up more shirts as necessary. I have lots of other scraps sorted by color, so I believe I’m ready.

  55. Jody says:

    I’m in! Maybe my sewing room will be a little bit neater when I get done using all of my scraps…excited to learn something new!

  56. nightowl in NJ says:

    I have a lot of crumbs and strings, but kinda stuck doing nothing with them, until I read about your project and that was just the jump start I needed ! So thank you for hosting it and all your info is very helpful…happy sewing everyone !

  57. Deb says:

    I’m going to try to follow this too.

  58. Sandi from Chattanooga says:

    I am ready, Jo!!! Count me in.

  59. kwiltnkats says:

    Jo, this sounds great. I like your opening post. I’ll see what I can do to keep up! Sandi

  60. Becky says:

    can’t wait to use up some crumbs and morsels…

  61. Jean says:

    I’ll probably be on and off participating, but since my crumb box is overflowing, I’m in.

  62. Gina says:

    Count me in, we’ll have a crumbly good time!

  63. katie says:

    have a friend I invited and we shall see how big our quilts get. throw me some crumbs!!

  64. Lisa Franklin says:

    Count me in!! Looking forward to playing with crumbs and not getting kicked out of bed for it! And afterwards, I’ll have the perfect excuse to go back to my friend’s quilt shop!! Thanks Jo!

  65. Jan MN/TX says:

    I’m coming along, too! I might have to drag some of my MN crumbs to TX!

  66. Patty says:

    I look forward to “crumbing along” with you! I met you and your daughter at Bonnie’s workshops in Storm Lake in July. After reading your blog since then, I feel I know you well and I can so relate to your country life. I enjoy your quilts and tutorials and thank you for hosting this crumb-along!

  67. Lisa says:

    Looking forward to making a few crumb blocks in the next few weeks!

  68. Fran says:

    So excited to join in. Gathering crumbs as we speak. Thanks Jo!

  69. Caroline Rader says:

    Looking forward to some stitching fun!

  70. Nancy says:

    I always want to do this.

  71. Cherie Moore says:

    I’m in – I’m as addicted to crumb blocks are you are :)

  72. Janet Humphreys says:

    I would love to make a crumb quilt with you! Count me in!

  73. I decided to join in! I’ve never done crumb blocks… but have a bunch of 30′s little pieces from cutting up my daughters quilt this week. Can’t wait to see how these work. I may be behind a little bit in the beginning…currently moving across country next weekend but I kept my sewing machine with me. Just need to find my word book among the boxes in a few weeks!

  74. Katell says:

    I’ve never done a crumb quilt either… but I love scrap quilts !
    Thanks Jo for this bright idea !

  75. Ok Jo, I hate you… well, not really hehehe These are addictive! Just like string blocks! You can’t make just one! I have half a dozen made already!! :)

  76. susan in ct says:

    my crumbs are all gathered- with a green constant, we’ll see how that goes…………..

  77. sharaon says:

    I joined the crumb along – work at least one day a week with them anyway. Just love your crumb quilt.

  78. Pat V. says:

    Your crumb quilt is awesome. Count me in!

  79. Andee Neff says:

    I really wasn’t going to even get hooked on this idea….but I have all these little scraps and blocks left over that just might work for this so I am going to at least try a block and see if it suits me. I love all things Bonnie so it may catch on!

  80. Beatrice says:

    I’m joining in on this because I’m a crumb saver. Already tested with 4″ blocks. Thanks for the idea. XO

  81. Shelley C says:

    I’m wanting in…I have so many crumbs from my neurotic saving that it is time to make them a permanent home!

  82. Bobi says:

    love crumbs. Just finished a 6″ crumb block queen flimsy. Thought I would use up all the crumbs–no way. I will enjoy making some new styles of crumb blocks. I am ready!! Thanks Jo for doing this activity for all of us. Bobi, UT

  83. Pauline Mendenhall says:

    Sounds like fun. I’m with you

  84. I’m in the midst of re-organizing my sewing room and I was just wondering what in the world to do with all my crumbs. So I’m in — kinda. I’ll definitely be making some blocks with the rest of you, but I don’t know if I can make enough for a whole quilt just now. I’m in the middle of a project which has a deadline.

  85. Laurina says:

    I am not a crumb collector but seem to have a little pile of them from a few recent projects. I’ll tag along until I run out.

  86. Judi says:

    You can count me in as well I have tons of crumbs and this sounds like a great way to use some of it up. Looking forward to the start of this project.

  87. Katheen says:

    This is a great idea, I have a lot of crumbs and this is the push I need

  88. Raine says:

    Thank you so much for hosting this. Its a little scary for me as I have very little in the way of crumbs. I have a very little stash as well. Sooooooo I will be putzing along with it. I do think it will be an awesome learning experience!

  89. coloradolady says:

    I am so in….getting stuff together today!

  90. Kimberly in CO says:

    I am so in. I just organized all my crumbs and strings.

  91. Renee says:

    i can’t wait to get started! i have loved this quilt from the moment i laid eyes on it and it is going to be a very special finish for me! thanks Jo!

  92. simplychele says:

    Please count me it! I seriously hate throwing anything fabric away- this project looks challenging and fun.

  93. sharon says:

    Gosh – looking thru – see I spelled my own name wrong! 1finger typing cuz kitty needs to sleep in my arms

  94. I was just thinking about doing something like this. Thanks for hosting the quilt-along

  95. Linnea says:

    I am going to take a stab at this idea. Have lots of scraps to work with. It will be good to use them for something.

  96. Marie Ward says:

    This look so interesting. I am 80 years old eye sight is terrible so I ahould be able to handle this Thanks Jo…… Now ia I’m off to make my greese block.

  97. AJ says:

    Just finding out about the crumb along….can’t wait to start.

  98. Bonnie says:

    This is a great idea! I will be following your progress. I plan to also try this, but not until the snow flies. I have a bunch of my mom’s old materenity tops that I want to make a quilt with. This will work perfectly.

  99. Laree says:

    I’m there! Good use of the pockets, cuffs and collars from my collection of recycled shirts

  100. Karen says:

    Have crumbs, will sew. But first need to pull out my 2 1/2″ wide strips to hold for 9 patches for another project — wanted to use red in this but have SO MANY pinks, light greens, lavenders ditsies and older fabs gonna try using those — not sure how graphic they will end up ….


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