Sunday With Gannon

On Saturday I talked with Kalissa.  I asked her if there was anything she needed.  I told her I could run up to Rochester with it if she did.  She said nothing really then as the day went on she said -ya she could use this…and ya she could use that.  At that point I just knew it was time for me to go and see them.  Kramer wasn’t up for it and felt terrible that he wasn’t but he wasn’t so I made plans to make the drive along.

We still had Carver with us and made plans have Grandpa and Grandma Friedman get him.  It was a bunch of calls back and forth.

I sat down to write a blog post and Carver was playing by me.  I didn’t think anything of it and that’s when Carver saw the picture of Gannon.  He immediately wanted to be on my lap and see the picture.  Then Carver said, “My Gannon” and started to get all teary saying “bad owie”.  I tried to scroll past the picture and he yelled “My Gannon, bad owie, Mommy Daddy.”

We had explained to him earlier that Gannon had bad owie and that Mommy and Daddy were at the hospital with him with the doctor and they were trying to make him feel all better.

He was VERY upset…I felt terrible.  I had no idea he was paying attention to me.   I quickly scrolled the opposite way to this picture which was taken earlier and told him look..he’s feeling a little bit better.
I felt terrible all the way around….first I let him see the picture and then lied to him.  Gannon is not better.

But…The NG tube is helping him get some relief which we are all thankful for.

Carver stayed with us Saturday overnight and woke in the night with a TERRIBLE cough.  You long time blog reader know a croupy cough goes with any cold Carver gets.  I was up, got him meds, check my phone and saw Kalissa was awake.  I texted her a few times and then went back to sleep when I heard my phone.  It was Craig’s mom and she wanted to go to Rochester with me Sunday morning.  We made plans to meet and I got up and started my day.

I left Carver with Kramer and Grandpa Kevin came and got him Grandma Debbie and I headed to Rochester.

Here was one of our first glimpses of Gannon….

He doesn’t look quite the same…I’m sure it’s the stress on him that’s starting to show.

He’s hooked up to tubes and monitors so holding him is a little hard…doable but hard.

I kidnapped Kalissa and took her to the mall to get a shirt and sweatshirt.  She’s at that TERRIBLE stage where her body isn’t snapped back into shape and her clothes don’t fit right because she’s nursing.  She’s up a size because of that.  So we found something and went back to the hospital.  It was a trip that she needed.  Just to feel a little more normal like it was a day out with mom was just what she needed.

While we were gone, Grandma Debbie loved on Gannon…

…and Daddy did too.

So what’s next for our little guy?  Monday he has a biopsy.  The results of that aren’t expected back until Wednesday.  It’s a test that takes that long.  UGH.

If it is Hirschsprung’s Disease like they suspect, he’ll have surgery on Thursday and will likely have to stay at the hospital 5 days after the surgery if all goes well.  If the test comes back negative, then they are back to testing.
So it doesn’t look like our guy will be home anytime soon.  Right now they are guessing he’ll be here all week.  I’ll keep you posted.

When I left the hospital Kalissa gave me a HUGE hug and said- I really needed you.  I said I knew you did…that’s why I came.  It’s so hard as a mom.  Yes I am worried about Gannon but I know the doctors are caring for him.  I know Kalissa and Craig are caring for him.  Although the nurses have been great, friendly and helpful- It’s my girl I worry about most.  I’ve been the mom and carried the load.  I know it’s hard.  I hate to see Kalissa carrying the load. I am so proud of her because she’s doing an amazing job…but still it’s hard to see.  I have witnesses her and Craig getting stronger together as a family.  Tragedy really can make couples stronger.

In the meantime, our church put together a prayer meeting to pray for the Gannon, Kramer and the rest of us.  That was very touching and meaningful to our family.  Kramer was able to go.  I wasn’t as I was traveling home from seeing Gannon.  I am still and always will be awe of the great support that is being sent our way.  It really makes it possible for us all to put one foot in front of the other.  We aren’t done fighting!!  #kramerandgannonstrong