Quilts from Shirts

Kelli has been a HUGE kick to make LOTS of quilts made with recycled shirts.

She has tapped into her thrifty sewing self mode.  She’s on a mission to cut out about 5 quilts.  If you’ve ever worked with recycled shirts, you know it’s messy.  She has the mess going on now and doesn’t want the mess again for awhile so she’s on the hunt for patterns.  She has enough shirts..just wants some pattern ideas.

I sent her a link to this blog, Wishes and Weeds, for this Seven Shirt quilt.  (Follow link for pattern)  It’s the first quilt pattern I ever saw designed for shirts. (photo courtesy of the site)

Kelli has been through both of Bonnie Hunter’s books that feature shirt quilts and has picked a couple of those.

I’ve been sending her some pictures I’ve seen in magazines too…Like this one with bow ties….

…and this one with stars…
I’ve encouraged her to check out Quilted Twins and their free patterns.  Right now, this one is on her to-do list.  (I have this one cut out and ready to sew)

Screenshot 2016-12-03 16.14.50.jpg

and this one…

IMG_9271 sm name brighter.jpg

Find the free patterns from Quilted Twins here.  There are LOTS more patterns here that are free.

The quilt she found that she REALLY loves is this.  We’ve looked and looked for a pattern for this and can’t find it.  Does anyone know if there is a pattern available?

Made from old men's shirts

So, Kelli is hoping you all might have a few ideas or links to more patterns for quilts made from shirts.  Please share them in the comment section.  She really wants to cut out several quilts while she has the mess all out.