Here We Are…Again!

We got home later in the evening last night and then guess where we went this morning?  If you guessed back to the ER, you are right.

It was like Friday morning all over again.  He was sweating, had shortness of breath, slightly confused, low oxygen level even with a higher levels of oxygen and now pain in his lower right lung.

We had a big debate.  Do we go to the local ER or do we go straight to Lacrosse.  Kelli came as quick as she could to watch the childcare kiddos.  After the debate, we ended up at the local ER and again, Kalissa was working.

So rather than dwell on the troublesome and worry about what all this means,  I stitched.

They ran some tests…they did some observations…all the typical ER stuff and then..they shipped up off to Lacrosse.  Kramer went by ambulance.  I drove.

It was a beautiful day with a beautiful drive… Continue reading


Funnies from the Grandkids

While Kramer was in the hospital and once he got home, the grandkids, or rather their parents, sent us some really cute videos.  I thought I’d share them but be warned they might take a bit longer to load but they are all totally worth watching.

Here is Georgia, Kelli and Jason’s little girl….

Here is Scotty, Buck and Lora’s guy…. Continue reading


That Bathroom

So on our list of MUST dos is get a shower in the main floor bathroom.  When we built the house, we always knew that a main floor bathroom shower was in the retirement plan.
I had in mind a wonderful tile shower.  I wanted it wonderful and perfect…then I saw the price tags and saw the work to it.  I knew tiling wasn’t in Kramer’s repertoire of things he could manage so we put in an old claw foot tub.  It was what we had and we were going the cheap route….besides, I liked claw foot tubs.

Fast forward and I was doing childcare with the claw foot tub on the main floor of the house.  The childcare kids would go in and turn on the water.  Of course it was the hot water.  I always worried about the water being hot and hurting the kids.  I don’t keep the water that hot but still…I didn’t like the idea of kids turning on the water in a bathtub.  So…about a year or so ago I asked Kramer is we could take the claw foot tub out.  We never used the tub anyway.  We did and I put the changing table where I change baby diapers in the bathroom where the tub was.

Fast forward to Kramer’s health problems.  He used to shower in the basement all the time.  I shower upstairs.  We had no need for a main floor shower but now, we do.  With Kramer in a neck brace, maneuvering up and down the steps isn’t practical.   It doesn’t allow him to be as independent as he’d like.  So the plan is to get a main floor shower.

Kayla’s husband Spencer was great trying to quickly get a shower put in while Kramer was still in the hospital but Kramer and I ended up slowing things down.  Yes, we want a shower…but we still want a nice shower that we’d pick in a style we’d like.  We’ve always wanted a tile shower.

So…how do we do that?

I’ve been Pinteresting.

I seem to be attracted to showers like this one….

small bathroom with walk in shower

I like the wood look tile.  I like the half walls.

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…and We’re Home!!

I didn’t happen quite as easy as it sounds.  It never does go super smooth when juggling our family and the childcare.

First off…Carver had his own trip to the doctor’s.  He’s in for his THIRD set of tubes and taking his adenoids out today.

As cute as Carver is, he’s a hand full at the doctor’s office.  Kalissa was hoping someone would go with her.  Craig could but he’s used up quite a bit of personal leave time between Gannon’s birth, Gannon being sick and Kramer’s issues too so he was fine to go to work as long as Kalissa was okay. So…being Kelli had the day off, she went with Kalissa.

The plan was then for Kelli to come here to my house and finish up childcare so I could head over to Lacrosse and pick up Kramer.

Kelli initially said she’d some and do childcare even though she preferred to go with Kalissa.  That’s when I stepped in and explained that I am THRILLED to stay home and childcare.  I love Carver dearly but I’m tired of being with doctors.  I want to be with the childcare kiddos so that’s what we did.  I stayed and did childcare.  Kelli went with Carver and Kalissa.  That means I got time with these two too…. Continue reading