The Note

I got a call from a gal in the area I know not to long ago.  She was cleaning out her sewing goodies and for the most part, was giving up quilting.  She was wondering if I wanted her scraps and things.  I know her…not really well…  I knew her to be a quilter.  I knew where she worked.  I knew her kids were a little bit older than mine….I didn’t know a lot more than that.

She had been reading the blog and found that my sewing room is a “land of misfits”…with all sorts of scraps and leftovers from lots of different projects and most of them aren’t mine.  I told her I was happy to get her scraps….I’m on the more the merrier thought process when it comes to scraps!

We arranged a drop off time and I didn’t think a lot more about it.  She came and I got the goods.

Look at all the fun things….As much as I loved the stuff the note meant so much more.

She, like me, spent too much time visiting doctors in 2016, had re-evaluated things, and decided she didn’t want to quilt anymore.  She told me that she appreciated the blog.  She told me other things too…Let me say, it’s one of the nicest, most unexpected, appreciated notes that I’ve even gotten.


I didn’t get all the way through the scraps yet.  I did decide one thing…I am cutting as I sort and organize…I’m cutting out this.  I’ve loved the quilt since Bonnie Hunter first started working on it and still love it.  This box is perfect for the start of scrap quilt.  For anyone wondering this is in her book More Adventures with Leader and Enders.


There was also embroidery floss.  Sadly it’s J&P Coats brand and everything Kelli and I stitch is DMC.  There is a lady at the nursing home that Kelli works at that is always stitching towels and pillowcases so I think we’re going to pass the thread on to her…she’ll be so excited.


I am so thankful that I had a chance to make this connection and to get the note.  Sometimes when I sit at the computer desk writing blog posts I don’t always know that I’m doing much but babbling and writing a journal of sorts.  It’s nice to know that something I wrote was of use.

Too often, I am so busy being an introvert in my own community that I don’t stop and see the good people right in front of me-right in my own community.  That’s something I want to change about myself.

I do want to say this to the gal who sent her goodies my way….if you ever miss quilting, stop on over for a quilting date.