What I’m Working On…


I’m back to Pineapple Crazy blocks.

I added eight to the count this week.  Considering I was working on that baby quilt, I was pretty impressed with that number.  I’ve been getting up early most mornings and sewing for a bit.  Sometimes it’s only 10 minutes but it adds up. This is proof.  Considering a block takes 45 minutes….


I am still in love with them.  I still wonder how long it’s going to take.  I’ve penciled it out counting and thinking if I can make one block a day…I’ll be done on this day.  Then I remembered that I have to pull the papers off all of them before I can assemble the quilt top…then I cringed…

I decided to quit counting and just enjoy the process…..

Speaking of process.  All sewing on these has halted until this mess get reorganized!  It’s not horrible but it’s time for some organization to happen again.  I’ve learned that if I stop and clean up every so often the whole process will go much more smoothly.

That’s it for Pineapple Crazy blocks this week.  I did get another charity quilt on the frame over the weekend.  I’m hoping to tackle it one night this week too.

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Stash Report


I’m starting to worry.  (Not really) I have so much more fabric coming in than going out.  Thankfully most of it is scrap and is easy to hide…and easy to use up.

Leigh Ann blessed me with a box of goodies in my mailbox.

This had me doing a little happy dance.  I sorted and put things in piles of how I’ll likely use them.  The thing I was most excited about is the stack of neutral fabric.  I can never have enough neutral.  I’m always amazed at how fast that all gets used up.

The bag of the scraps that all coordinate with the peach in it.  That is destine to go with a few other scraps I have that are in the same color family.  Right now, I’m guessing that will be a baby quilt.

The reds are just what I needed too.  I am planning on making the Bonnie Hunter quilt that is on the cover of the current Quiltmaker magazine.  Those reds will be perfect.

Thanks so much for thinking of me Leigh Ann.  You gift of fabric is truly appreciated!

I have to say I LOVE childcare.  I truly do….I do miss my extra sewing time though.  I loved just taking a day and committing 4 hours to working on a quilt.  I could get so much done.  I shouldn’t complain because I honestly do have an hour a day to sew…and that’s more than a lot of people get.  So how much time do you sew each week…or each day??  I’m curious.

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