Avocado Slicer


I admit it…I like gadgets.  But I only like gadgets that I’ll actually use.  While shopping for a shower present some time ago at the local kitchen supply store I came across this, a The Chefn Corporation Green Flexible Avocado Slicer.

After reading the package I realized it was an avocado slicer.  I thought it looked fun but figured it was just a fad gadget and wouldn’t really work.

Fast forward about 8 months to last week.  Well last week I was at my local thrift store.  I saw one of these in the kitchen gadget box.  I snapped it up.  It was only 25 cents and for that cost, I could definitely give it a try.

Guess what??  I love it.  It is so easy to use.  Simply cut the avocado in half-remove the see-then scoop it out.


It’s so easy.  My avocado was a little on the soft side.  I’ve tried it since and the slices come out “cleaner”.


Check out how clean the shell is!  It is so slick and easy.  I know I’ll be eating more avocado’s now.  I used to hate dealing with the slippery, slimey thing…now very simple and easy.  The only thing that is not my favorite is cleaning it.  I did resolve that though.  I use a bristled brush to get the soft leftovers out of the slicer.

I showed a couple of the kids when they were home how slick it was…everyone was impressed too.

I know I say this all the time…I love my thrift store!  25 cents was well spent this day…Had I know it worked this good, I would have paid full price at the original store.


Feeding a Farmer: Sloppy Joe Potatoes


I have a series called Feeding a Farmer. It’s food that can be prepared in a few minutes to make a meal for those last minute meal times.  To find out how this all originated, check out this link.  Keep in mind, none of these foods are glamorous…they are fast…and not bad tasting.

One of my favorite things to do is cook once and eat twice.  That just means the first time I cook, I cook with leftovers already in mind.  That’s what I did with this quick meal.  I made potatoes in my pressure cooked because I wanted to make Smashed Baked Potatoes (recipe can be found here) only I added extra potatoes to the pressure cooker knowing I’d have extra potatoes.

Then the next day I made Sloppy Joes meat for Hubby.  I was going to be gone that day and he could warm that up himself for lunch.  Rather than making one pound of hamburger’s worth, I made two pounds knowing I would have left overs.

The next day I took the leftovers from those meals and made Sloppy Joe Potatoes.

An hour or so before I expected Hubby in for lunch, I cut up the leftover potatoes.  I sprinkled the left over Sloppy Joe mix on top and put shredded cheese over the top of that.  When Hubby walked into the door I popped the whole plate into the microwave for about 4 minutes until everything was warm and the cheese was melted.

In the meantime I pulled some cottage cheese and cut fruit from the refrigerator and Hubby had a meal in five minutes.

These are really good…the kids love them too….and that’s how I feed my farmer.

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