Stash Report

I was to the point that I needed some backing fabrics.  I have several quilts that are nearing a finish.  I thought if I took a little inventory maybe I could find some backings at Quilted Twins online store and take advantage of the cheap $5 shipping.

On my list to need backs were….The mystery quilt and my Scrap Crystals quilt.   Tulip Fields doesn’t need backing yet but when I was shopping I found a fabric I thought would be great!


All of these quilts are entirely made of batiks so I thought I would stick with batiks for the backing.  The colors are a little muted on these but they will work great for backings.  Where else can I get such an amount of backing fabric for $5.99 a yard??

When the fabric came in the mail there was actually a box AND a package.  Hmm…maybe it all wouldn’t fit in a box.   I opened it and all of the backing fabric in the above picture were in the box.  Hmm…I didn’t remember ordering anything else….I opened the package and inside were these wonderful half yard cuts of blacks and whites.   See?Stash-Report-2

I didn’t order them…at least I didn’t remember ordering them.  I found the note ( which I thought was an invoice) inside.  It was a sweet thank you note thanking me for supporting and promoting their business.  WOW.  How nice!  I know over the last year I’ve mentioned them on the blog and told you all about their great prices and fabrics but I only did that as a “what I’m doing in my life” and “what I like” feature.  Who doesn’t love great priced fabric, speedy shipping and great shipping costs?  I only ever write about things, places or businesses that I truly like.  The gals at Quilted Twins were so helpful for Kelli and I when we needed taupe fabrics.  They helped us get just what we needed.  I guess I do end up advertising for them in away…but the Instant Pot people aren’t sending me free things…Bonnie Hunter isn’t….Audible certainly doesn’t and I promo and talk about all of them often!  (I certainly don’t expect them to either)

So now I have an awesome stack of black and white prints.  I have a couple quilts I’ll need in the next year or so for graduation gifts.  Our school colors are red, black and white.  All I need to do is raid the red stash of fabrics I have and I’ll be able to be quilting in no time.

Thanks so much ladies…I truly appreciate your generosity but more than that…I love your prices, your shipping, Becky’s free quilt patterns and your speedy service!  Once people take a chance and work with you once, you sell them on your business every time after that!!

Oh my goodness…I just opened these up.  They aren’t quarter but HALF yard cuts.  I think I can make TWO quilts for these….Now to dream up a pattern.