Book Review: String Frenzy

A blog reader asked if I had plans to review Bonnie Hunter’s new book String Frenzy…well yes, of course I do.

I’ve had mine for a bit now…first as an ebook edition sent to me by C&T Publishing and then my hard copy.

So do I like the book….YES!  I was thrilled when I heard that Bonnie’s book was going to be a STRING quilt book.  I loved the quilts from the first string book so much that I made them ALL!!  One might think I was “strung out” but NOPE.  I was itching to get my hands on a copy.

There are 12 quilts in the book and I don’t have a bad thing to say about any of them.  Bonnie out did herself on the designs.  I can see myself making all of them.

Geese on a String is the first in the book.  Happily Bonnie featured the string triangles on her blog a couple years ago and I jumped right in.  I have 400 string triangles already made.  I’m thinking I might make two of these quilts for two of my childcare kiddos….we’ll see as things settle down around here a bit.

I’ll need to change some colors up as my strings are in brights.

A few others from the book that I’m highlighting are Straits of Mackinac.  I LOVED this one when Bonnie was working on it on the blog.  Oh my, I have a basket of fabric waiting for this one.

As per Bonnie style she included the Directions at a Glance.  This feature is one of the reasons I love her books.  I can quick reference anything.  I love this.  It makes quilting easier as I’m not reading through all of the directions to find out how many of something I need to make!!

This is one of my favorites in the book…. …

Mystery Quilt and String Challenge

I’m hooking up with Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt link up today.  Welcome if you’re new here and the link up brought you.  We are a busy blog with update twice a day, unless life gets in the way.  There’s always something going on here!!

So what do you think of the mystery quilt?  I’m liking it so far.  Last week I left you here with a stack of finished blocks.  When Monday’s reveal came I was wowed but a little nervous.  I am TERRIBLE and known for turning pieces the wrong direction!!  I was sure that sashing would do me in.View Postmystery-on-ringo-lake-10

I’m also a girl that needs to study a pattern for a bit before I feel comfortable jumping in a sewing….so not much happened in terms of me sewing on Monday. I also started in a on debate.  Do I do that scrappy setting triangle border?  I decided not to but that left me working to figure out the sizes I’d need to cut in order to make the setting triangles…and measuring to see if I had enough of one fabric.  I did. I wanted to calm the quilt down a bit and cutting all of my cornerstones from one fabric and opting to use one fabric for the setting triangles is doing that for me.  Happily, to this point, I hadn’t twisted even one sashing pieces!!  It shows only one piece but I actually have two pieces with this much done as of Tuesday night at bedtime.

You can see my birthday quilt hiding out behind the mystery quilt…. That’s where I was on Tuesday night at bed time and by Wednesday night at bedtime, I was here! …

Quilt Shop Tour: Crazy to Quilt

Remember when I had a girls weekend and we traveled to see the play Dirty Dancing?  Well on our way there we stopped at a quilt shop, Crazy to Quilt in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

This ABC quilt was one of the first things we saw.


The shop has LOTS of patterns and lots of books.


They have so many samples, there are even samples on the ceiling.  I liked this simple quilt.


I’m a softy for wool projects.


What a fun butterfly quilt!


I have some leftovers at my house of these striped prints…I love them.  I have a project in mind for them but haven’t gotten to it yet.  I need to remember they have them in case I need more of them if I ever get to that project.


I liked this simple quilt.


Connie was checking out the batiks.  I think she’s working on selecting fabrics for Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery quilt coming up.


This quilt was kind of fun.


Of course, this was likely my favorite quilt in the whole store…a Country Threads quilt!!  …of course.


…and look who was around the corner…Kelli!  I wonder what she is shopping for.


The shop carries Pfaff machines.


This gray quilt caught my eye. …

A Quilt Finish: Rectangle Wrangle

A bit ago I sent a picture out asking for binding recommendations for my Rectangle Wrangle quilt.


My first thought was red….

Hubby thought black.  Well I am keeping this one and I think I am actually using it on my own bed.  So when Hubby chimed in I thought- well it’s really OUR bed so maybe I should go with his suggestion.  I took the quilt one evening and headed upstairs with it.  Hubby asked what did you decide for binding?  I said-“I’m not sure, but with all the colors in the quilt, how could I go wrong.”

So I started rummaging through my fabric.  I have a lot of fabric but most are smaller than one yard cuts so I started looking.  I was willing to give up the red and go with black but I wondered if a compromise might be a printed black so I tried it.


I had one and half sides tacked down when I realized that YES….I could go wrong.  I hated it.


I ended up showing it to Hubby and he agreed…I had gone wrong.  Neither of us liked this so I decided to rip it off and put on this instead….. …

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