Quilt Shop Tour: The Quiltmaker’s Shoppe

I ventured south last Saturday.  I met our daughter Kayla in Manchester and when in Manchester, going to The Quiltmaker’s Shoppe is a must.

I was looking for a gray fabric….Kayla intended to only browse…but temptation got her.

Actually temptation got us both.

The owner was in and she was cutting some fabric for us.  She talked both Kayla and I into new ruler for rotary cutting.  Typically I can resist a ruler or gadget but not this time.  I’ll write a blog post soon and tell you more about them.
I really didn’t intend on taking more pictures and doing another quilt shop tour but the store had changed quite a bit since the last time I was there….the spring things were so tempting. I almost bought this little mini.  It was small and I loved the idea of it….those tiny little flying geese…LOVE!
I’ll tell you…seeing the fun bright projects was giving me the itch for spring to come.
The back tables were full of clearance projects.  This was one clearance section….
I always love stars….

It you have a St. Patrick’s project in mind…they have some good fabrics.Kansas Troubles fabrics?  They have them. Planning ahead?  There were some great fall-sih projects. I really liked this flag table runner. Kayla got caught up in the 30’s prints.  Here she is…I liked this busy bib.  They had several kitted up in cute colors. The shop is known for their good selection of baby fabrics. Isn’t this the cutest idea for a quick baby quilt….perfect idea for a panel!
These diagonal flying geese were cute. The scalloped border on this…AWESOME!! I liked this pattern idea.  It reminded me of a pattern from Quilted Twins that I just printed.Here’s a great solids pattern. This batik quilt was awesome.

The quilting was great!!  I took a picture so you could see!  WOW!!From the complicated to the simple…LOVE these rich colors. There was LOTS of fabrics…so many there to choose from!!  I didn’t take nearly enough pictures of fabric.  Trust me…there was LOTS!
I can never say enough nice things about The Quiltmaker’s Shoppe.  They have variety in types and difficulty in projects…The owner is really nice too!

As always if there is something you see in the photos that you like, I am unable to answer your questions.  Send any questions of inquiries on to the shop.  Here is their website link.  You can find their contact information there.

When I visit quilt shops I do a 1-5 rating system….five being the best-I’m going to be stingy with my fives.  This is just my impression on the day I visited and took pictures.
Warm and Friendly: 5 The owner was working and she’s so nice.
Selection of Goods: 5
Neat and Organized: 5
Cozy and Cute: 5
Parking:  5
Outside Appeal: 4

Never have I had a bad experience when I’ve been here.  Stop by on Sunday to see my stash report and I’ll show you what I bought….