Not Fair!!

Our daughter Kalissa and I were rumaging at the local Goodwill store.  She was checking out the new clothes rack because all new clothes that still had the tags on, were $1each.  Kalissa pulled out this shirt….


I was so excited until she started dancing around the store saying…”Ha ha Mom.  It’s a medium!” 

Not fair…I wear a large.  I want a beagle shirt.  Oh the joy of shopping Goodwill….I really want a beagle shirt…even though the dog locked me out of the vehicle, I still want a beagle shirt.  No Fair.  Why can’t I be a medium..and why does Kalissa keep having to rub it in? 

….I am off to privately pout.

Three Things That Don’t Go Together

Check out the photo.  There are three things shown that definately don’t go together in a vehicle by themselves.


 The items are Gracie our dog, my car keys and my purse with my extra set of car keys.

Yesterday I quickly ran into the bank with my deposit leaving Gracie, my purse, and my car keys in the ignition.  It was pouring rain outside….I went to jump back into the vehicle and you guessed it…  Gracie locked the doors! 
The wonderful librarian let me borrow her phone because my cell phone was in the car.   The local mechanics came down and opened the doors for me but not without a lot of fan fare.

While I was waiting for the mechanics, our mail man strolled by and asked what happened-as did the librarian-the owner of the bar and the gals at the bank.  When something like this happens in our SMALL town of 240 people , it’s the talk of the town..or should I say laugh of the town.

Just when I thought I was doing something right!

Have you ever had one of those days….
You know the ones, where you have all the best intentions in the world, BUT forces just  seem to be working against you.

That was my day….. 


Our kids had been mowing lawn the last few times it was mowed.  They don’t drive as close to things as my husband would like.   In my husband’s defense, he’s right, they don’t mow close enough.  In my kids’ defense, they are scared to cut off the flowers in the flower garden.   So with REALLY good intentions I mowed REAL close trimming the weeds near our flower garden under the clothesline.  It just so happened at that very moment, a gust of wind came up and one of the clothespins holding myhusband’s shirt lost it’s hold and…you guess it, his favorite work shirt was sucked up under the lawn mower and TA-DA…fabric scraps! 

I went and told my husband I had mowed his favorite shirt…he said good thing I wasn’t in it….

So much for good intentions.

8 Hours and Counting…Disappearing Nine Patch

We had a wedding Saturday and guess what?  The Tuesday before, I decided to make the couple a lap quilt for a present.  For some people, close dead lines drive them crazy….for me, I thrive! 

At 8 am Saturday morning…this was my progress.  Quilt top finished, in the quilt machine and half done.


I have a Pfaff Grand Quilter with a Next Generation Quilt Frame that I do all my quilting on.  I’ve had it a year and LOVE it. 

Here’s a close up shot of the quilt.  I just did a stippling stitch.  It’s fast and at this point, fast is what I needed!


By 9:30, the quilt was quilted….now all I had left to do was bind it.  BUT, I didn’t have enough red fabric for the binding.  SO…off to the quilt shop.  You should have seen the ladies in the quilt shop when I said I only had five hours until the wedding starts…lots of dropping jaws.

I got home and right to work.  Here it is at 2:00 pm, bound and up on the clothesline for a quilt display.  Forgive the weeds in my flower garden…I (really) didn’t have time to remove them for the photo.


This quilt is a disappearing nine patch made from Moda’s Charisma Fabric line.  I used four charm packs to make it.  Here’s a great tutorial for the pattern.  It’s the same one Kelli used for her Hawkeye Baby Quilt.

I have another wedding in July.  I cut the fabric for a quilt on Sunday so stop back and see it I can make the deadline.

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