There Comes a Time

There comes a time in life when reality sinks in.  I think I’ve had more little “reality checks” in recent times ever since I read the book Decluttering at the Speed of Life. (I reviewed the book on Christmas Day)

I’ve been slowly working through the sewing room asking myself “Am I really going to do this?”  At times I’ve said yes and then I’ve prompted myself to the “prove it”.  This was one of those days.

You might remember when Kalissa (my limited sewing daughter) was pregnant with Carver.  She had seen this baby quilt at a quilt shop.


She decided she wanted to make it for Carver.

It didn’t take her long and she made a pieced border for the panel.  Then it was time for a backing and she wanted to use minky.  That was fine.  I hadn’t quilted a minky quilt before but that didn’t seem overly challenging.  What was challenging for me was this…..

She wanted me to do this ABC panto on the quilt.  Well…if you’re a long term blog reader you know that pantos aren’t my thing.  I’ve never done them.  I’m for the most part happy doing free motion.

Well with baby #2 growing and Carver never getting his quilt finished, it was time.  So I decided it was time to prove I would use this panto and do pantos or move the panto stuff out of my sewing room.

So…I started watching videos.  It looked do-able.

Then I went to the machine and….nope.  I stood at the back with the quilt loaded and ready to go.  I tried to trace the pattern with the laser without the machine engaged.  Nope.  Yuck.  I didn’t have the control I needed to make it feel right.  Every video I watch suggested trying and easy panto first.  I already had the quilt loaded.

Ronda the charity quilter has encouraged and encouraged me.  I’ve talked to my friend Carla and she’s said that if I can free motion as well as I can, that a panto would be more time consuming.  Hmmm.  That got me thinking even more.  I appreciated the advice of both.

But…right then and there I decided it’s okay if I never do a panto.

I called Kalissa and told her.  She said that’s great mom.  I just want Carver’s quilt done.  So I hopped on the other side of the machine and away I went.

In a bit I was finished.  I feel so much better for several reasons….

1-it’s done
2-it turned out good
3-I gave myself permission to not have to be the person who can do everything.  WOW.  What a relief!  I can now clean out some of the stuff I’ve been hoarding with the thought that I have to become a panto machine quilter.  I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel.  I’m going to have more space for what I REALLY will use and I don’t have to spend the energy to learn to do it.  Doing free motion is really enough.  YAHOO!!  Seriously it’s such a huge relief to let that go and not feel like learning to do pantos was hanging over my head.  Every time I loaded a quilt it was a reminder.  Every time I worked on a quilt, it was a reminder.  Now I don’t have to worry about it anymore and I can try to get better at free motion quilting.  Ahhhh.

So here’s the quilt as it came off the machine.

Kalissa loved it.

I love that this got finished…I love that it taught me a lesson too.  I’ve learned that there comes a time that it’s okay to let some things go.  Now rather than lamenting what I’m not, I can focus on being better at what I already do.  YES!!  That’s MUCH better.

Do you have some things that it’s time to let go of too??  I know I have more things…as I clean the sewing room I’ll share more.

Seriously, that decluttering book has been so good for me.