Prodigal Returns: Double Dutch

Our quilt is back!!  I’m so happy to see it.  This one actually had a quick turn around.  Sometimes we send a quilt out and don’t get it back for almost a year.  This one was only gone for about four months.  In the magazine publishing world, that’s FAST!


If you missed our original post about it, this quilt is being featured in McCalls Quilting Magazine…the May/June issue which should be on news stands soon.

I’ve always felt really inadequate on the machine quilting I do.  I feel embarrassed that people nationally are looking at it.  I tell Kelli and tell Kelli that I don’t feel like I am good enough at it to have things published.  My WORST fear is always that a magazine company is going to take a close up of the quilt and everyone will see my free motion quilting.

Well in this issue, it happened.  I am thrilled to say, I’m not mortified by it either.  It is far from perfect…but something I’m not embarrassed about.  What do you think?

Here it is in real life.


I love the backing for this quilt….LOVE-LOVE that fabric.


This quilt has gone through many name changes.  We started out referring to it as the “Social Club Barn Raising”.  It is made from a fabric line called Social Club.  It’s in a barn raising setting.  Make sense.

From there we called in Prairie Sunrise.  That didn’t fit.


In fact we sent to a magazine for publishing consideration and they didn’t take it.  We began to wonder if the name sounded too “country” and country isn’t the current quilting kick.

We renamed it “Urban Renewal”.  I like that.  The dark looks, well, bleak…the bright yellows and green look renewed.  I really liked that name.  We sent it out again for consideration and McCalls took it.  I’m so glad they did.  It’s a nice quilt.

McCalls Quilting ended up calling the quilt Double Dutch….I have no idea how Kelli or I will ever remember the name.  It’s been so many different things.

The quilt is 72″ x 84″.  On their website that’s listed as a large throw.  To me, that’s twin sized…no matter.  I didn’t want you to wonder if you saw the words “large throw” as if you are a long time blog reader you know we don’t do throws around here.

…and what’s a quilt around here without Ruby???

Here she is.

It’s always such an honor to have a quilt selected for publishing in a magazine.  Thanks so much to McCalls Quilting for featuring our quilt.  We love the quilt and hope you all will love it too…..