Invasion of the Japanese Beetle


UGH.  All I can say is UGH and help!!  Any ideas??

I was merrily quilting along on this quilt that has an intent and purpose and will need to be photographed for an upcoming publication and look what happened?!?!?!   See the stain??


It all started like this…

I was free motion quilting this top and everything was happily going along.  Night came and I stopped quilting.  The next morning I am up and back at it.  I am happily quilting along when I see a yellowish stain…WHAT??  Where did that come from??  I put my finger on the spot and immediately, I smelled it…that stench of a dead Japanese Beetle.

Apparently the thing had crawled between the top and batting overnight and decided to rest there.  I must have ran the machine close enough to it for it to have gotten squished.

Really??  Could that really have happened??  Now how do I clean that up??  By the time I noticed it I have quite a lot of quilting done and would have to rip out lots.  I didn’t know if I should rip it out to get the bug out or just leave it in….but if I leave it in, it could make a different sort of stain once I try to remove the stain that is there.  UGH.

Right now the plan is to finish quilting it.  Then open up the seam near the upper left corner of the red square.  I should be able to get the bug out and stitch the opening back up unnoticed…but then the next question…How do I attempt to get the stain out.

I’ve always known I hated those Japanese I really know I do!!

Thrift Store Finds


Earlier in the week I hit up the local thrift stores…My favorite one opened in a new building and the building is absolutely fantastic.  Honestly, it’s as nice as any regular store.

I got a few bargains..a box of quilting books, a couple pieces of fabric, a pair of capris, a pair of shorts for my son, a rug and a few fun things….

Once we get to the new house, I plan on having a place to keep some toys out.  I don’t get a lot of kid visitors but when I do, I want to have an already designated place for a few toys.  Right now I have to drag out huge totes from the garage and it’s just a pain.  At the new house, there will be room making all that much easier.

I grabbed up these wooden toys.  They were 25 cents each.


You might remember them as a kid.  The bodies are held together with elastic.  If you push the bottom the character collapses.   If you push on one area or the other, an arm might wave or head bob.  They are super cute.  I think these will actually be displayed because I like them.


I had some of this type of toy as a kid and I remember them being in a specific cupboard at my parents.

I also picked up this string book.  I loved playing with strings and doing cat’s cradle as a kid…  50 cents!!


Another great find…a Rubic’s Cube in the box with the instruction book for 25 cents!!


I LOVED Rubic’s cube.  My dad did too.   I showed Hubby the Rubic’s cube when he got home and he said…yep, that was before tablets and hand held video games.

I think I am going to be a “no hand held gaming at my house Grandma” when the time comes.  If I have some fun toys to entertain them..that might work.  I managed to do that with my kids…hopefully I’ll be able to with grand kids.

For $2.25 cents..I think I found some good entertainment for kids to add to my toy arsenal.

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