Oelwein Retreat Day #1


If you’re following us you’ll know that we are teaching at our retreat in Oelwein today and that Bonnie Hunter has moved to our second location in West Union, Iowa.  We are now at  Lou Ann’s Quilt Garden and Retreat.  If you want to see what our retreat location is like, go on over to Bonnie’s blog.  She took a slide show of photos showing you LouAnn’s shop and showing the accommodations that LouAnn offers.  I have to say LouAnn is the best.  She was constantly busy providing some of the best hospitality I have even seen….she’s washed the dishes, offered to launder things, emptied garbage cans and been a real cheerleader and support for all the re-treaters.

We met Doris the Quilting Queen.  We chatted about our blogs.  You can find her blog here.

We met Holly who has made many Bonnie quilts and has done them in wonderful colors that I wouldn’t have imagined.  Even though the retreat participants had already shared their goods with Bonnie, Holly was so kind and showed her quilts to Kelli and I.  I thought I would share them here so you can see her talent too.

This is Virginia Bound.


Here’s her Celtic Solstice.


…Grand Illusion….


and my favorite of the bunch Easy Street.

We asked Holly how she picks her colors….her answer was interesting.  She picks a fabric that she loves.  Then she finds fabrics that match it.   She brought some of the fabrics that inspired her fabric selections.

We have done this before but never to the extent that Holly does.  We are sure we’ll be doing this more often….

That’s a sneak peak of the happenings on retreat day #3…more to come tomorrow.  We’re hoping to remember to take more pictures but honestly, we just get so busy chatting that we forget.

African Violets


I love African Violets.  They are my favorite indoor plant.  At the farm house I had about a dozen plants but I gave all but two away when we moved.  I just didn’t have time for them and really didn’t know where I was going to keep them at this house.

Now that we’re a little more settled I miss the plants.  With the childcare kids and going with more of less is more philosophy I’ve been slow to buy more plants though.  I have to know that I have a place for them.  I have one in the kitchen window and have decided that I could put another plant there.  That prompted me to call my daughter Kayla who often has a lot of plants.

She offered to bring me a starter but in her rush to get out the door to come, forgot it.

In an unusual coincidence she ended up bringing me one anyway.  She was thrifting her way here and found one at the thrift store!  What’s fun about this one is that I have no idea what color it will be or whether it’s a double or single flower.  I already have this pretty periwinkle colored one…I am hoping for a different color.

I got it repotted on Sunday so hopefully it will take off and start growing…and in time BLOOM!!  Then my mystery will be solved and know what color it it.

On a side note, I am a huge fan of the self watering pots.  My African Violets love them..and they have really helped me keep the plants properly watered.  I highly recommend them.

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