Childcare Chronicles


It’s been a bit since I’ve did a blog post about childcare.  I’ve had a sick bunch of kiddos around here and most of my time has been spent in a pattern that goes from the box of tissues, to the child and then to the garbage can.  That pattern has been on repeat.  We just can’t seem to get over the hump.  The kids who are here most of the day are all three and under.  We’ve just learning to sneeze into our wash our hands after touching our noses, not to put toys in our mouths and the like so…it’s a battle.

In between all of that we do manage a few fun moments…here are some.

We were learning about small, medium, and large so I helped them trace circles.  It was my intention that they would be snowmen.  I gave the kids watercolors to make scraves, hats and faces….oh my, they painted everything-everywhere.  Hopefully the small, medium, and large concept at least sunk in.


My neighbor girl doesn’t go to the local school.  Her school was cancelled so she came over to play.  She adores Carver and is a wonderful help with the babies.


Check this out….this is how one of the little girls fell asleep one afternoon…foot in the air and blanket over her head.


I spend a lot of time feeding bottles to babies.  It’s gotten so I wear funky leggings most of the days.  They are the best for providing impromptu activities.  Here one little girl is looking for the first letter of her name.


We have been making good use of the little table I refinished.  Here they are playing play dough.  I make homemade.  This time is suppose to be imitating snow so I made white and added silver glitter to it.  My girl who was obsessed with the Disney movie Frozen calls it Frozen Playdough.  I’ve learned that they are less messy with it if they play while standing vs sitting.


Recently while at Wal-Mart I bought some buttons.

We strung a pipecleaner in the button and then strung pony beads.  It was a great success.  My little girls who love Disney princesses were so happy to have a princess bracelet.  The little boy in my group made a lady bug bracelet instead.  I’m going to buy more princess beads next time I go.  I want to have more on hand so we can do this again….they loved it and it is great hand eye coordination for them.


Here’s what a finished bracelet looked like.  If the kiddos are a little order when we do this again, I’ll introduce patterning so they can make a pattern with the beads…even a simple pattern like pink/purple.  See how cute they are? [Read more...]

Hanging with Kalissa


I told you earlier today that I had a busy last week.  Not much sewing was done but I did spend a lot of time with Kalissa.

I told you earlier that she was planning on picking up a second job and that the job was to be a LuLaroe consultant.  When I mentioned this before someone wrote in the comments that she preferred not getting an infomercial.  Heads up to that person and anyone else reading…I write about what I am doing and what my family is doing all the time.  This is simply another thing that is happening in our lives.  Someone else once wrote that we are a nuclear family.  We are.  When one tries something, we all pitch in to help make it a success.

So last week was my turn to pitch in.  Kalissa got her inventory in.  There was a lot.  All of it had to counted and compared to the invoices.  All of it had to be checked for flaws or defects.  About the time that all the pieces came, Carver got sick.  Carver comes first so she ended up having a tough time getting things going.  She had already booked an on line sale date of Sunday so she knew on her own, she’d never make it.  Kelli ended going to Kalissa’s on Wednesday and I went after childcare on Wednesday for a few hours.

This is what she put together for a lighting studio.  All the items had to be photographed.  Let me tell you, dressing a manikin in XS shirts while with static cling is abound is not as easy as it sounds.  Kalissa doesn’t have a big house so all of this is in her basement.


For some of things, outfits were put together…all needed accessories.  We’ve happily picked some up from various thrift stores.


After all the pictures are taken Kalissa spends a lot of time editing and loading the pictures.

On the main floor they have a spare room that they have turned into what they call the “LuLa” room.  Check it out…. [Read more...]

What I’m Working On….


I’m behind today.  Typically I write my blog posts on Sunday for Monday but that didn’t happen this week.  I am behind from last week….the stars didn’t align and I had very little sewing time.  I do have to say that I am over the hump on feeling better.

Last week on Friday I realized that two of my family’s had today, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, off.  That left me with only one family that needed care.  I opted to take the day off!!  I am so excited as we are also experiencing an “icing event” weather wise so that leaves me in the house with the house to myself.  I love Hubby dearly but there is something to be said about having the house to myself now and then….sadly, it won’t be a sewing day but rather a day to work on tax prep…ugh.

Anyway…I did say that I didn’t accomplish much at all last is proof.  I did sew together one of the mystery blocks.  As of yet, I’m not sure how I am going to like my version.  If you remember I have an issue with not paying attention to my color way.  Where there is light purple around the outside I technically should have had pink.  Oh well…we’ll soon see how it looks.


More importantly, I got a charity quilt off of the frame.  This one is done by Cindy.  I have all three of Cindy’s quilts through the machine now.  I love the Trip Around the World designs.  Don’t you? [Read more...]

Stash Report


Treats from Texas!!

Cheryl in Texas sent a box of goodies to Kelli and I just before Christmas….You might remember Cheryl.  She is the amazing long armer who has donated her time and talents to helping with some of the charity quilting that happens here on the blog.  Cheryl does the quilts that get sent to House of Hope in Florida.  She’s  a super busy lady who is a true giver.

In the box from Cheryl were these goodies.  The note said that she had gone to the Quilt Festival in Houston and snagged some goodies for me and Kelli.  The CUTE tractor fabric was for me and the nursing goodies for Kelli.  Before she went she emailed and asked if there was anything we were looking for.  I said we were good…Cheryl treated us anyway!


Here’s a peak at the nurse fabric with the sayings on it. [Read more...]