Ask Our Readers: Doll Patterns


Okay readers…I admit, I have an addiction.  The addiction is doll patterns.  I do pretty good for awhile and then I buy them.  It’s a love I’ve always had from a child on up.  The first thing I ever really sewed was doll clothes.  Honestly, they are one of my favorite things to make.   It doesn’t matter if it’s Barbie clothes or doll clothes…I love making them all.

One year for Christmas I made our daughter Kayla a BIG box of doll clothes that fit her doll.  She played with them lots and lots.  Another year I made a huge box of barbie doll clothes for the oldest two girls.  It had 3 or 4 different wedding dresses along with about three matching brides maid dresses.  There were lots and lots of other clothes in there too-gowns, costumes, everything I could think of to make.  I sewed every night for weeks making all the outfits.  I had LOTS of fun.

As a kid I loved dolls and Barbies and played all the time.  I actually come from a line of doll clothes makers.  My mom was awesome at it.  My sister is too!

Last weekend we were in Waterloo and I stopped in at JoAnn’s.  Hubby was at Menards so I had time to kill.  That left me at the pattern table.  Simplicity had a new book out that I hadn’t seen before.  It was just of doll clothes patterns.  WOW, I was in awe and really wanted some of the patterns.

I am an American Girl fan.  I love the books and read all of them to our youngest.  Each of the girls have a doll-or two.  It was the big splurge they had for Christmas.

Being I love all things historical and love to make doll clothes you can see that I’d love these patterns.

Doing childcare with all the kiddos here they are all HUGE frozen fans so I’d love to get this pattern too.

But you all know me…I’m the cheapskate.  I’ll never pay the big price for any of these patterns.

I don’t need these patterns today or tomorrow…and in all reality, I don’t NEED them at all…I just want them.  Who knows if I’ll even ever have a grand daughter who likes dolls?!?!  But oh, I would like to own these patterns.

So my question to you blog readers is this…Could someone please let me know when patterns go on sale and are only a $1?  I want to add these and a couple others to my collection.  Aren’t they just adorable??  Does anyone know if there is some schedule or organization to their sales?  I want to be there the first day before they sell out!

Bedroom Curtains


One of the things on my to do list was to fix the bedroom curtains.  I’ve been trying to not spend a lot of extra money and make do with what I have so I took our old living room curtains and rods from the farm and decided somehow they’d have to work for our bedroom.

I hung them second day we were at the house….UGH. …too long.

I wasn’t especially happy with the tab feature either.  Being our house has lots of antiques, the tabs just didn’t seem to fit.


My other problem was that the other window on the north wall is shorter than the windows on the east wall.  Another problem was that the curtains have the darker section on both the top and bottom.  How could I hem them to match when taking into consideration the sizes of the two windows AND the top and bottom of the curtains.


We’ve been living with them like that for some time.  We just needed something to cover the windows and darken the room.  The curtains were doing that much.

I debated about it for some time…I debated about it until Saturday when I just said I had to do it.  If it didn’t turn out, there was really no loss.  They would be better than what they were at this point so I took the curtains down and started out by cutting off the the tabs and the facing piece connected to the tabs.

Next I turn the curtain pieces upside down.  The bottoms would now be the tops.  I sewed one seam across making a casing for the rod.  From there, I hemmed them.  Nope, not a perfect job but I am happy with them for now.

For the smaller window I just cut a chunk of the middle section of the curtain out and added the darker part back on….again not perfect but I am happy with them for now.

They give us privacy and are a good color for the room.  They darken the room so we can sleep…sounds like a good curtain to me….  I am so glad I am not picky.  I’m keeping my eyes open for something different but if I have these for a few years, I’m okay with that too.

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