Childcare Files


I’ve gotten a few emails from readers wondering how it’s been being back to childcare….

It’s been going good….actually awesome.  I missed the kids lots.  What can I say, I’m pretty attached to the bunch of them.  Besides that, I think being away from them made me stop and realize how truly blessed I am to have them in my life.  They give me so many opportunities to smile and laugh throughout the day.

Here we are out on our walk….


They just love going for a walk.  Every time a vehicle passes on the road the kids all stop and wave.   [Read more...]

Nothing “Beat” My New Headphones


The title is a total pun.  I got new headphones Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphone …”Beats” is the brand name.


I never spend big dollars on things for myself.  I just don’t.  I scrounge around and make due with the kids’ leftovers, what I find at the thrift store, or whatever is cheapest at the store.

I don’t splurge on myself…ever….well almost ever.

About Christmas time our son Karl left his headphones here when he went to college.  Well I knew they were a high dollar purchase so thought I’d try them out to see what made them so great. He had “earned” them through a sales competition when he was working at a previous job or he likely wouldn’t have had them either as he’s a poor college student with parents that don’t pay for his college.

I thought in the end I would be making fun of his head phones laughing and saying “why would anyone spend the money”….well the joke was on me.  After using them just a short bit I knew why people would spend all that money on headphones.

In the past I have tried to use headphone while working on the quilting machine.  As you all know I love audio books….but I’d find myself with my old head phones listening to them without the volume set at what is really “too high” as the quilting machine is so loud.  When I was wearing Karl’s headphones, the volume wasn’t to high and I could hear perfectly….they were comfy on my ears too.

That did it.  I wanted them.  Try as I might I couldn’t bring myself to pay the price.

I hemmed and hawed.  I put them in my Amazon shopping cart only to take them out again.  I talked to Hubby…I talked to Kelli…I talked to the other kids too.  Everyone was saying BUY THEM AND BE QUIET ABOUT IT.  I just couldn’t do it though.

Then I talked to Kelli and she said..Mom you’re going to quilt all those quilts while you’re off work.  Why not buy them and enjoy the time at the quilting machine with your audio books?  That convinced me.  I bought them…still feeling anxious about spending that much money….

But I did it.  I’m so happy.  I love the headphones.  I love them almost so much that telling you I was so hesitant is embarrassing.  I won’t be without them now….I highly recommend them especially if you are working with something loud and still want to hear without having to turn the volume up too loud than what is safe.

When I’m at the quilting machine…I have these on…all the time!

Quilts for the Fire Victims


Happy-happy news on the blog today!!  Remember awhile back I told you about my friend and blog reader Linda who had families in her neighborhood loose everything due to a fire and I asked if anyone had quilts that they could donate to help Linda help them….

Well here’s the update (or as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story).  Linda sent me a note and allowed me to share it here.

“Thank you to Kathy S, Heather L, Jo Anne S, Karlene in NC, Roxie S, Anne D, Janelle S, and Nell in Neb….Thank you so much for the beautiful quilts for the families who went through a tragic fire in my area…..They are young families and six little children were involved.  I received ten quilts from all of you—ten quilts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Thanks for your amazing generosity to families you didn’t know.  The quilts are all just beautiful…beautiful colors and amazing quilting on them.  I am so happy that all the children could have a quilt and the little baby maybe can have two….and there is even a throw for the family…Plus a cookbook(I would not have even thought of that.)



My heart is full that you ladies were willing to send quilts to me to give.
[Read more...]

Lozenges is FINISHED!!


I finished the Lozenges challenge quilt.  If you’re a Bonnie Hunter fan you know that Bonnie sent out over a year ago to make a Lozenge quilt.  I’ve  had mine done for a long time…over a year and a half ago.  We lived at the farm when I finished it up….alas, I just never got around to quilting it.

I’ve told you that we have LOTS of weddings this year and I often give quilts as a wedding gift…that left me sorting through my quilts wondering if I could sacrifice any for a wedding gift.  For me, Lozenges was the perfect pick.

I like the quilt and wouldn’t mind keeping it but:
1-I can’t keep every quilt.
2-There are so many colors in the quilt that it will likely match at least one room in a house.

I’m happy to have this one done…


a little sad that I took so long to finish it.

I know you’re used to seeing Ruby on the quilts but today was a day I was puppy sitting Betsy.  Kalissa’s been working 12 hour shifts and Craig has been taking EMT classes so he’s not home in the evenings either so it’s up to me to keep Betsy.  It’s fine…Ruby likes it.  In fact she’s trying to teach Betsy how to model.

Not bad…ah??

I think the long hours of work that put into the house left me really behind with the quilting projects…so behind that it was hard to ever catch up.  I’m a bit thankful that I was able to have time off to catch up….surely I wish it wouldn’t have come with a cancer diagnosis but it’s one of those situations…make hay while the sun is shining…or in my case, catch up while you can.

The quilt was bigger than 90″ wide so I needed a little more to make the backing work.  Although I love Ila’s 6 yard backing plan, I do like to simply do this if I have extras..and I did so it worked.


I hope this quilt brings joy to the couple that receives it.  I know I put lots of love and time into making it.

Today we’re sharing our finished quilt at  Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Crazy Mom Quilts.

You can find the free pattern to make Lozenges here.

I’m hosting a UFO Challenge on Wednesday’s here on the blog.  I’m working to finish up more Bonnie Hunter quilts before her new book comes out.  Make sure to stop in on Wednesday and check out my progress and the progress of our readers.  You are welcome to join us!