School and Snows of 2019

I’m sure all of you by now know what a terrible winter we’ve had around here.  In mid January we had no snow…then by the end of February it looked like this….

Here are the hills along my street.  I was talking with my neighbor who has lived in town for a long time.  She said that this is about the worsts she has ever seen since living in town.  
Because of all of the snow, school across the Midwest are trying to figure out what to do with the school calendar.  Kids are required to go so many days or hours of school depending on your school.  Well our school is now 11 days behind because of snow days.  UGH.

So starting on the 12th of March the school has changed the school opening and closing times.  Kids now start classes 15 minutes earlier and end school 15 minutes later.  Most of you all are thinking no big deal.  It really isn’t a big deal until I start thinking of each of my individual childcare families.

One little girl will now get on the bus at her home stop instead.  Other families will all be here earlier in the day.  That means my days start a little earlier as they all come with younger siblings.

The same happens at the end of the day.  The bus is arriving later so I have sibling kids later in the day.  It’s all okay but an adjustment.

The winter isn’t over yet so I’m curious what other changes might be made if we have more school days.  Right now our kiddos are suppose to be done with school on May 30th.  I’m really hoping we don’t end up with more school days and are having to attend school in June.  Around here, June often heats up with humidity and it’s no fun to be at school under those conditions.

I will happily trade in all of the kiddos boots that line my wall and trade them in for some flip flops!  I’m guessing we’ll still get another storm or two before the year is over.  If that happens, we might end up with a couple days of school into June…but at least it won’t be very far into June.

I talked to Kayla.  Her school is adding on only to the end of the school day.  They are implementing a mandatory reading time for those minutes.  Teachers are required to have a novel and read too.  Now that sounds like BLISS!!

So people who have schools in similar situations please chime in and let us know what your school is doing to make up school days.