The Craig and Jo Show: This and That

Kalissa worked the weekend.  She worked overnight and you know what that means…it’s time for the Craig and Jo show.  We had an abbreviated show this week as we worked on Sunday and Kayla was here for part of the time.

Both of us commented that it didn’t seem like we got a lot done as we didn’t have a big project, just lots of small ones.  Gannon was a trooper and slept through most of it.  What a precious boy.

Craig tilled the garden so I could plant my fall garden.  I’m hoping to do that soon.

We planted the apple tree that Kramer’s family gave us as a memorial.  It’s the second one.

I looked at the older tree…it’s not looking good.  No apples again this year.  The leaves are looking bad too.  Hmm.  Any suggestions??

The nursery where I always get my plants from in the spring always has a sale in July.  They give “Bucks” out in the spring that can be used in July.  I ended up picking out this pink coneflower for free.  It got planted.

We had to move the swing a couple feet to the north.  The willow tree was getting big enough to be in the way of the swing set.

I ended up looking closer to the tree and saw this….
UGH.  It’s the knotty wart things.  I ended up having to trim the tree to get them off.   Kayla and Carver carried the branches I trimmed off away.  I’m thinking this tree isn’t going to make it.  I have more and more of these “warts”.

Just a day or so before Kramer passed away he told Craig that he needed to clean out the lawn sprayer as he didn’t know what was in it.  Craig did that today…then he sprayed the lawn.  We have so many weeds in it.  Kramer would have hated it.

After Craig did my lawn he drove over and did his.

I’m so happy we got these things done.  I can’t thank Craig enough.  He’s so good to me.  He’s truly been one of the biggest blessings to me.