Dining Table Adventure


Kalissa and Craig went to Waterloo shopping a few days ago.  Before long I got a message.

“We bought this.  $150.”  It’s a dining room table and four chairs.

They had been to Restore in Waterloo.  It’s a Goodwill type store only it offers larger recyled things from doors and windows, to furniture to wood trim and cabinets.  I’ve been several times but haven’t found a lot.  My brothers who all own rental properties love these stores.  They can always find things they need to keep their properties repaired.

The problem…Kalissa didn’t like the fabric on the cushions.
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Chicken and Wild Rice Soup


I told you earlier that I got an Instant Pot  7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker.  I’ve been trying to use it so that I get familiar with it and comfortable to use it with many recipes.  There is nothing worse than to have bought a kitchen appliance that you don’t use and it just ends up taking space.  I am bound and determined that I won’t let this happen with the Instant Pot so Tuesday when the winter storm rolled in, I dug through the cupboard to find some wild rice.  It had been awhile since I made Chicken and Wild Rice soup so I decided to tackle it in the Instant Pot.

This is a “Jo style” recipe….(Loosely translated, that means no real measurements)

I started out with five cups of water.  A hand full of white rice and and a box of wild rice.  I also put in three chicken breasts that were frozen.  I pushed multigrain and added ten more minutes.  I didn’t wanted to make sure the chicken would be easily shredded.

While that was cooking I prepared some veggies…onions, carrots, mushrooms and water chestnuts.


Once the timer went off I pulled out the chicken and shredded it.  I added chicken bullion, salt, pepper and a little garlic.  Then I added the chicken and the veggies into the pot and put the timer to soup. [Read more...]

Bracelet Update


You might remember my bracelet saga….  I wrote about it here.  The bracelet tell’s the life story of Jesus.  I adore the bracelet and was so sad when mine broke.

This is what my original bracelet looked like…..

Sadly mine broke and I’ve been trying to replace it.  I tried to find the original maker with no luck.  After I wrote the post, one of my blog readers decided to replicate it….

This is blog reader Yolanda’s bracelet.  She made more gifting them to her family for Christmas.  I think they make an amazing gift.
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More Boiling Beef?? REALLY??


After we butchered the pig shortly before Christmas Hubby cleaned out the freezer.  I was so happy as it’s a job I hate to do.  Hubby is really good at putting the older meat at the top of the freezer and the newer to the bottom.  That means that all the undesirable meat that I’ve been putting aside suddenly gets moved to the top..and I’m not allowed to ignore it anymore.  For me that meant LOTS and LOTS of liver and boiling beef got shuffled to the top of the freezer.

Hubby gets beef from his boss as part of his wages.  Often they will butcher a beef and split it.  His boss will get half.  We get the other half.  His family doesn’t like boiling beef and soup bone so we get it all.  I don’t mind…but honestly, I’ve been ignoring it all WAY to long.  So Sunday I pulled out a pack of boiling beef and put it in the Instant Pot  7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker  and ended up with this….


YUM!!  It’s a beefy-mushroom gravy over mashed potatoes.  It was so good…  It’s home hearty good comfort food.

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