String Challenge

My weekend was filled with and auction, quilt show, and then processing the things we got at the auction.  I didn’t have sewing time.  OH NO!!  Aw…it’s okay.  There will be time for that.

I did finish Daylilies and showed it off on Friday.  That’s one more string quilt DONE!!  I am incredibly happy to have it done!!  If you missed that post, catch it here.  Thanks to all of you who commented with such kind words about the quilt.

So now I more on to another quilt from the book.  I have two left.

Pineapple Crazy, which is a top….I found a backing for it!  I had picked something before but hated it.  Yahoo.  This is MUCH better.  Now to piece it together and get it quilted.

The other quilt left is Tulip Fields.  I got that out and have it set up on my 15-91.  I don’t have the string piecing done on it, or even started, so it will be a mess.  It always is with string quilts.  I did make a change in plans.   Originally I thought I was going to do the quilt all batiks…but I’m kind of ready to do something different.  The last several quilts I did were batiks so time to change it up.  I am doing fall colors.  My point of the tulips are a batik (red toned) and my sashing is a yellow/orange batik (more golden)…I thought fall colors with that might be fun.

I’ve been working on trying to make a bit more of a “focused” scrap quilt.  To often I throw every single color in and aren’t as selective as I sometimes want to be…so very few blues on this one.  This is a shocker.  I always try to squeeze in blue…AND RED!!  I haven’t pulled scraps yet so I started working on step “C”…(who says the first step should be first??)

In other sewing news…I looked at the calendar.  We have a wedding in November.  Well two actually.  One is family but I hardly know them so, I broke with tradition and decided that I’m done making quilts for everyone in the family.  If I don’t really know the couple and the invitation only came from obligation, then I’m not making a quilt.  I did send a gift as we won’t make the wedding.  With the rain we’ve had Hubby still has only barely started harvest.  It’s troublesome.

The other wedding is a neighbor wedding.  We know the bride and groom and the parents and like them all LOTS.  The bride is a sister to one of my childcare families…the groom is on the fire department with Hubby.  This one, I am making a quilt for.  I did a long debate on what quilt to make…I tried to think of something they might like.  Then I remembered that I have Bricks in the Barnyard as a finished top.

I finished it at retreat in August.  The bride is a dairy farmer…I think it would make a great wedding quilt so, (sigh of relief), all I have to do is quilt it.  That’s do-able for a Thanksgiving weekend wedding.  Easily do-able.

So this week another quilt was checked off the list…and a backing found for the other and the other was pulled out.  That’s good I think!!  I’m counting it as a WIN week of work.

I’m hoping to have some progress next week. Life has been pretty busy so we’ll see.