Health Update


Well here I am…I am one week out from my radioactive iodine treatment for my thyroid cancer…I had hoped to feel better by now.  I don’t.

I had hoped that with being able to take my thyroid meds again that everything would be improving and I do think it slowly is, I’m not doing the best.  Friday thankfully Kalissa had the day off and played chauffeur for me.  I ended up the doctor-still not released to drive much so it was Kalissa to the rescue.

Overnight Thursday into Friday morning I woke in the night sure that I had a stroke.  Things had started the day before.  The right side of my tongue had been acting like it was “asleep”.  I woke to find the whole side of my face down my neck and into my upper right arm were asleep.  It seemed localized there.  It wasn’t painful but everything was asleep.  I had told you earlier that limbs that “fall asleep” was something I had been suffering with as a side effect of being hypothyroid.  The longer I laid there, the more I lamented.

I finally woke Hubby up and told him.  He was sleepy and didn’t realize how serious I felt it was.  Finally I told him either he listen to me and take me seriously or I was calling Kalissa.  That perked him up and he did a few tests on me.  I passed them all.  He assured me it was part of being hypothyroid but maybe I should get it checked out in the morning.  As I laid there I remember some jaw exercised my chiropractor had me do one time after my jaw was screwed up after a dentist procedure.  I did them and did get some relief from them.  That helped me feel a little better. Eventually I fell back to sleep.

In the morning I called Kalissa and she agreed I should be it checked out.  I made a doctor appointment.  We went to Decorah.

We were in the doctor’s office.  He tested me.  He ended up calling the neurologist on call.
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The Charity Projects EXPAND


I certainly am not glad that I’ve been dealing with the cancer stuff this year but at the same time, it’s really helped me access what’s important in life.  I am SUPER thankful for that aspect of it all.  It’s nice to have a wake up call and it’s nice to get it at an age while I still have time to do something about it.

The kids have been home a little more throughout this and all of them have commented on how much fabric and goodies get sent to me from blog readers.  I explained to the kids that I liked it but have found that even me, who sews like crazy end up with more fabric than I can use so I find ways to distribute it out to charity organizations.  I went on to explain to the kids my want to find an organization that was helping those in dire need who could use fabric.

That spurred my daughter Kayla into a mission.  The mission was to find a food pantry or school that was in need….We found one.  Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Manderson, South Dakota has Wounded Knee School and they need me, you and anyone else you know who has anything from crafting supplies to patterns and fabric.

I got hooked up with Chris a community cheerleader that helps get items to the school for the families in need.  Chris writes, “Hey Jo,  Wow, what a fantastic offer!  I work very closely with Wounded Knee District School on Pine Ridge Reservation.  As part of that, my donors have sent the school’s Parent Resource Center many sewing machines, irons, ironing boards, etc.  The parents and students use those to sew garments and quilts and other items for their families and they are always in need of patterns, fabric, notions, quilting supplies, pretty much anything related to sewing and quilting.  If your readers would like to send any and all of their extras to the school what a huge impact that would have on the lives of those families.  These families are all living in dire poverty so any help we can give them would be so wonderful.”


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What I’m Working On…


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday hit me like a bus.  Honest.  I felt horrible.  It’s the worst I’ve felt in a long time…it was definitely the worst I’ve felt throughout my whole ordeal.  I thought I was ready for an upswing so it hit even harder.  Thankfully I had a few blog posts already in place because I was not well at all.  I ended up at the doctor twice over that time period.  More on all of that in tomorrow’s post.  Just know for now, I’m on the uptake.  Sunday I finally started feeling like a person and not a bag of side effects.  I am so thankful.

Anyway, I did VERY little over the weekend.  Kayla came home and we hung out.  She was helpful…cooking and taking care of me.  Then Sunday Kalissa invited us over for supper.  I finally felt better on Sunday….The “bus” of tired and crazy problems left and FINALLY the me and the me I love is coming back.

I did finish up my string blocks.  I have the star blocks sewn together.  I couldn’t find a good place to lay them out.

Try as might I couldn’t get Ruby to not sit on the blocks.  She’s yet to learn that she only needs to sit on finished quilts.  She thinks it’s her duty to sit on anything that’s on the floor.  Silly dog.

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Stash Report


I needed to get out of the house.  After a bit I was stir crazy.  I’m okay to be in public…just not okay to have children in my lap.  So what I do I do?


I didn’t find a lot but I did find this…

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