Strawberry Pie


After I showed you this picture of the strawberry pies that Kelli and I made when Ragbrai (the bicycle tour across Iowa) through, I got a few questions.


One comment was that the person had never heard of a baked strawberry pie.  Most pies that are strawberry usually are not baked.  There are glazed strawberry and also jello strawberry pies.  For us, we did baked strawberry and I think it’s really good.

Another reader asked for the recipe.

This is my recipe.  Long ago I used to clip recipes out of the newspaper Iowa Farmer Today.  They always had awesome recipes.  At the time I clipped it I was really trying to learn to make pie.  I kept all the recipes in a three ring binder.  This particular recipe got used so much I started keeping it in the outer clear sleeve and that’s where it has stayed.


Well the ironic thing about the recipe is that the magazine was doing a spread on a lady who makes pies for Ragbrai…and this is the recipe I used to make pie for Ragbrai this year.


Here’s a close up of the recipe.  It says Rhubarb pie but I substitute any and everything with it.  I’ve made it with pears….blueberries…half of one fruit and half of another.  It turns out every time.  Sometimes I leave out the cinnamon.  In this case for strawberry pie I did leave it out.


Baked strawberry pie is really good so if you haven’t, give it a try.  We all like it at our house.


  1. Mary Lee says:

    I would really appreciate a tutorial on pie crusts! I tried to find it in the archives but could not.

  2. Janet Melanson says:

    We also love strawberry rhubarb pie at our house. . usually make it early in the summer so the friut and rhubarb are fresh….I’m sure yours were wonderful and such a lovely donation 😊

  3. Linda says:

    They were very much appreciated!!! Your pies were awesome!! Thanks a million!

  4. ShirlR says:

    Thank you so much for the recipe. Your pies look so delicious my mouth waters just to look at the picture!

  5. Karen says:

    my fruit pies are always way too juicy – do you have any recommendations on how to make so the pie crust is not a wet mess – and how to thicken the pie enough so it doesn’t do this?

  6. Rita says:

    A cobbler made with strawberries is very good also. Your pies look awesome!

  7. Jo says:

    I’ll take pictures and do a post next time I make pie.

  8. Sandra Lanter says:

    I had just made my first completely strawberry pie and I loved it, when I saw your post. I don’t know why we never had one before as we always had strawberries in the freezer. YUM!