Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Road Tour Rally

Hey all -welcome near and far from to our edition of  Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Road Tour Rally.  If you’re new here we have LOTS of going on.  I am working on a graduation quilt that you can see here.  I just finished up a UFO that you can see here.  It’s kind of a fun coincidence that the quilt I finished I originally started quite awhile ago when the block was featured in Volume FIVE of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks.  Can you believe they are already on Volume 15!?

I’m working on another UFO that you check out this afternoon on the blog.  You got that right…morning blog posts AND afternoon blog posts happen here every day!  There is always something new and interesting to read here from stories of my childcare kids and the neighbor kids…to farming…to recipes…to repurposing projects…to our beagles…to the family….to book reviews…always something new and different.  Oops….I forgot to mention that we talk a lot about QUILTING!  We talk about UFO quilting on Wednesdays…charity quilting on Thursdays and more quilting on Monday and even other days of the week too.  I hope you bookmark us and come back and join us on another day.

For my faithful readers…no fear.  The UFO Progress edition will be happening here this afternoon….I did get another UFO quilt top finished so you’ll want to come back.

But now, onto the  100 Blocks Road Tour Rally.

If you’ve been following the entire tour you will know we’re about mid way through.  The tour started on Monday and will continue on through Friday.  Check out Quilty Pleasures, Quiltmaker’s blog, for all the details and the great giveaways that they have going on.  Speaking of giveaways, we have one going on here so you want to keep reading to the end of the post to learn more.

There are so many fun blocks being featured.  One of my favorite parts of the the fun event is getting advanced copies of the magazine.  I love going through and seeing what all of the designers have come up with.  They are all so creative.

Here is the big reveal of our block….Quiltmaker

It’s scrap friendly and that’s my favorite part.  I have plans to get a baby quilt made with these blocks.  I think I’d change up the coloring of the red “x”.

It’s hard to show scrappy blocks when I draw so imagine them the patterned blue.  Here’s blocks together ….

and here is could be in a very simple baby quilt.


It’s always hard to come up with a block that is unique of different.  Honestly, ladies have been quilting for YEARS and YEARS…how many different combos can there be.  That’s one of the reasons we have started to incorporate more and more string or scrap piecing in the projects we submit.  By adding the scrappy element, there’s a better chance it wasn’t done before.

Remember I said there’s a chance to win?  Well here’s the details on that.

TWO winners will be picked.  Winner ONE will recieve a copy of the 100 blocks issue AND a copy of our quilt book Country Girl Modern.  That will come directly from us.  The SECOND winner will come from Quiltmaker.  They will send out a copy of the the 100 blocks issue.

To be entered please leave a comment and tell us if you have ever attended a quilt retreat before.  We are hosting one here in our area at the beginning of August featuring Bonnie Hunter.  In conjunction with the retreat we  will be hosting a trunk show on August 4th that is open to the public.  We will be featuring Julie from Me and My Stitches  and Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville.  If you are in the Oelwein, Iowa area or want to road trip here, you are welcome to come.  Keep reading the blog to learn more about it…

Anyway to enter, comment away telling us if you attended a retreat before.  If you only comment and say, “cute block” or something similar, we don’t consider that a true entry.  If you comment and say, “no I haven’t been to a retreat.  Love your block”.  We consider that an entry.

Remember to stop back later today to see our regular Wednesday UFO progress report -Remember I did finish a top..you’ll want to see it!


271 thoughts on “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Road Tour Rally”

  1. I have attended many quilt retreats. I always have one or two booked to look forward to. I get so much sewing done and love just being with friends, sewing.

  2. Barbara Willoughby

    My guild sponsors two retreats each year. I have attended several of them. They are so much fun and a great chance to get to know people better and GET A LOT OF QUILTMAKING DONE. Love your blog.

  3. Yes, I go to at least one quilt retreat yearly. I have also gone to one where Bonnie Hunter taught her Smith Mountain Morning. Love that quilt! I have made two of them!

  4. Yes, a long time ago I went to a retreat and loved it. Moved and haven’t been to one since. Love your block and your blog.

  5. No, I’ve never been to a retreat before. I wish I could. I love your block and could definitely see it as a baby quilt. I think this is the sort of block that could be a background project while I am working on other things.

  6. I just attended my first “overnight” quilt/crafting retreat this past weekend. I’m still recovering:)

  7. Last year was the first retreat I’ve been to and thoroughly enjoyed it. If I lived a lot closer to you, I would definitely come to your trunk shows. Cute block.

  8. Janelle Merillat

    LOVE your block! Until recently, I wasn’t able to afford the time or the finances for a quilt retreat. Here’s to looking at the future!

  9. I have been on a quilt retreat, in fact use to go to two a year but one of the retreat houses burned to the ground and they decided not to rebuild. This is the second year with out seeing that group of quilters and I am missing them.

    Now your block may make it into a doll quilt…. I have a granddaughter who needs to cover her dollies…. :-)

  10. Robin Boggan

    Hi Jo! I love going to retreats it’s so much fun and you get alot done. To see what everyone is making and get new ideas. Wish I lived closer to see the wonderful trunk show. I look forward to your blog everyday and love you block. Thanks again for all that you do.

  11. Janine Baker

    I have been to several quilt retreats–I LOVE them! Not just the sewing, but the companionship of like minded people you wouldn’t see otherwise. Sewing late into the night in your jammies and CHOCOLATE! Love your block, as always.

  12. I’ve been to the local quilt guild retreat at least four times. Three days in a row of sewing is good for getting quite a bit done. I would love to come to the trunk show but am a little too far away. I like your block and often try to imagine how different ones from the 100 blocks collection would look together.

  13. I’ve been to several retreats. I attended several sponsored by Quilting By The Bay in Panama City Beach, FL. They always have excellent instructors. One of my guilds is currently planning one for September. It will be a “bring your own projects” retreat. (Love your block.)

  14. Laurie Scheck

    I have not been to a quilt retreat, but I love quilt block designs I have seen in your magazines and I would love to make some of these quilt blocks in the future. I started a king size quilt top a year ago and have not finished it as yet. I would love to finish it this year. Thank you for sharing your designs with me.

  15. I have attended several day retreat locally. I have even ben on 2 Quilt shop hops on tour buses. They were real neat. Dropped shoppers off at the door and picked you up.

  16. Several years ago i went on a retreat for a long weekend. For the past two years or so I retreat with up to 6 other women one Saturday each month. We have good food, laughter, fun, and get personal quilting done as well as 3-4 QOV each year.

  17. I have never been to a retreat but it certainly would be fun. And I do like your quilt block. It will be fun to play with the color choices for it.

  18. Yes I go to several retreats a year. Also have an informal retreat every month here in town where we get together for the weekend sewing. I was lucky to get to take 2 retreats with Bonnie Hunter last year. Have one quilt to finish piecing.

  19. I have gone to many different quilt retreats. I hope to go to one with Bonnie Hunter at some point. I do like the different quilt blocks in each issue.

  20. I have never been to a quilt retreat, but it sounds like it would be fun. I really like your block.

  21. I have been to several retreats over the years. My favorite place is at a Mennonite retreat center in Michigan–for me it’s a quilting and spiritual retreat rolled into one. This simple quilt is going on my to-do list.

  22. I have never attended a quilt retreat, but when I was a guild member I attended a number of workshops and trunk shoes.

  23. Karen Addleman

    I will be going to a retreat in August with a group of friends from my guild. The 7 of us go to a lovely farmhouse for a long weekend. We take turns preparing meals and spend lots of time sewing and enjoying each other. No set agenda, but there is time for a road trip to a nearby quilt shop.

  24. I have never gone to a quilt retreat. Someday I’ll get to one. Thanks for the chance to win your book!

  25. Yes,love quilt retreats-good friends, quality quilting time, good food-sometimes bad weather in early March!! Love the strings in your block!

  26. Ive done a yearly quilt retreat the last several years with two dear friends. Great fun!
    Love your block and suggested layout.

  27. I love your block! But no, I have never been to a retreat, although it has been something I’ve thought about doing. Some day?

  28. I have been to several retreats before. I really enjoy them. Some have teachers and some are just sit and sew. It is great getting together with old friends and meeting new ones.

  29. It has been a number of years since I have been on a quilt retreat. Sigh I wish one fit into my schedule and finances. A friend just mentioned one she is going to later this year that is very near to me but timing is wrong as my work is with the school year ;( Oh well, my time will come again.

  30. Martha Samuels

    Hi Jo, Love your block. I also love your latest UFO quilt top. I have been to several retreats in the past, but I’m past doing it now. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate all you do for everyone!

  31. I have gone on a fair number of quilt retreats. I always accomplish so much and enjoy having time away with friends. Somehow, it’s getting harder and harder to get away, so I haven’t gone for a while. :(

  32. Bonnie Larson

    Love the block. I have attended some local retreats and someday would love to attend one of yours. They sound like so much fun. Thanks for sharing

  33. I have never attended a quilt retreat, but I would love to — especially if it was with Bonnie Hunter.

  34. Janice Stewart

    I have gone to several retreats. It is always fun to focus just on quilting and friends. Love the confetti background fabric in your block. Just fun!

  35. No, I haven’t been on a quilt retreat either. Maybe one of these days the chance will come up and I will get to go.

  36. I have never been to a retreat, but would love to one day. I have been to sewalong and hands on classes and have loved them. Thank you for all of the things you share with us.

  37. Susie at ProsperityStuff

    No, I’ve never attended a quilt retreat. Sounds like so much fun, though! I love the string/scrap element in your block. And I love your blog & look forward to reading your posts daily.

  38. Nope, I have not attended a quilt retreat, but I would sure love to! I don’t have any friends who sew, so not sure that I’d go alone to a retreat. maybe someday. Love your blocks!

  39. I love sewing scrappy patterns. The colors are fun to mx and match! A retreat is something to cross off my bucket list.

  40. I have been to one quilt retreat many years ago if you call a one day (no overnight) sewing day making the Medallion Quilt by Terry Atkinson. It was held in Lucas, Iowa, at Jericho Hills Camp. Would love to do a Bonnie Hunter retreat sometime.

  41. I’ve never been to a quilt retreat. Maybe some day my 3 sisters & I will go to one together. Great block – thanks for sharing & thanks for the chance to win.

  42. I have not been to a retreat, but I would love to attend yours with Bonnie Hunter this summer. Something to dream about … ! Anyway, thanks for the chance to win!

  43. Nope, never been on a retreat. Went on a shop,hop once, with a bunch of ladies from the campground, and once again, with just my dear hubby. Hubby was every bit as much fun!

    Btw, love your block!

  44. I’ve never been to retreat or even been a member of a guild, I’m to shy and self-conscious about myself to really put myself out there. I don’t even go fabric shopping outside of my own home much. But I am happy to say I Do have a cope of your Country Girl Modern book and I’m so happy to have it, it’s been very useful. But put me in the drawing for the 100 Blocks Book please and “if” I win have a separate drawing for someone to win a copy of your inspiring book Country Girl Modern. Thank you so much for that book. So many ideas so little time 😉.
    Jeri Oldtisme@aol.com

  45. Not so much a quilt retreat but I was able to go to a retreat to learn how to use my Handiquilter quilting machine. That was intense and I came home with brain over load.

  46. My one and only quilting retreat was my small quilting group’s mini-retreat last summer. Just supper, wine & visiting the first night, one full day of sewing, another over-night with just a little project work in the morning then getting everything together and heading back home. Short, but fun.

  47. Yes, I have been on several quilting retreats – the most recent one was last weekend. It began on Th and ended on Sunday and was sponsored by my quilting guild. Fun! Sewing time and all meals were made for us. I did like the latest quilt made from Bonnie Hunter’s pattern. Thanks for sharing!

  48. Linda hodges

    I love going on retreats. Until I moved house, I used to go every year with about a dozen ladies to a very old wooden cottage standing right on the beach. It was absolutely breathtaking to wake up to the sea and walk on the beach before starting the day with a wonderful breakfast and then sew, sew, sew! It’s one of the things I really miss since moving. The cottage was used many times in magazine photo shoots for the fashion industry and the home decor market. It was wonderful.

    Love your block and your blog.

  49. I have not gone to sleep away retreat, I day-attended for 2 out of 4 days for one of my guilds’ retreat year before last. Two of the guilds I belong to always have retreats in March and has been cost-prohibitive only weeks after my annual month long trip to visit my sister. No trip to my sister’s next spring as I’ll be a FIRST TIME GRANDMAMA first time this coming fall and I’ll be providing childcare when my daughter and her hubby return to work after baby comes! AND IM SO EXCITED! Can you tell!?!

  50. Allison Evrard

    No, I’ve never attended a quilt retreat but have always wanted to. You’d think now that I’m retired I’d have plenty of time to attend one, but not so! I’m busier than ever with little extra time. Maybe someday.

  51. I wish wish wish I could go to a quilt retreat. It is a dream for when I retire. Very hard to get away when working full time

  52. Josie McRazie

    I have been to workshops and retreats that’s our guild does, but never a gettaway. I do hope some day in the near future I will be able to attend one (like maybe in eaarly August! Y’all are only an hour and a half away!!)
    Oh and cute block!! ;0)

  53. You Hi, I have been to some retreats, one that our quilt guild had for us n a 3 day retreat close by my home. Loved them both! Met so many new friends n got some good ideas for some future quilts, would love to be to go to more, but only a few years let to retire! Love you quilts n blocks, would love to win one of these books! Thanks!

  54. Sharon Hughson

    My last retreat was a few years back when a group from the internet went to VA Bch. in Oct. Great off season prices. We rented a multi bedroom house on the Atlantic ocean and during the week we were there a hurricane hung around out at sea but caused havoc with the ocean and it rained some too. It was when the Pope came to Philly and changed our travel plans back to Jersey. Fun though.

  55. I have attended retreats from my quilt guild before. They were fun because all members I knew and you could stay up as late as you wanted. Lots of visiting and block making and just fun.

  56. Stacy Mitchell

    No retreats for me, yet! But I love Bonnie Hunter and might just have to make a road trip soon! Scrappy blocks and quilts are my favorites!

  57. I have never attended a quilt retreat, virtual or otherwise — my bread-n-butter employment has always included weekends so never really could, but do keep hoping to get to at least one in the near future….

  58. Cindy Fraher

    I have attended one small local quilt retreat and am getting ready for another at the end of the month.

  59. Susan Conner

    No, haven’t been on a retreat, was promised an invitation once, and didn’t ever make the connection. Sounds like fun. Thanks for your block, i love scrappy too so that looks like fun.

  60. I just attended a 3 day quilt retreat with 36 other members of our quilt chapter. We had so much fun and the ladies who organized it did an amazing job! It was held at a hotel less than 10 minutes from my home so I attended as a “day camper” and was able to sleep in my own bed every night. I can’t wait to do it again next year!!

  61. Suzanne Kuhns

    the longest retreat I’ve been on is a 2-day one; I’m hoping to do a really big retreat after I retire next year! Right now my quilt bee tries to do one-day retreats a couple of times a year.

  62. Pam in Illinois

    I have never attended a retreat. They sound like a lot of fun! I really don’t have any quilting buddies that I could attend one with. I guess I could attend one by myself but I don’t think that would be very fun. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. I used to buy the magazine when it first came out but I never made any blocks from them so I quit buying them. They were also hard to find in my area.

  63. Sandra Timons

    No,I have never been to a quilting retreat before. I have often thought about going to one. Sounds like great fun with great quilters. I love 9-patch blocks. They are so versatile and it’s a block that will always be around forever. Thank you for being a part of the QM’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour and that opportunity to become a winner.

    Sandi Timmons

  64. Tammy Hopkins

    I have never been to a quilt retreat, but consider it a retreat any time I get to go into my basement and sew for a stretch of time! Maybe someday…
    I agree about coming up with new block ideas — I really don’t know how designers keep doing this! Congratulations!

  65. Joyce Carter

    I love anything scrappy so your block is definitely a favorite. Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway.
    No, I have never been to a retreat. It sounds like lots of fun though.

  66. I have not been on a quilt retreat before – going on my very first one this month with members of my guild so I am super excited! (Four days with no cooking or cleaning – Yahooo! here I come!) Trying to figure out what to bring with me!

  67. I have never attended a quilt retreat and sad to say, I probably will never go to one as I’m deaf and an introvert. By the way, I love the fact that your block uses up scraps. :-)

  68. Rosalind Gutierrez

    I’ve been to day retreats at a local AZ quilt shop to work on projects but not an over night retreat. Clever use of scraps in the triangles. Wish I could see Bonnie Hunter dazzle you girls with her scrap ideas.

  69. stephanie Woodward

    No I have never attended a retreat. I’d like to, but then I think of all the material that money could buy. lol.

  70. My guild has two retreats a year. It’s always a lot of fun. At the fall retreat we have teachers and hold workshops. I have been to many retreats and some I go alone and don’t know anyone but never left a stranger.

  71. I have not been to a quilt retreat, but I have attended several quiltfests where I have taken a variety of quilting classes. I love meeting other quilters, learning new techniques, and seeing all of the beautiful fabrics used in the projects.

  72. Yes, I have attended several retreats and have one planned next week and another next month. It’s so much fun to get together with friends and sew and share.
    Love your block!

  73. Congratulations. Your block is so happy and fun. It would make a fabulous baby quilt. I will have to keep this in mind when I get the magazine. No I have never been to a quilt retreat or such. It is on my bucket list.

  74. No I haven’t attended any quilt retreats but would love to do so. Enjoy reading about all the blocks and reading your blog.

  75. I love your block! I love scrappy, and I love string piecing! I have not been to an “official” retreat but our little group makes it own “retreat” every year. Last year we drove 5 hrs to a beach house for 3 days. I also participate in a group that host several local “retreats” every year. We meet in a large venue to sew for 3 days together, but we sleep at home and are on our own for meals (though we usually go in small groups to local eateries).

  76. Barbara Young

    No I haven’t been able to attend any retreats yet, but it is on my list of things to do. I really like this block. I love scrappy quilts and this one is right up my alley. It might be fun to see what it would look like to have all of the 9 patches be different – since I have a bunch sitting and waiting to be put into a quilt. Thanks for the possibilities of using them.

  77. I haven’t been to an official retreat just ones in the shop to try out a technique. Thanks so much for your inspiration.

  78. No, I’ve not been on a quilt retreat. I hosted 2 other ladies at what we called “Quilt Camp” at a lake house for a week. So much fun! So much quilting and laughing and catching up on each other’s lives.
    Love your block! I was looking to do a baby quilt this spring and your block fits the bill for me! I love bright colors and polkadots.

  79. I used to go to a lot of retreats but I am getting older and find it hard to pack all that stuff up in a car and then get home and unpack it all. I like my own bed. That said I like one day retreats, much easier for me.

  80. I have been on many quilt retreats. I always get a lot done and have a blast with my quilty friends! (Plus, there’s always good food!)

  81. Love your block! I have gone to quite a few retreats. Guild retreats, quilt show retreats, friend retreats. They are so much fun.

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