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***T-shirts are back in stock.  I have processed all the orders I had in.  I ordered a few extra so order up while I still have them.  I don’t have plans to reorder at this time.  Here’s the link to the store.  If you don’t like Paypal, drop me a note and you can send a personal check instead.  Here’s my email  THANKS everyone for ordering. All orders should make Monday’s post office run.****

My thrift store shopping continues to be the BEST!  I’ve had just a HUGE roll of amazing luck.  No Kaffe fabric this day but others….  The little packages at the bottom of rug bindings.  I got that in case I ever to finish a rub.  Maybe a miracle will happen and I will.  I’ve got the binding if I ever do!!

These two weren’t marked so they were 50 cents each. The blue is 1 3/4 yards and the cream is 3/4 yard-it’s 108 wide though.

At first I was disappointed in this piece.  I unfolded it.  It looked like a sheet.  Then I realized that it was home stitched so someone took fabric and made a sheet out of it.  I’ll returning it back to fabric.

These two I loved…the blue for a shirt quilt for sure.  The floral print is wonderful.  I’d love to use something busy like this for a sashing one day.

This fabric was my absolute favorite of the bunch.  Remember that quilt book Linda gave us.  The quilt I most want to make is this one.  I’ve been looking for men’s shirts that are black stripe and have had little luck.  Here I found yardage that will work.  I need a variety of prints but this is a start.  YAHOO!!

This one I really liked too.  This might be used as backing for the above quilt.  Of course I’d need more than what is here…but again, it’s a start!  Notice the tag says 2+ yards.  The plus is actually another yard of fabric.  Haha.  It is.  There are three yards in this bunch.

I’ve said time and time again that I don’t have very much fabric yardage.  If I need a sashing or border, I have to go to the fabric shop.  That’s changing with all the yardage I’ve picked up at the thrift stores lately.

Yahoo!!  I’m loving it!


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  1. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    WOW, just WOW. I will start looking for black striped shirts for you. If I go thrifting which isn’t often.

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