The Double Wedding Ring

I thought I would give you a little update on my how the Double Wedding Ring is coming along….I’m here.

I have eight rows sewn together on the left and three sewn together on the right.

With my crazy life the way it is right now I decided I was not going to stitch it all down section by section.  I was going to sew the rows together by on continuous seam.

I’ve been taking rows with me in the car and pinning them together as we ride in the car to Lacrosse for Hubby’s appointments.   Pinning a row takes me almost an hour.  I told you all that I think just as much is spent with this quilt doing the pinning as it is doing the actual sewing.  It’s SO-SO true.

So I took some pictures of how I sewed the entire row with one seam figuring life might get to some of you as well and you, like me, might get to the point that you just want the quilt DONE!

So here is where I am at in the pinning.  The background is pinned in the middle.  I am meeting that pin with the center of the segments.

The difficulty with this comes HERE….Dealing with the very tip of the background piece.  Once positioned, it will look like this.

The goal is to manipulate the piece so the seams but.  The background piece will pivot and lay down.  You might have to remove a stitch or two but I promise it will pivot and it will lay flat.  

In the picture the background it on top facing down and the segments are on the bottom facing up.

When pinning the entire seam down, I pin to the MAX.  LOOK at all those pins!!

You can see why it takes almost an hour to pin the entire seam.  It’s a putz project but totally necessary.  Once getting this to the machine to sew the seam that was just pinned it’s SUPER important to stop and reposition the entire bulk of it all often.  It’s easy to catch excess fabric in the seam and get puckers but it’s totally doable if time and care is taken.

I hope you’re trucking along on your project.  The big reveal is scheduled for March 15th.  If you’ve been sewing along with me, how far along will you be?