postcrossingFrom Kayla:

One of my goals this year is to send a piece of mail every day. I still have plenty of thank-yous and greetings to catch up on, but another fun way to send and receive mail is through Postcrossing.

Postcrossing is a postcard exchange that is easy to join and participate in. You can send and receive postcards from all over the world.

Go to Postcrossing to sign up. To begin, request an address to send a postcard to. You will receive a code to write on the card. When the person receives your card and registers the code, your address will be sent to someone else.

Be sure to update your profile with the kinds of postcards you like and the messages you enjoy. This has been so rewarding for me! As a culinary teacher, I am interested in knowing what everyday food is like around the globe, so I asked people to tell me about their favorite local dish. Imagine my surprise when I received this card from Germany:

Best regards from Bremen! On this card you can see different points of interests of our city. In the north of Germany we have a special meal named “Grunkohl.” The English word for it is ‘kale’ I think.

After some googling, I realized she perfectly described a dish that in our family we call “Grandma Kramer Kale.” Our family has been eating kale long before it took over as a health food craze so it was fun to understand the “official” name for our favorite family dish.

Postcards are fairly inexpensive. Most people prefer tourist cards so I stock up on Iowa-themed cards at the local pharmacy. When people ask for art cards I send a Grant Wood painting which is easy for me to find because he was born in my county.

Postage costs just $.30 in the United States. You can ask for cards within the states or international only. For international mail, I buy stamps by the book at the post office. The price to send a postcard anywhere in the world is $1.10. Having a single stamp is easy but I like to collect many different stamps and use several to add up to the rate.

I highly encourage you giving Postcrossing a try if you like mail and would like to connect with friendly people all over the world.