Sewing Room Tour

So I had a “turn lemons into lemonade” day on Monday.  The previous week it all started with one of the little ones having a temperature.  From there is turned into a high temperature and from there it turned into Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  Well it spread.  By Sunday we had two of my […]

Ask Jo: Why Bonnie Hunter Quilts

Today is a day I am answering a question from a reader. Elizabeth K writes, “I am amazed at how much you accomplish with child care, health issues and family and all beautiful. You obviously have a thing for Bonnie Hunter designs; however, I wonder why you don’t do more of your own.” I get […]

Stash Report

It’s fall garage sale season and Kalissa is all about garage sales….ALL ABOUT GARAGE SALES.  I think with the new baby on the way, she wants to get clothes and other needed items bought cheaply. Well over the weekend Cresco, Iowa had their fall all city garage sales.  There was one garage sale that we […]

A Quilt Finish: Emery’s Stars

Lookie-lookie…I have a finished quilt!  It’s just a baby quilt  but it is 51″ x 51″. Making this went really fast…it was finding the idea that took me a bit. One of my childcare families had a baby at the end of January.  They had a cute little baby girl that is already sneaking her […]