Reader Request

Hey all…

I have an idea to start a new feature…READER REQUEST is what I’m thinking about calling it.  Each of us sometime in our lives have been on the hunt for something…a fabric that is discontinued, an embroidery dish towel pattern that we remember our mother having, a specific sewing basket…or even a cross stitch pattern.

The idea came after I found a cutter quilt for Connie…

I had wrote in the blog post that Connie had sent me a note to look out for a cutter quilt and I found one.

Well that prompted Connie in Texas to ask if I ever find this…to get it for her.

This is a cross stitch pattern by Jeanette Crews called “The Windmill”.

Who knows…I might run across it one day but the chances are slim.  Carolyn’s want is pretty specific. That got me thinking that there are MANY eyes that would see the pattern if I put it on the blog….MANY more chances to find the cross stitch pattern for Carolyn.

So readers…it’s up to ALL of us to try to find this pattern for Carolyn.  Of course Carolyn offered to pay for it as well as postage and such.

I’m asking that should a blog reader find or have the pattern and they are willing to help Carolyn out that they leave a comment on this post.  This way if Carolyn can handle the correspondence related to the hunt to find the cross stitch.

I am willing to give this a try again so if you are looking for something, let me know.  I can write a blog post just like this one.  I do want to make three rules to this though….
1-you have to be patient. It will be first come, first serve and I don’t want to overload the blog with these requests.
2-you have to be willing to include your email address in the post I write.
3-you have to be willing to pay for postage and a price for the item you and looking for.  Buyer and seller agree on price.

If you want the item you are looking for to be featured on a post, drop me a note at