Quilt Strip Calculator

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Earlier this week we got a HUGE box of fabric that was given to us for charity quilts.  We were so excited that we have more goodies to work with and in turn can help more people.  The box was filled with polka dot fabric and the fabric is a linen.  I am a bit of a purist and didn’t want to mix the fabric with cotton as I want to make sure they’d wash up the same.


There are strips and strips and strips all a variety of sizes.  Our daughter quickly said-  “It would be perfect for quilt racing!”

Have you made a quilt race quilt before??  What you do is sew the strips together end to end.  Then you bring the long snake ends together, cut it in half and sew them together.  Keep cutting in half and sewing together.  If you haven’t made one before or want directions, here is a YouTube video that shows you how.

I thought the idea was wonderful so I started cutting strips.  The only problem…some strips were 2″ – some 2 1/2″ and some 3 1/2″.  So my question…how many strips did we need to make a charity quilt???  Well, Kayla is a math and computer whiz so she came up with a tool to calculate how many strips and it’s the neatest thing ever!!

Simply type in the information and it will let you know how many strips you need to cut to make the quilt size you want.  She is so ingenious that she embedded the calculator into this post and made it available for everyone to use.  Try it.


We put in the information to make a 60 x 80 quilt using 3 1/2″ strips….It says we need 42.666 strips total to make it.  Just round up and cut 43 strips.

We did end up with one problem though...this calculator will tell you how many strips BUT you can’t sew them like you would a jelly roll race quilt.  If you keep sewing in half, in half and in half, you’ll get an awkward size.

Here is our suggestion.  Sew the strips together making a long-long snake.  Then cut 18″ off one end.  Cut that long snake in half and sew the two pieces together.  Now cut the strips the width you want the quilt to finish at…then sew those strips together.

Feel free to stop back and use the calculator anytime.  We are putting a link in tutorial section on the right hand column of the blog…just look for Quilt Strip Calculator.


With the calculator to do the math, it was easy to quickly bundle up enough strips to make a 60″ x 80″ quilt race kit thanks to Kayla’s math and computer skills.

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