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My friend came over the other day….she had cleaned her sewing room and was wondering if I wanted some of the things she wasn’t using….you know me, I said sure!!

I had no idea what she was bringing….she only asked did I want scraps.  Well check this out!  It’s an entire box of 2″ squares.  What an array of colors!


I’m not sure what I could make with them.  Any ideas?

She brought two other boxes too.  See?stash-24

One box is entirely purple squares.  The other box is a collection of many different colors.  These boxes are all filled with 1 1/2″ squares.

I need some inspiration for these too.  I already made Perkimon Daydreams…any other options you can think of?

To see what others are doing with their fabric collections check out Patchwork Times.

31 thoughts on “Stash Report

  1. Penny

    Scrappy Irish Chain or Dbl Irish Chain w/ white or light color background, Postage Stamp, Trip Around the World, 4 patches or nine patches using 1 color only for background. The larger squares could be used for hexagons.

  2. Ariane

    You could make Bonnie Hunters Little Monkey quilt and use these squares to make the blocks instead of strips. There are multiples in these boxes. So I think it would work.

  3. Brenda E.

    Idaho Square Dance block uses the one and a half inch pieces-I have made several of her blocks as leader enders using those small blocks from my tiny scraps.

  4. Jean

    Bonnie has a quilt called Crabapples that uses 1.5 inch squares……..I think its in one of her first books.,

  5. Quilting Tangent

    Irish chain (single, double, triple), Pinwheels, watercolor, mosic picture. You are so lucky to have boxes of fun to play/create with. Enjoy!

  6. Tina

    What a wonderful gift. Bonnie has a Triple Irish chain in her Leaders and Enders Book. I have made her Rick Rack Nines in the same books. using tons of 2 inch patches. For the 1.5 patches I have had my eye on her Tumalo Trail. Lots of nine patches. Whatever you decide I am sure they will be as lovely as all of your quilts. Happy Sewing !

  7. Sandra B

    What fun!! I would use the smaller squares for a postage stamp quilt…the larger squares for nine patch…. Whatever you decide, I know it will be great!

  8. Gail

    craftsy website has a pattern named hopscotch . 400 squares. I am still cutting ! What a nice gift

  9. Laura

    Somewhere Bonnie has a chart posted which organizes her free patterns by what size units they take. One of her readers made up the chart and she shared it on the blog.

  10. Jean

    I had a shoe box of 2″ squares, made sixteen patches, sashed them with 2″ strips dark green with cornerstones, and sold it at quilt show .

  11. Kim LeMere

    Wow, what a wonderful treasure of smalls, lucky you. I look forward to seeing what you decide to make

  12. Phylls

    What fun!! How about 16 patch blocks with sashing in between? Uses lots and lots of those squares. Enjoy!

  13. Janet

    If you can’t find something you’d like to make with them you could always destash them to help with postage costs or whatever for your charity quilts 😊

  14. Nell

    I can’t remember, did you do Carolina Chain already? I think you did. What about Garlic Knots? What size are those squares? I am looking forward to putting my Rick Rack Nines together out of 9 patches made from 2 in. squares. You could also do Split 9 Patch, just smaller. . . OH! the possibilities!

  15. Cheryl in Dallas

    My favorite Bonnie Hunter pattern is Tumalo Trail, which uses LOTS of 1 1/2″ squares. It is in Bonnie’s book Scraps & Shirttails II. That quilt is on my bed right now.

  16. Bonnie Lippincott

    What a great gift! I would make Bonnie Hunters Trip Around the World! We made a very scrappy one, separating lights and darks, it was wonderful.

  17. Sewbusy

    Use your leftover squares (if there are any after all the possibilities listed above) for hexies!

  18. The Eclectic Abuela

    For the 2″ squares, maybe Arkansas Crossroads. I’d do a postage stamp with the multi-colored 1.5″. Not sure about the purple–I’m kind of purpled-out right now! :) What a wonderful gift!

  19. Karen in IA

    Bonnie’s 2nd leaders and enders book has a lot of 2″ quilts. The last pattern also uses 1600 1.5″ sqs.

  20. Barbara F.

    In addition to reading your blog, I enjoy posts on Wedding Dress Blue. Here’s a link to her Tutorials page where she has some nice scrappy looking quilts.

    “Growing Up Odd”, “Film at Five”, “Hundred Hugs”, and “Hundred Patch Quilt” might be good ones to look at.



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