What I’m Reading: Dark Roads

I had read a couple of other books by the author Chevy Stevens so when I saw this one, Dark Roads, I put it on my waitlist.  I’d enjoyed the other books I’ve read so I thought this one would be good for me.

All in all, I like the book.  I guessed early on who was the killed and circumstances around the killings.  The author didn’t really add in more people who might have done it so the book didn’t keep my attention as it otherwise might have.  It wasn’t a waste of time book…but there are others I would recommend much more quickly.

Here is what Amazon had to say:

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Community Quilts from Karin

It was a great day to read my email.  I had a couple from Karin and you all know, Karin’s emails are the best as they are filled with quilts!!

Hey Jo, you haven’t heard from me for a while, but that’s only because I have been kinda busy.  This queen-sized quilt was from my own stash, with the borders and backing purchased specifically to go with.

It was created using those new Cake Mix papers from Moda, but without a pattern. Yes, there were several sessions spent with Jack the Ripper, and I got lost on my quilt path way too many times to count. In fact, by the time I got to the bottom, it was almost random, I was so far in the weeds.

Just for fun, and because I had to stretch the wide backing, and because I had some leftover blocks from the front, I added a panel in the back to make the backing long enough.This was made for a young lady I know personally, whose parents have recently split and she is being used as a pawn in their co-parenting struggles. Hopefully, this will be a source of comfort to her as she matures.

This king-sized was another quilt made for a specific person I know personally.  She is actually the mother of the child for whom I made that first quilt.  She lost both her jobs through the pandemic, decided 20 years of abuse was her limit, left her husband, and got Covid.  Her husband is trying to be friends with the children, as opposed to parenting them, so there is nothing but strife and conflict in the household.
The quilt is made from 2 jelly rolls, 2 inch and 4-inch squares of background, and an accent fabric.

Once everything is cut, it comes together easily, but, boy, cutting it out was tedious and confusing!

This wide backing was specially ordered, and it’s just beautiful! I have a bit left, so I’ll look forward to using it again!


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Stitch Along Update Old and New

Have you been stitching along with us?  Judy from Patchwork Times and I have been hosting a stitch along for this Waxing Moon design.  We’re stitching the one on the bottom left.  Judy has been doing awesome…me, not so much.  Judy is doing so awesome as she is already finished.

By request of many of you, Judy and I started a Facebook group.  You can find it HERE.  I’ve had such fun seeing all the work the stitch-alongers have been doing.

Rondalin finished her pillow.  The trim on this is cute!

Carol finished this piece…
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Ask Jo: Friendship Ball and More…

Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days.

Barabara wrote:
Hi Jo!, Love your blog! The ball is called a Friendship Ball and is used to send little gifts to a friend and then the ball gets passed on. I had one and my friend and I passed it back and forth for years, sometime during Christmas or birthdays but other times it would arrive out of the blue with a little “thinking of you” gift inside. So special. Amazon has these and it will include a card explaining the tradition and a delightful little poem about the treasure of friendships. “A ball is a circle, No beginning, no end, It keeps us together, Like our circle of friends. The treasure inside for just you to see, Is the treasure of friendship, You have granted to me.” Written by Alda Ellis.”

I checked on Amazon…They did have them.  THIS is the link.  Below is a picture of the ball.

Oh my… I love the idea.  It is so sweet.  I wanted to make sure to share it with all of you as I’m guessing I’m not going to be the only who loved the idea.

Here is a reminder of what mine looked like…

The two are so similar it makes me believe that Barbara and a few others who suggested it was a friendship ball are right.

I made a guess that it was for potpourri, and some of you agreed…others of you guessed it was a yarn or string holder.  I think it could be used for any of those, but after looking at it and hearing about Friendship Balls, I really think that Barbara might be right.  Thanks to everyone who commented.  I love reading your opinions on items like this.

You might remember that I was thinking about putting my cross stitch piece from Maxine on this cabinet thinking it would lean on my vintage picnic basket…but then was worried that the vibration from my longarm might knock it off?
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