More Wedding Decor

Kelli had seen a project on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try.  She lamented that it was too hard to do one her own and hinted that I could help her.  Well a family friend volunteered to help but didn’t know what she would do with her little girl as it was a […]

What I’m Working On…

Yesterday we had plans to have friends over for supper so after church I headed out to the garden to pick beans and potatoes.  That with my “famous” meatballs, homemade rolls, homemade strawberry jam and watermelon rounded out the rest of our meal.  I tried to rush through food prep and a bit of housekeeping so […]

Stress Free Parties with Friends…

I am participating in BlogHer’s Life Will Lived Campaign.  I was asked to answer the following question: What is your best tip for hosting a gathering, get-together or party that is enjoyable and stress-free for both the host and guests? I can answer that simply and easily.  Cook in advance. We have friends over at […]

Cleaning Up Loose Ends and the Meatball Recipe

When I woke yesterday and came downstairs, I was greeted with this… a kitchen FULL of dirty pots, pans and roasters.  Our final guests left our son’s graduation at 10:30 last night and I wasn’t in the frame of mind to start cleaning the kitchen so yesterday was spent returning the house back to “normal”. […]