Stitch Maynia

I told you cross stitching is taking up part of my life now.  I do love cross stitch but more than that I find since my time with Kramer being sick I learned to watch television.  I certainly never thought that would happen.

Well this has all got me more into the “cross stitch community”.  I’ve found I  like it.  One thing with cross stitch that’s a little different than quilting, many people make the designs their own.  I know many quilters do that to but there are some that are part of the “quilting police” that don’t like that.

In May there was Stitch “May”nia.   What happened is this…  In May you decided how many projects to start and you start them all in May.  Yep, PURPOSELY starting UFOs.  Oh my.  Isn’t the cross stitch world so different than the quilting world.  Quilters certainly don’t purposely start quilting projects to have UFOs.

Many people start a new project EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE MONTH.  Oh my.  There are 31 days in May….that would mean 31 starts.  Um…no thank you.  I like cross stitch but…

1-I can’t afford that
2-I’m still a quilter at heart and don’t want that many UFOs
3-I am not putting all of my efforts into cross stitch so I’d never be able to finish that many projects so it would be silly for me to start that many.

I do love the idea kitting some things up though.

I read that some people are starting 19 projects as it’s 2019.  I read that some people just made the whole thing their own and only worked on UFOs they already had.  There were some that started five projects and rotated which ones they worked on each day.  What I love about it is that it’s called Stitch MAYNIA and they allow you to decide what you think is classified and “Maynia”.

Being Kramer was sick, I bypassed Stitch Maynia.  Well now that it’s July, the Fat Quarter Shop, is hosting Jolly July.  Did all you quilters know that the Fat Quarter Shop has gone all out and REALLY gotten into selling cross stitch too?  You can find their Facebook page for the HERE and they have a Floss Tube channel HERE.  You can go to their website to find cross stitch HERE.

The premise of Jolly July is
-it’s hosted by Kimberly JOLLY owner of the Fat Quarter Shop
-it’s like Maynia but this time it’s for ornaments

So…being I had hoped to do something for Stitch Maynia and didn’t I thought about doing something for Jolly July…BUT I’m not an ornament girl.  I don’t really do a Christmas tree.  I don’t decorate a lot for Christmas.  I definitely don’t want to start 31 ornaments.  So…what could I do to make it mine?  I love these things as that’s totally acceptable to make it your own.

I know some people are making patriotic ornament sized projects.  Others are just making small sized projects that are Christmasy.

I ended up pulling out these Lizzie Kate Christmas stockings.  See?

I’ve wanted to do these for a long time but it hasn’t happened yet.  I decided that I’d try to work on the Silent Night one.  I kitted everything up so one day this week I’m going to start it.  I keep reminding myself that none of these have to be finished as this is all about starting projects.  I can see how it might be easier to get going on projects if they are already kitted and together…much like quilting.

The other one I kitted up is this…

This one actually could be an ornament.  I have a thing about liking cardinals.  Growing up they were our school mascot…and of course, they are red.

It’s all kitted and ready to go!

This one I am going to start in the later half of the month.

For you diehard cross stitchers, I’m sure you’re laughing as two projects isn’t much of a challenge.  For me to stitch at all is WONDERFUL…and this is at leasts realistic for my life.  I’ve lived with piles of UFOs on the quilting side of things and don’t want to be that way with cross stitch.  Besides, I learn a lot from each piece I stitch.  If I start too many projects ahead, I might miss out on adding something I’ve learned to the project to make it even better.

Are any of you cross stitchers participating in Jolly July??