Ask Jo: Why Bonnie Hunter Quilts

Today is a day I am answering a question from a reader.

Elizabeth K writes, “I am amazed at how much you accomplish with child care, health issues and family and all beautiful. You obviously have a thing for Bonnie Hunter designs; however, I wonder why you don’t do more of your own.”

I get this type of questions ALL the time….All the time!  I’ve talked before about my work ethic and my lack of being able to watch television or sit still but I haven’t answered the last part of the comment….Why do I do so many Bonnie Hunter quilts?  Why don’t I do my own?

I’ll start on the first part of the question…Why Bonnie Hunter designs?  Several reasons.  I like the way she thinks and designs.  I love that most everything is based on quilt scraps that are 1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″ and 3 1/2″.  I don’t have gobs of money and don’t buy big pieces of yardage.  The majority of the fabric I sew with was either donated to me, I purchase at thrift stores, or are left overs from other projects.  I rarely sew a project that used large yardage because I don’t typically like those designs AND I don’t want to afford bit pieces of fabrics.

Bonnie does “directions at a glance”.  I LOVE that feature.  It makes sewing a project so much easier for me to make.  I love it.


Typically I don’t even read the directions….I just start in with the pictures.  It’s my favorite.  I completely have immersed myself in the scrap users system.  It makes so much sense to me.  Being that’s ingrained in me, sewing her quilts is so natural.

I love simple designs coming together to make great quilts.  I love four patches.  I love half square triangles.  I love string piecing.  I love scraps.  What other designer does all of that so well?

Scrap quilts are my favorite-My VERY favorite.

I love quilts but the main reason I quilt is for therapy.  I am a person who squeals when I read the works make 1289 half square triangles.  I squeal when I see that a single block has 45 pieces in it.  I love this one. …

Ask Jo: Quilts and Babies

Every so often I get questions or comments from readers that need to answered.  If they are questions that I feel lots of people might like knowing the answer to, I address them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

Lots and lots of people wanted to know more about the quilt that was shown on the blog this morning….


The quilt was made by Heather L and sent to Cheryl in Texas for a donation to the House of Hope in Florida.  MANY people commented on liking it and wanted to know more about the pattern.  I was pretty sure it was a variation of Bonnie Hunter’s quilt 4 Patch X found in her More Adventures with Leaders and Enders book.

Early this morning I read the comments and was hoping to sneak in some time to answer the questions when I got a text from Kalissa that said, “I bet you’re making pancakes for the kids this morning.  We’ll be over to have some in a few minutes.”…well I wasn’t making pancakes and the childcare kiddos weren’t even here yet, but she knows I show love by cooking food so I left the computer and went and made her and Craig pancakes.  I figured answering your questions would have to wait.

Anyway it’s nap time now as I write this and the kiddos are all sleeping….

The reason I thought that is because I have made 4 Patch X.  Here’s my version.  Read the whole post about my quilt here.


Anyway, I read the comments again and Heather, the maker of the wonderful quilt answered.  Here’s what she said…. …

My Little Book Keeper

Summer childcare is hard.  We have done really good all summer until a week or two ago.  I think the older kids miss the break that they get from each other by going to preschool.  I think they’d all like a little break from each other.  As the summer is going by I can see that they sometimes get frustrated with each other.

Well a week or so ago one family took the day off.  It was good for everyone.  I didn’t divide my time between quite as many and kids had to play with other kids they don’t usually play with.  It was a break they needed.

Anyway that left me with just one older kid.  She’s five and she’s really into writing and keeping track of things on paper.

It’s no secret that I love quilting.  I show the kids what I’m working on all the time.  They even look at quilt books with me.  The one that was with me on this day is especially in love with Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Zuckerwatte.

She saw my quilt books on the kitchen island and asked if she could look and find the quilt that’s her favorite.  I said sure.  Before long that little book keeper had a paper and marker.  She opened the book to the first quilt and said, “Did you make this quilt?”  If I answered “no” she would write and “x” on the paper.  If I said “yes” she would put a check on the paper and if I said I was working on it she would make a “o” on the paper.  It was so cute.


She went through three of Bonnie Hunter’s books then asked if I had anymore books.  I said yes and went to get them.  While I was getting them I grabbed our book that we wrote, Country Girl Modern.

The little girl grabbed our book right away.  I didn’t tell her it was our book.  She opened up and asked if I made that one…I said yes.  She asked if I made the next one…I said yes.  Each time there was a new quilt I said yes I made it.

She kept getting a curious look on her face not believing me.  She was baffled that I had made them all.  As we got the end I told her lets turn a couple more pages.  At the back she saw this page. …

A Finished Quilt: Kelli’s Easy Street

Oh happy day!!  Kelli’s Easy Street is finished…completely finished…bound and not even at my house anymore.


This is one of Kelli’s UFO projects.  I’ve said it before and it’s absolutely true…Kelli has fear of borders.  She will sew and sew all the tiny little pieces together and then peter out right at the end and never put the borders on the quilt.  It drives me crazy.

I’ll admit that putting borders on is likely my least favorite part of making a quilt but honestly, why quit if I’m that close to done??

A huge debate went on about the binding for this quilt.  Without looking at what we had for fabric I said green…she said blue….I said no really green…she said blue.  I said just look in the green drawer first and right there was the matching fabric that’s already on the border.  I told her it was a sign and that the binding did need to be green.  Then she finally agreed.  Finding a different color that matched would have been hard.  Thankfully that piece of fabric was there!


When Kelli and I made ours we both did a big debate trying to figure out what border color to use.  I’m a blue girl…Kelli is a green girl.  I put blue on mine…she put green on her’s.


Want to know the funny thing??  We both like the other’s quilt better.

Her gray was darker…mine lighter.  Sorry this is the best picture I have of mine.  You can’t really see the borders.

I actually made two Easy Streets…(crazy, I know)  Here’s mine in changed up coloring, more blocks…and of course no borders.

I am so glad this one is off and living at Kelli’s house.  It was fun quilt to sew but I’m still not sure Easy Street was an appropriate name.  I remember thinking that initially the piecing was so easy.  That’s why I started sewing a second quilt.  Then when it came time to put all those pieces together, I was a little frustrated, turning units the wrong way, and ending up with a lot of time with the seam ripper.  I managed though and it the end, we ended up with some nice quilts.

This pattern has since been released and can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.

To see other quilt progress and finishes check out  Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Crazy Mom Quilts.

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