What I’m Reading: If She Knew

Every time I’ve been looking on sites for books I’ve been seeing the “If…” series.  I needed a little break from some of the heavy stuff I often read about so decided to try it out.  I actually love some light crime reading…something with an investigator, something that’s a series, something I can sew away and listen to with little worry if I catch every single sentence. I thought this book, If She Knew by Blake Pierce, might do the trick.

If She Knew (A Kate Wise Mystery—Book 1) by [Pierce, Blake]Happily I found this on Hoopla so I didn’t have to burn any Audible credits or wait for forever to get it as I do with Overdrive.

I liked the book.  Although they are listed as thrillers, I looked at it more as a cop book with a mystery of whodunit.  Kate, the main character, is my age so that was something I could relate to (not the running after or fighting a criminal…but..).  I love reading a series because after a few books the characters start to feel like a neighbor.  This is one series I’ll keep reading.

Here’s what Amazon had to say: Continue reading

Charity Quilts from the Cresco Ladies

Remember the Creso ladies who make so many quilt tops??  Well even though Sandra told me it might be spring before they made my more tops, she surprised me and made a lot!  Sandra said her granddaughter had a hand in a couple of these.  How fun!!  Teaching kids early to be generous with their time and talent is so important.

I contacted Sandra a bit ago and told her I had fabric here.  I told her there was no hurry but if she came this way, she could pick it up.  The weather was “icky” and a week or so went by before we could hook up.

Look at all the quilt tops she brought.  Some are backing but much of it is tops.  I think I counted 37 but don’t hold me to that.

As I counted I flipped a few open to get a peek.  Here are some of my favorites…. Continue reading

In My Mail…

I did so good last week.  I didn’t mess up a thing with my mail and mailbox posts.  This week I hope I can do as good.  Carver was here, he knock my stack of boxes over.  We picked it all with the hope that it was all together in the right boxes and that the right notes were with the right boxes.  Here I go…wish me luck that I got it right.

This was one of two huge boxes from the same person,  “J”  well I think it’s a J…it could be an “L”…that is all the note was signed as.  There was no return address on the box either. She has send other things before.  Today she writes that she has been hitting up estate sales and cleaning out her own things.

This is how things look at my house when boxes come.  The kids are always looking on.  They were thrilled with this box.

There were puzzles…

..and learning games….

and more goodies….
and more goodies.  Seriously, the kids played with the new toys that were in the box for about 3 hours in the morning.  They took turns and everyone got to play them all.
It made for a wonderful morning for me!

…as the infomercials say…BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!

To the left are hand stitched blocks, beautifully done.  To the right is a quilt kit.  I think a block of the month.

There were these amazing blocks.  Included were the papers and more fabric.

Look at them…AMAZING!!

There was another stack of hand stitched flower garden blocks too.  Oh my.
I talked to Kelli and we both didn’t know what to do with the hand stitched blocks.  We ended up deciding that we’ll auction them off here on the blog in a couple weeks and use the proceeds to go towards charity quilt postage.    Neither one of us will finish them.  Our sitting time goes to cross stitch projects.

Also in the box were a wall hanging….
…and this fun quilt.  It’s all stripes.
I’m not sure where these will go yet but I’m sure we’ll find a good home for them.

WOW…all of that from one blog reader!!

The next box is the box I can’t find a note for.  The outside of the box says Roxie…but this is one of the boxes that got tipped over that Kalissa picked up.  There was an empty box with it and that box had no return address.  AHH..Please forgive me.  I can’t remember which box it goes in.

This box was lots of cross stitch and a few other goodies.

Floss including a quality hoop and floss…a fun fabric panel too!!
Check out this horse quilt block.  How fun.  
There were lots of towels for embroidery…  I love the green stripes….There were embroidery books…

My favorite was this… Continue reading

That Brick UFO

On Monday I told you that I am frantically working on finishing this UFO that was gifted by blog reader Roxanna.  At first I felt a little guilty for keeping the UFO myself even though I will be gifting it on to a benefit to help a young baby born at 30 weeks.

The minute I saw this, I knew I would love it.
Roxanna said she was tired of having these project hanging in her sewing area and that a weight was lifted to have them out…well let me tell you, you are taking a weight off me to let me finish it.

I started out by accessing what I had.  I wanted to make something twin sized.  For a benefit, I think a person needs to make at least that size…and on the short notice I had, making a twin size is the best I can do.  Can you see that I have clips and notes on the fabric piles?

I snapped the picture above that you see and checked my camera to make sure the photo was okay and the lighting was good.  When I looked at the pile of pinks in the lower right corner something caught my eye…the blocks weren’t oriented the same way.

I started grabbing the piles I had sorted and look.  More.  I tried to twist them around but ugh.  They weren’t that kind of block.  Some blocks don’t change when twisted.  Now I can see Roxanna’s frustration with this project.  I’d have likely set it aside too.

Well I thought this would be the perfect project for me.  I could rip them out while I sat with the childcare kids to get them to go to sleep.

So I set a few aside and the next day at naptime I grabbed a few.  I flipped them over to rip and noticed this….

See the cut in the brown in the middle near the seam?  These had been clipped so seams would orientate the right way.  I ripped on out and decided that would be a bad idea.  The seams were clipped close enough that I couldn’t guarantee the seam when I resewed….So I sorted the blocks out that I couldn’t use and put them in a pile….these.

and went to my trusty scrap bin to cut more blocks.
The colored part is cut at 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″.  The white part is a 2 1/2″ square.  The colored part matches the square can but don’t have to.  Most of mine don’t.

Here’s what I had…. Continue reading