Quilt Finish: Cheddar Bow Ties

It’s finished.  It’s FINISHED!!  I’m so happy to have this one done.

I started this one when Bonnie Hunter had her Cheddar Bow Tie Challenge.  Silly me, I made about 350 bow ties and then set them aside thinking that should be a good amount.  Then I waited for her pattern, whatever it might be come out.

Well the pattern was released in her book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  Imagine my surprise when I found I needed over 600 of those little bow tie blocks.

This quilt got me through a tough spell in life.  We were living at the farm.  We had bought the house in town and a move was soon pending.  I had packed up my sewing room only to find that there was a delay with the house and we’d be moving almost a month after we expected.

I would come home from working on the house and NEEDED a little “relax” time at the sewing machine but there was nothing to sew.  It was all packed away.  All I could get to was the strip totes and my machine as well as a box of essentials, pins, scissors and the like.  That’s when I realized I could pull out my big tote of 2″ strips and I could start sewing the borders of this quilt.  That’s just what I did.  I was so thankful to have it to sew.  I NEEDED that relax time.  The house remodel was so stressful and making the border of this quilt saved me.

So I showed the finished quilt to Hubby.  I told you before that his typical response is “cool”.  This time I was certain he would say too much yellow.  He’s not a yellow fan.  So I asked “what do you think?”  He went all out and came out with a new response.  He said, “cool quilting”.    I laughed and told him I was sure he was going to tell me “too much yellow”.  He chuckled and said, “you already knew that”.  What a character!!

I do love Baptist Fans as a quilting motif especially on quilts that are dark.

This quilt came right down to the end on the fabric I had.  I was so nervous as this was a UFO and I couldn’t remember if I had cut out the exact amount I needed or if I just cut up what I had.  As Kelli will tell you, I often don’t completely cut out a pattern…this time, I lucked out.  I had just enough fabric and had cut out just the right amount.

The backing fabric came from Whittles.  It was one of their $5 a yard fabrics.  I love getting those for backings.
Close up I can really see that the cheddar color of the bow ties is printed but further away, I don’t notice that it is as much.

So this quilt adds to the stack of quilts I have finished from Bonnie Hunter’s book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  Awhile back I listed all the quilts from the book and showed the ones I have finished.  Find that post here.  With the finish of this quilt that leaves me at only 4 of the quilts in the book left to make.  I’ve made the other 8.  So will I try to make all the quilts in this book too….NO!  ….well maybe.  Who knows?  I do almost have quilt number 9 finished.  Oh my.

That Ruby dog of mine, she doesn’t care what quilts I make, what pattern they are or the color scheme.   She just wants to quick sit, pose and get her treat!!

…and with that, another UFO bites the dust!