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Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days

I’ve had a question two (now three) times in the last couple of weeks.  I’ve had it in the past too.  I ignored it then.  The first time most recently that the question came,  I thought I’d let it pass as it’s an awkward answer to write but then the question came around a second time after I wrote a second blog post so I thought I should answer the question.

The first time the question was asked, it came in reference to this quilt, Pumpkin Patch by Bonnie Hunter.  I had written an “Ask Jo” post after someone asked me for the measurement of the pieces to make this quilt.  You can read that post HERE.
You can find my original post about the quilt HERE if you want more info on the quilt.

In the comments, Ruth said, “Jo, you mention Bonnie Hunter but you don’t post a link to her blog, and it isn’t one of the blogs on your blogroll. It might be helpful to add her info to this post, since you show the beautiful Pumpkin Runner she designed, and to your blog roll if you want.”

The second time a similar question came after I wrote another blog post about a Bonnie Hunter quilt I was sewing…It’s the quilt you see in the “Sew with Jo” link below.  The quilt is Holy Toledo.

You can watch the episode here in the blog post or you can find it HERE on Youtube if you missed it.  You can read the whole post that the question came from HERE.

In the comment section, Amy asked,… …

Quilt Finish: Bricks in the Barnyard

Yahoo!!  Check this out.  I have another quilt finish.

That pile of my finished quilt tops that weren’t getting quilted is getting smaller and smaller.  A blog reader suggested that I do one every three weeks to get them done and then I’d have them done by the end of the year.  That’s a great idea but totally not me.  I HAVE to strike while the iron is hot.  When I’m in the mood, I have to keep going with whatever it is for a long as it lasts.

Right now I am in the mood to finish getting these quilt tops finished and that is EXACTLY what I’m going to do.  FINISH THEM ASAP.

While my sewing room is not completely set up, it’s a great time do work on these as the quilt machine is set up and easy to use even though everything is still in a bit of a disarray.

It has felt so good to tackle these.

This quilt is Bricks in the Barnyard.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter pattern in the book Scraps and Shirttails Book Two.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.   It’s one of my favorite books.

Here’s a peek of it from the book… …

Quilt Finish: Hawk’s Nest

Yahoo…I have a quilt finish.  It’s a quilt that was on my bucket list to make.  I couldn’t be happier that it’s done and as far as I’m concerned, it’s the perfect fall quilt.

The quilt is Hawk’s Nest by Bonnie Hunter.  You can find it in her book Scraps and Shirttails book two.  (Here is a link)

My personal opinion is that this is my favorite of all of her books…well I love String Fling too (I made EVERY quilt in that book)!!

For years I’ve been collecting bonus triangles from other quilts I’ve made and all of them were put into this quilt!!   If you need a little explanation of what a bonus triangle is, I did a blog post about that HERE.  Follow the link and you can read about bonus triangles.

Many of the bonus triangles came from making the flying geese from this quilt.  It’s another Bonnie Hunter quilt called Sante Fe String Star.


Read about it HERE.  Every flying geese block gave me two bonus triangles.  They add up!!

Here is the picture from the book of Hawk’s Nest.

Stash Report | Jo's Country Junction

When I was picking fabric for the project I tried to lean towards tans, greens, browns, and reds for the hourglass portion of the quilt…

Many of my bonus triangles were blues and pinks…I still used them.  After all, part of my reason for making this quilt was to use up as many bonus triangles as I could.

I used my hook and bump edge to edge quilting for the motif.  You can watch a video on how to do that HERE.

I did it smaller than I usually do.  I’m kind of on a roll with using this motif and making it smaller.

I used an Indian corn fabric for the backing.  A blog reader sent it in a box of goodies.  I ended up picking out a backing fabric here that I had, put it in the box I’ll send out for charity, and kept this backing fabric instead.  It seemed perfect for this quilt.  Thanks so much for the backing!

The original quilt was in a 6 x 7 layout.  I made extra blocks and ended up with a 7 x 7 layout.  I was tempted to make it bigger but didn’t want to mess with making the border bigger.

Isn’t the border something??  It’s what attracted me to this quilt from the very beginning.

I bound the quilt with the same cheddar fabric that I used for the rest of the quilt.  I was going to do a brown but I’ve kind of changed my binding preference.  Previously I always liked the binding to be dark and frame the quilt…my thoughts on that aren’t always the same anymore.  I’ve used colors for the binding I previously wouldn’t have used.

I think it worked to do the cheddar colored binding.

Of course, no quilt is complete without a Rosie picture….

I tossed the quilt on the couch and Rosie jumped right up there and posed.

She blends perfectly with the quilt!!

When I was lamenting about all of the UFO quilts I had, a reader offered to help me finish them.  It was so sweet of her…but I would have hated missing out on making this one. I just love it!  Yes, I’m keeping it.  Wouldn’t you??  I don’t think anyone would love it more than I do.

Thanks for the great design Bonnie!!  It was a winner.

Another Book of Quilts??

After I finished up making ALL of the quilts in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book I felt such a sense of accomplishment that for a bit, I thought about doing the same thing with another of her books.

Scraps and Shirttails

Image result for scraps and shirttails

Our biggest accomplishment of this book was making THREE of these.  One my top is finished but I’m waiting for Kelli to make the backing.  This is Perkiomen Daydreams.  10,000 pieces in this quilt!

There are 12 quilts in this book….

Here is my list of done quilts:
Perkiomen Daydreams
Cactus Patch
Hand Me Downs
Bargello in Plaid (all made with shirts).  I have a second one of this quilt in my UFO pile.

Star Gazing


Virginia Bound is a UFO

I’d still like to make
Carolina Crossroads
Nifty Thrifty

Adventures with Leader and Enders

Image result for adventures with leaders and enders
There are 12 quilts in the book.  I have completed FIVE and have one top done so I’ll count that as 5+ done.

Here is my list of done quilts:
Blue Ridge Beauty
Rick Rack Nines
Nine in the Middle

Hopscotch, Butterscotch
I still have these on my list of want to makes:
Happily Scrappily Irish

Scraps and Shirttails II
I adore this book.  I could happily make every quilt in the book.  I haven’t yet as they are made with shirts and shirts although economical for me, take lots of processing time.  This book I would pick as a favorite.  
Image result for scraps and shirttails
There are 13 quilts in this book.

I have these finished.
Smith Mountain Morning

Fair and Square
Criss Cross Applesauce
Stars Over Shallotte
Rectangle Wrangle

Carolina Christmas

These are working towards a finish.
Holy Toledo-UFO
Bricks in the Barnyard- a Top

All of the quilts left in the book that I haven’t done are all quilts I would really like to make.  I love this quilt book!!

String Fling
FINISHED EVERY QUILT IN THE BOOK!!  Find the link to them here.

More Adventures with Leaders and Enders

Image result for more adventures with leaders and endersI have made a lot of quilts from this book…
There are 12 quilts in this book.  I have made 9 of them but one quilt I made two of it.

Here is my list of done quilts:
Scrap Crystals

Four Patch X
Winston Ways

Texas Tumbleweeds


Spoolin’ Around

Version ONE
Easy Street Version TWO

Cheddar Bow Ties

Narragansett Blues
Lazy Sunday

I would happily make the remaining three quilts in this book.  I’ve been a little intimidated by the remaining three.
Friendship Cross needs some fussy cutting
Lucy’s Baskets…APPLIQUE
Midnight Flight-everyone says it’s so easy to twist the blocks and lots of time ends up being spent with a seam ripper.  UGH.

Addicted to Scraps

Image result for addicted to scraps
There are 12 quilts in this book.  I have three finished.

Garden Party


Tropical Twist
Jingle Bell Square

I like others of the quilts in this book and I’m sure I’ll make a couple more.  There are others that are higher priority on my list right now.  Many of the quilts I’d want to enlarge and haven’t done the math.

String Frenzy
Image result for string frenzy

There are 12 quilts in the book.  I could happily make the all.  I do already have one finished!!

Punkin’ Patch

When looking back at the posts and pictures I took, oh my.  I wish I had a better camera when I first started making Bonnie Hunter quilts.

If I do make all the quilts in another of the books it will be one of the following books:
Scraps and Shirttails II
More Adventures with Leaders and Enders
String Frenzy

I actually think I will make all of the quilts in another of her books.  It was a crazy fun ride.   For now, I’m just going to try to not make any deadlines…I need some easy going sewing for a little bit.

If you don’t have Bonnie Hunter quilt books and want a recommendation, I pick both the string quilts but I know many aren’t into string quilts…After those I’d pick More Adventures with Leaders and Enders and Scraps and Shirttails II…but that’s only my faves.

So readers…what is your favorite Bonnie Hunter quilt book?  What book have you used the most?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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