Finally a FFO

I know most of my readers are quilters and not cross stitchers so I’ll do a little explaining.  Did you read the title of the post?  “Finally an FFO”?  Well for cross stitchers it means Fully Finished Object.  For quilters that would be an entirely finished quilt.

So that means I entirely FINISHED something….I’m so happy. You might remember that I told you I finished stitching this…

Well I was determined it wasn’t going to go in the bag with the rest of my FO (finished objects).  I wanted to finish it even if I was starting to put some spring decor out.  So, I did.

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Season Two: The Craig and Jo (and more) Show

It’s been a long time since I had the Craig and Jo show.  Well Sunday was the day for us to start our “new season” as Craig said.  Kalissa had worked the overnight the night before and needed a quieter house to sleep in…and there was a larger snow even overnight that made Craig need to work on Sunday morning.  I volunteered to watch the boys until Craig got back from working and then we could start a few projects.

Karl and Carver joined in on the fun of working.  It all started with a lot of little things….

First furniture moving….

I had a busy weekend which included a road trip with Kelli to hunt down some living room furniture.  It was successful and I’ll tell you more about that day and do a living room update for you in another blog post.

From there Craig hung pictures in the upstairs bathroom and living room. 

He bent some hooks in the upstairs bathroom.  He was hopping from project to project.  Most of the things really didn’t take long.  It took longer to find the items needed to fix or hang it than it did to actually do the job.

Carver was a big helper.  On a break from being in the garage, he went out and started shoveling snow.  He vowed to do the whole back patio but was back in the house in 15 minutes because his “hands hurt”.

While the boys were busy, I was watching Gannon and making food.  Craig put in a request for burritos and Fruit Pizza Brownies (recipe HERE).  I was a good mother in law and made his request.

From there Craig and Karl started in on the bathroom in the basement.  I’ve been wanting to spruce it up.  Kramer and I never did anything with it.  We had it on our “to do” list last winter but then he got sick and all projects went to the wayside.  We did hire someone to texture the walls.  He did a “meh” job.  He never textured behind the toilet. UGH.  Now I have to somehow deal with that.

Anyway…the bathroom had a cement half wall about 18″ tall.  I talked to Craig on a different day wondering how we were going to make that look okay.  Our idea was to do this…cover it with wainscotting and put a cap board on top.  To do that Craig and Karl searched the garage to find a tool that pounds a nail into cement…then support boards and then the actual wainscotting.

Here’s how it is looking now…. Continue reading

The “Jo Bucket”

A year or so ago Kalissa came to my house and said that her “Craig bucket” was running empty and could I watch the boys so they could go out to eat.  I remember those days as a young family- wanting and needing adult time away from the kids to recharge and remember exactly why you were married and in this life together.  I said yes and off they went.  I was so happy to be able to help.  Having a full “spouse bucket” is so important.

Well recently I have been looking at my life and have started to realize that I don’t always have a full “Jo bucket”.  My own personal time bucket was running on empty.  The other day I had to step back and look what was up with me.  I’d been a little cranky.  I’d been a little touchy.  I’d been tired….Along with that I’ve had increasingly more commitments..Rosie is still pretty needy…the kids and grands have been more needy…my health things have been happening…I’ve just had a lot.  I’ve had more kids at childcare with late starts and snow days and teacher in service days.  My “Jo bucket” is running a little empty.

I haven’t sewn on anything for me.  I’ve only sewn for causes or commitments.  I’ve not cross stitched since I had the flu a couple weeks ago.  I need to change my sheets on my bed.  I need to just stop and reorganize so many of the things in the house.  I do really, really well keeping up and then gradually the dining room table gets covered.

The kitchen island starts filling up with things I need to get to.

The laundry room starts to get too many projects in it.

I did some reorganizing in the living room only to find things needed to be taken here or there but rather than getting taken and put away, they sat.  They got loaded onto the dining room table.  AH…after awhile, all of this starts to drain on me.

I don’t consider myself an organized person.  I don’t consider myself neat…I don’t consider myself on top of things…but, I do have a threshold that once the laundry room, dining room table and kitchen island get to be needing help, I’m doomed to get in a funk.  Once all of my sewing and crafting go to only charity or gifting sewing and I don’t touch cross stitch…I get in a funk.

When Kramer was around here… Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I didn’t get a lot done last week.  So little that I had to, yet again, change my plans for a quilt to donate to the benefit for the little guy that was born early.  My “Jo Bucket” was running on empty and it was time to fill or for me to go crazy.  (More on that in tonight’s blog post)  Anyway, I decided to do some things around here that I needed and wanted to get done.  I can live in a little chaos for a bit but then comes a point that NO MORE.  I just can’t do it anymore and that’s where I was on Friday night…so I ditched sewing plans and made catch up plans instead.

All week I was busy with family and work.  Kayla was here for three days and two overnights with Jasper.

I surely appreciated the visit.

Rosie needed more attention this week after she had her “lady parts” surgery.  Nothing lots extra but some…

She’s doing awesome.  You’d never know now that she had a surgery.  She’s done great with no licking so doesn’t need the onsie anymore.

One night I sewed and I got this far…

I really thought I could get it finished and on a normal week I might have been able to, but this week was too much.

I auditioned borders.  I cut the outer border and the pieces are sewn together and ready to go.  I didn’t know what to do for the inner border though.  I had nothing in my stash but a package from blog reader, Beth, had solids in it and two of them matched really well.  (THANKS BETH!!)

Which do you like better??

I ended up going with… Continue reading