Stash Report

I don’t need any more fabric…none at all.  But how can I pass up a bag of fabric on a garage sale for 25 cents.  I can’t.

The bag was tied shut so I have no idea what was in it.  I just knew there was fabric.


I was happily surprised to find good quality fabric and some beads too.  The beads were mostly pony beads that I put in with the childcare goodies.  They love stringing beads.

So tell me…would you pass up a bag of fabric for a 25 cents even if you already had plenty of fabric?

I don’t what it is about me but I love a deal…not the deal at the clothing store where a shirt is priced at $30 and is always 50% off….I mean thrifting deals.  I’m addicted…Not is a scary hoarding way…but addicted none-the-less.  Right now my favorite finds are childcare things and sewing things…an clothes for Carver.

One day thrifting I found these awesome dinosaurs.  They go together kind of like a puzzle.


The same day I got a doctor kit and a lego set.  The kids have been so happy with all of the goodies.  At my thrift store, these went for $2.50.  Things are priced to sell and they really do sell.  I love that they take the profits and put it back into the community too.

I can’t tell how many days that finds I’ve come up with have put a smile on face….dare I say it’s almost like a drug.  Oh well…there are worse habits.  Thankfully mine is within my budget and doesn’t hurt anyone.

Back to my fabric though…I counted and it’s about 2 1/2 yards worth…25 cents.  Who can beat that??