Jason’s Famed Carhart Sweatshirt

A post from Kelli–

For as long as I can remember, Jason has always had a certain Carhart sweatshirt.  It has been through the ringer–quite literally–many times.

For the longest time I would offer to buy him a new one if he would just get rid of his old ratty one.  He always refused, once telling me that I could get hime a new one, but he wouldn’t wear it because his facorite one was just so comfortable.

Here’s the famed shirt.  It was once a lighter off white color more so than it’s gross and stained gray.  Each time I washed it, I would point out its stains and flaw and offer to get him a new one.  He kept saying no, so eventually I quit offering.

Each time I’d point out its flaws and eventually quit fixing them, hoping that he’d eventually just quit wearing it and throw it away.  Here you can see that its ripped on the side from the rib area through the arm pit and up about half way down his arm.

His mom and I would conspire about how we were going to throw it away, however if we tried to take it from him, he’d keep questioning us and want to know where it was.  Here you can see that the bottom waist band had come off.  For the longest time, he’d just let it hang there until for some reason it got cut off.  I don’t know if he got sick of it or if his mom cut it off.  Either way, I pulled it out of the wash the other day and told him I was going to just throw it away because it was getting a bit ridiculous.

Much to my surprise, he said okay.  My jaw about hit the floor.  He said that since the bottom waist band got cut off, his belly gets a little cold, so he doesn’t really want to wear it much anymore.  So I could throw it away.  Just like that…..You can bet though, if I knew that a few years ago, I’d have just cut that darned band off.  I even offered to buy him a new one.  He said he didn’t really need any as he had gotten some new ones from the Co-op and started wearing some of his previous “good ones” for chorse because he got the new ones.

So into the garbage it went!

And that is how the lovely Carhart sweatshirt met its end.  I tell ya, Jason is about the most easy going guy that I know.  And that something that I completely love about him!


UFO Decisions: The Red Spider Web

I’ve been going through my UFO cabinet.  One by one I am asking the hard questions.  Will I REALLY ever complete this?  Would it better if I let this go and give it to a charitable organization?  Today I am tackling my red Spider Web quilt.

This project came to me via the thrift store.  I was thrilled to get it.  The bag cost $10 and had these unfinished blocks…

and one finished blocks.  I was so excited as  there were a lot of finished ones.  I thought I had plenty…WRONG.  There weren’t nearly as many as I needed.

I didn’t think it was a big deal at all.  I’d grab some red fabric and make more blocks.  Well…that didn’t work as planned.  All the reds were wrong.

I blogged about it and readers were so encouraging and told me to cut more reds from the fabrics I had and to not worry about it.  Well, that’s not me.  The different colors or the reds would have very much bothered me.

Well fast forward to a couple weeks ago.  I was working on some organizing.  One of the things I was doing was sorting thrifted fabric.  In there was a red.  It seemed like it was the shade of red I needed.  I dug out the spiderweb quilt and happily it matched.  The problem, it was only a fat quarters worth of fabric.  I got out my template and started cutting.

This is what I discovered. Continue reading


Happy New Year!!

…and just like that, 2018 is over and we’re into 2019.

Image result for happy new year
I hope 2019 is a good year for me and ALL OF YOU!!!

You all know I’ve been busy working my way through my ENTIRE sewing room.  As I’ve been doing that I’ve come up with a few sewing goals/plans for the new year.  I thought I’d share them with you….

1-Make a baby quilt for Kalissa’s baby.  She wants one like Carver’s.  His was this….

I am super excited to making another one.  It’s been a bit since I played with shirts and a bit since I played with crumbs.  I have a bit of a tutorial on how to make this on the blog.  You can find it here.  This is my VERY next project so if you want to sew along with me…feel free.  Once I get this all pulled out it shouldn’t take a crazy amount of time.

2-Immediately after or while I’m working on Kalissa’s baby’s quilt, I need to get going on a baby quilt for Kelli’s baby.  This one will likely be a conglomeration of Lori Holt things.  I like the farm blocks she’s done.

Image result for lori holt farm
I have several of her books…(haven’t made a thing from them).  I think I’ll be making the animal blocks and then will wait until the baby is born to actually put them all together.  Kelli isn’t finding out if it’s a boy or girl.  Either way it will be a farm quilt but I might border or work in more blues if it’s a boy..or pinks if it’s a girl.  The quilt isn’t a surprise for Kelli so we’ll like chat about and see.

This project is “out of my box”.  I’ve told you all that I don’t like blocks of the month or tedious projects…this one will likely be a lot like that, but it’s entirely different if it’s for a new grandbaby.  I can do most anything for a grandbaby.

3-Speaking of BOM’s.  UGH.  I have to finish both of the two that are here.  Slowly they are coming along and I’m getting to the point I just need to DO IT and they’ll be done.  I’ve hated these and don’t want them taking up space here.

4-I have the goal to try to get caught up on my machine quilting.  Along with my cleaning and reorganizing the sewing room, I have a goal to get on task and current with my projects.  Getting caught up on the machine quilting is part of that.  Who knows if it will happen…I do know I am conscious of it and want to make a change.  I want to feel a little more guilt free when I sew.

Here are my quilts that need machine quilting.  I think there are about eight there.  If I really push I do think I could get caught up..I just need to find the energy to push through it all.

More than getting caught up, I don’t want to have any MORE added to the unfinished stack in 2019 so as I finish sewing a quilt top, I either have to machine quilt that one OR do one in the pile.

5-I want to start the black and white striped recycled shirt quilt that I’ve been collecting shirts for.  The quilt is in this book…(catch the blog post here if you missed it)

This is the quilt….

I have enough shirts now.  I finally got through all my shirts so I can confirm that there are enough to get going on this.  The quilt, as shown, is throw sized so I’ll have some calculations to work on before I get too deep into the quilt.

6-This just might be the year or the shirt quilts.  Now that  I got my shirt fabric all organized I’m feeling more inspired to use the fabric.  I don’t have to dig to find what I want.  It’s all right at my fingertips.  One of the first quilts I want to make Bonnie Hunter’s Oregon or Bust quilt.  I want mine in blues and oranges….just like the one below Continue reading


Make it Your Own

Remember not too long ago when our girls were all home and we had a baking day?  It was so fun but figuring out what to feed everyone on days like that always perplexes me.

I don’t want to take away from having fun and visiting by making a labor intensive meal.  As the kids have gotten older they are more vocal than they were as kids saying they never did like this..or that.  Kayla is a vegetarian so that throws a wrench into some plans too.

We have come to the conclusion that chili is a pretty good option for our family.  I do it a little different so that everyone can have something to their own tastes.

I brown 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef browned with a whole onion

Then is a seperate pot I mix these ingredients:
2 15 ounce cans of beans- I’m not picky whatever is here.
1 quart of my homemade salsa
1 can of beer
chili powder to taste depending on the salsa

I have Kayla pull out whatever amount she wants saved for her then I mix in the hamburger.

That’s when it gets interesting…. See? Continue reading