Charity Quilt: Tulip Fields

If you have Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling, you are likely familiar with this beautiful quilt, Tulip Fields.

tulip-fields (2)
Can you believe that a blog reader sent this one to me to machine quilt and send on to donate to a charitable cause?

Well I know a blog reader, Lori from ND is always looking for twin sized quilts for Share House.    Lori is a volunteer binder and does a great job with getting quilts finished and onto someone in need.  Lori writes: …

Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Road Tour Rally

Hey all -welcome near and far from to our edition of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Road Tour Rally.  If you’re new here we have LOTS of going on.  I am working on a graduation quilt that you can see here.  I just finished up a UFO that you can see here.  It’s kind of a fun coincidence that the quilt I finished I originally started quite awhile ago when the block was featured in Volume FIVE of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks.  Can you believe they are already on Volume 15!?

I’m working on another UFO that you check out this afternoon on the blog.  You got that right…morning blog posts AND afternoon blog posts happen here every day!  There is always something new and interesting to read here from stories of my childcare kids and the neighbor kids…to farming…to recipes…to repurposing projects…to our beagles…to the family….to book reviews…always something new and different.  Oops….I forgot to mention that we talk a lot about QUILTING!  We talk about UFO quilting on Wednesdays…charity quilting on Thursdays and more quilting on Monday and even other days of the week too.  I hope you bookmark us and come back and join us on another day.

For my faithful readers…no fear.  The UFO Progress edition will be happening here this afternoon….I did get another UFO quilt top finished so you’ll want to come back.

But now, onto the 100 Blocks Road Tour Rally.

If you’ve been following the entire tour you will know we’re about mid way through.  The tour started on Monday and will continue on through Friday.  Check out Quilty Pleasures, Quiltmaker’s blog, for all the details and the great giveaways that they have going on.  Speaking of giveaways, we have one going on here so you want to keep reading to the end of the post to learn more.

There are so many fun blocks being featured.  One of my favorite parts of the the fun event is getting advanced copies of the magazine.  I love going through and seeing what all of the designers have come up with.  They are all so creative.

Here is the big reveal of our block…. …

A Quilt Finish: Pfeffernuse

Ever since I first opened Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling, I knew I would be making the quilt Pfeffernuse.  Partly I wanted to make it because I loved the quilt…and partly because I loved the name.  Hubby’s mom made Pferffernuse cookies every year at Christmas.  YUM!!  I have make them from time to time but NEVER unless Hubby agrees to help.  Her recipe makes a really big batch.

Anyway…Here’s the quilt.

I’m in love.  I can’t remember if it was last year of the summer before when I went to a garage sale and bought a box of mostly brown calico prints for $1.  I knew then and there that those pieces were going to be used in the quilt.


Hour glass blocks, the red part of the quilt, are not my favorite to sew but making them was so worth it!!


See some of those old calicoes?  Do you have any in your stash?  This is the perfect quilt for them!!

I think I could have snapped picture of the quilt all day…..


I can’t tell you how happy I am that this one moved from the UFO pile into the finished pile.  I love the next picture with it taken on the diagonal. …

Ask Jo: Bars, Shirts and Grand Quilters

Every so often I get questions from blog readers that I think other blog readers would like the answer to as well.  When that happens, I answer the questions here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

Nancy Ritzman writes, “Jo, will you please share your Cheerio bar recipe with your fans?”  These are a huge family and childcare favorite.  I make these regularly.  Here is the link.  I made a batch last time my family was together and from the time I took the lid off the container to the time they were gone was likely 30 minutes.  The batch I made in this picture was from multi-grain Cheerios.


Debbie Burgess asked, “Can you please repost a link to when you explained how to take the shirts apart and what you use the pieces for? Thanks!!! Love your blog and updates on your family and life!”

Here is the link where I tell how I cut apart shirts.
  I absolutely love working with shirts.  It’s a very-very favorite of mine.  I’ve made several quilts with recycled shirts.  The inspiration for me was Bonnie Hunter.  I have both her books that feature quilts made with recycled shirts…Scraps and Shirttails I and Scraps and Shirttails II.  I love them both but if you are only buying one, I’d buy the second one.

Shirts in my area are cheap and plentiful.  I can find shirts on a regular basis for 50 cents or less each.  Cutting the shirts apart isn’t on my top ten list of favorite things to do but the fabric I end up with can’t be beat.  These quilts are the softest and most loved by my family.

Check out the ones I’ve made…   Cactus Patch
Hand Me Downs

Criss Cross Applesauce

Stars Over Shallotte

 Scrappy Mountain Majesties is shown below. …

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