Stash Report

This one is a big stash report.  Honestly, I don’t know where to begin so I’m going to start at the beginning.

The childcare children and I were outside playing when the lady who delivers our mail pulled up.  It wasn’t our normal mail time.  She had three packages for me and explained that it’s easier to drop big packages off before the routes so she has room in her car for the regular mail.  Then she opened the door to reveal and HUGE package.  I don’t think a person could carry a box that was any bigger.

The kids were dancing around and happy.  They think all packages are books or toys for them…this one was not.  It was for me…but I had to wait until nap time to dig in…shucks.

I told you the box was HUGE!!


I started digging in.  It was all haphazardly put together and that made it even more fun to sort.  Is it okay to admit that I was so excited that I suddenly remember that I should quit digging in the goodies and stop and find if there was a note included??  I did find the note but it took a bit as I opened the box upside down as it was sagging in the bottom it was so heavy.

I finally found the note….The box was from…..Phyllis in PA.  Phyllis explains that she is in the process of cleaning out her sewing room.  She went to a yard sale and bought the contents of a quilter’s room.  (OH MY!!)  She didn’t do anything with the person’s started projects and such and was passing them on to me.

WOW.  That explains many of the projects.

I can’t imagine the treasure trove of goodies Phyllis must have gotten from the yard sale as all the goodies in my box were good quality fabric and there were several different types of projects for doll clothes patterns, to hand applique, to make applique, to flannel projects, to batiks, to quilt fabric…so much variety!

There were LOTS and LOTS.
This was all fabric.  It took a lot of time to sort through.  I can’t imagine Phyllis’ task to sort even more of it.  The sorting was worth it all….


Many of the projects had a block or two then had “Block of the month” kits to make make two more blocks but not the whole set.  I debated what to do with them then Kalissa said “I thought you were making a blue and yellow quilt.  Take the fabric and skip the other directions.  Quit worrying that it was once in a kit.”….SMART GIRL.  That’s what I ended up doing with several of the projects.  The fabric was wonderful and there weren’t directions to complete the project so it made perfect sense.

I am in such awe of the great work that this quilter did.  From the looks of the projects, she tackled many that were hard and she loved Block of the Month projects.

I had a blast sorting and finding homes for all the pieces.  I have a big pile of scrap that I am going to tackle once I get my boot off my foot.  The boot is about 1 1/2″ higher than my shoe.  I get such a cramp in my hip if I stand at the table very long….and I’ve found for me, the best way to use up smaller cuts of fabric is to cut it up in my scrap users system.

These projects have waited quite awhile…I imagine they can wait a month or so to find their next temporary home until it makes it’s way into a quilt.

THANKS so much for thinking of my Phyllis.  It was a blast sorting and organizing…the next part, sewing, is going to be even better.  What a fun way to spend a nap time!!

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