The Report from the Doggie Doctor!

A post from Kelli–


Last week I told you that I took Puppycat into the vet for a lump she had on her left side.  Well there’s news on that–not good but not quite bad either!

Puppycat (346x400)I got a call from the vet on Monday with the results.  But they weren’t really able to make a conclusion.  After talking to Dr. Sarah, she said that it could be a fatty tumor or it could be a cancerous one, but the biopsy didn’t provide enough cells to make an accurate diagnosis.  She said this is common with fatty tumors, however if it’s a non-shedding tumor, that could also explain why there weren’t enough cells to test.

She ended up giving me two options–Take it out surgically, or leave it and just continue to monitor it.  After a bit of thinking, I have decided to have it taken out.  On the off chance that it is cancerous, I don’t think I could ever forgive myself if we found out down the line that it was cancerous and I passed on the chance to have it taken out.  And even if it’s just a fatty tumor, the vet said that it’s small enough that surgery to have it removed won’t be too debilatating.

So, with my new job, I work 12 hour shifts which means that I only work 3 days per week.  Because it’s my weekend to work this weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)  I have quite a few days off next week.  I’ll take her in for surgery on Wednesday and I’ll be able to stay home with her on Thursday.  I have to work Friday, but then have the weekend to watch her and make sure she’s still doing well.

Hopefully, it’ll all come back clear, but on the off chance that it doesn’t, I think this is the best choice!