Waging a WAR!!

I am bound and determined to really get to the bottom of my sewing room even if it means making decisions I’ve continued to put off, do things that aren’t my favorite or sort and clean.  Seriously, I really want my sewing room back…and that is going to be my focus until I’m done..or the […]

What I’m Working On….

Masks keep happening here.  To date, I’ve made 400.  I have another big batch started though so I expect that number to climb to at least 500.  Little by little they have been happening.  Friday I outdid myself and hit a new daily record of making 40 in one day.  That is sewing from sunup […]

What I’m Working On…

This is another busy day on the blog.  New people are here visiting and checking out the mystery.  If you’re new, welcome.  We love visitors.  I hope you stop back regularly.  We put up new post every morning and evening.  I’d love for you to grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you drink-I’m not […]

What I’m Working On….

SURPRISE!!  I started another quilt.  I know, that’s likely not a surprise. I am not sure what my intention is in making it.  I do know that I’ll gift the quilt but don’t have a specific recipient in mind.  I have a couple quilts I need to make for graduation presents for May so it […]