Some Answers…Maybe??

Well…Here are the doctor reports for me and Gannon.

Gannon first:

He went to the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic in Iowa City yesterday in hope of figuring out his abdominal issues.

Here’s Kalissa’s assessment of the appointment:
The doctor tried to explain away why his belly looks like that and chalk it up as “normal” again – “maybe a little more extra squishy than it should be.” 🙄

I requested a pediatric genitourinary specialist appointment. They can see us mid ctober. 

The entire appointment was about 10 minutes. 

How frustrating. Don’t be fooled by the smiles. I’m feeling defeated. I’m just trying to advocate for my little peanut the best I know how. Thank goodness he isn’t sick enough to be admitted or need immediate attention but I’m frustrated.

This is how his belly looked.

UGH.  More appointments to come for this guy.

Now my news….I went to Lacrosse yesterday which always means a trip across the Mississippi river.  I gotta admit, going was a little hard.  I thought about Kramer so much…so much.

I went knowing the results of my bloodwork.  The result came when I was writing a blog post on Saturday night.  The numbers weren’t good.  I’ve been working with my doctor for a while and I know the tests she typically orders so I sent her a message on the hospital messaging system.  I asked if she was going to want a neck ultrasound, which is routine for me, could she try to squeeze me in yet on Monday when I saw her.  She messaged me early Monday morning and put the wheels in motion for me to get that ultrasound.

So after a morning ultrasound and a chest CT scan, it was time to meet with my doctor.

My cancer is back.  My bloodwork number shot up.  I was told before that a treatment number was 10.  I was at a 6 and it shot to 17.

Now the problem is to find the cancer.  We’ve tried to find it before with no luck.  Today, we at least found a couple things that are suspicious.  There are a couple lymph nodes on the right side of where my thyroid was that have grown.  This is suspicious.  These are big enough that they can be biopsied…but first she wants a PET scan done.

So Thursday is the day they scheduled that….likely after that I’ll go through a needle biopsy and have the lymph nodes at my neck that are enlarged tested.

If this all comes back as cancer then I’ll have surgery to have the lymph nodes on the right near where my thyroid was removed.  Then I’ll have radioactive iodine treatment to clean up anything that might have been missed.

Then on the way home, I got a call from a scheduler for the PET scan.  UGH.  The PET scan need preapproval from my insurance company.  The “earliest” of that pre approval would be October 2nd.  I’ve had a PET scan before and that simply isn’t true.  I’ve had pre approval for the next day.  So I explained to the gal that my doctor asked that I get it ASAP.  She told me to keep my appointment for this Thursday and she’d see if she could hurry it along.

So…here we go again.  Back down the cancer road.  This is all similar to what I did before in March/April/May of 2016 so that’s a comfort.  I have a very good idea of what to expect.  It doesn’t make it fun…but we know what to expect.

My hope is that whatever or where ever it is, it’s found.  If we can find this now and treat this now, it will be done before the end of the year and 2020 can start fresh.