The Many Faces of Georgia Grace

A post from Kelli–

I’ve been garage saling to get some clothes for Georgia.  One of the days, Kalissa watched Georgia for me and then mom was kind enough to pick her up from Kalissa and meet me in Ossian so we could go home when I was finished.

The next day, I put one of her new outfits and took her picture so that I could send it to them both and tell them thank you for hanging with her.  All of a sudden, I she started just hamming it up–Look at these!

Seriously though–

And the smiles just kept coming–

I promise I didn’t photoshop these….

They were so genuine..I can’t even make this up–

Her little smiles are just so sweet–

With all the stuff going on with Mom and Dad, it gets hard sometimes.  It’s little smiles and giggles like these that help to break up the hard times and make them a bit more bearable.  I’ve said it many times–I think Kalissa and I happened to have Gannon and Georgia for so much more than to just have kids.  Kids just seem to be pros at lightening the heavy moments and making us stop and enjoy the little things.  And as you can see, little smiles are some of the biggest and best things!