String Fling Challenge: Are You Joining?

So if I didn’t say it outright, I’m saying it now.  I have a goal to make all of the quilts in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.  My goal is to have them all finished before she has the new book come out.  From what I know that quilt book is also going to be a string quilt book and goodness knows I love strings.  I’m so excited and want to properly retire this book before the new one comes.

You  might remember that sometime in November that I wrote a blog post asking if any of you had ever made every quilt in a quilt book.  The idea has stuck with me and that’s exactly what I’m going to attempt.  I’m even giving myself a goal….that means I am serious.  If you missed that post it’s here.

Well today I’m starting the challenge myself.  From now on starting on Monday morning I’m going to show my progress.  I’ll do this in place of the normal “what I’m working” on post.  You’re welcome to join. I’m calling it a String Fling Challenge.  You are welcome to make it anything you want it to be.  The goal is to challenge yourself to finish something (whatever you want) before the next Bonnie Hunter book come out.  If you want to wait and join after the mystery is over, that great.  I need to start now though as I have FOUR quilts that need to be finished.  Even if I only make a little progress that okay right now…the holiday’s are here, the mystery is on and I have some deadline quilts to finish including a quilt for my new baby grand daughter.  Progress is progress no matter the amount!

Here’s where I am at the latest tally.
There are 13 quilts in the book.
I have 9+ completely finished.  I made two Zuckerwatte quilts.

That means I have four quilts to finish before the new book comes.  Most people would work on one at a time (yes I know that makes sense) but not me…all of them are now started!!

I have Pineapple Crazy pretty far along…I am actively working on border blocks.  Center is finished.


I have Charlotte’s Baskets going….I have all the blocks done and ready to assemble.


I started Daylilies.  I am working on the applique any time we watch television or I’m riding in the car.  It’s all cut out…and do you know what?  I don’t hate applique!!  Who knew??


My applique is FAR from perfect but hey, I’ve gotta start somewhere!!  It’s okay to be a beginner even though I’m almost 52.

…and now I started cutting out Tulip fields.  Here’s what I ran into….

String Fling was written before Bonnie Hunter wrote directions to accommodate her followers meaning the book doesn’t give directions for cutting if I use my Easy Angle Ruler so…I had to do some experimenting because I want to use the Easy Angle Ruler.


I’m slowly cutting this out.  I have it in the laundry room to grab if I get time at nap time or if I have time when supper is cooking.  I dare not waste a moment.

So…that’s where I am at.  Starting Monday each morning post will have something about my progress on one of my remaining string quilts…Want to join?  I’ll provide a linky party so you can link your blog or leave a comment in the comment section.  Everything goes better when you have a buddy along…will you be my buddy and join the challenge?