My Little Book Keeper


Summer childcare is hard.  We have done really good all summer until a week or two ago.  I think the older kids miss the break that they get from each other by going to preschool.  I think they’d all like a little break from each other.  As the summer is going by I can see that they sometimes get frustrated with each other.

Well a week or so ago one family took the day off.  It was good for everyone.  I didn’t divide my time between quite as many and kids had to play with other kids they don’t usually play with.  It was a break they needed.

Anyway that left me with just one older kid.  She’s five and she’s really into writing and keeping track of things on paper.

It’s no secret that I love quilting.  I show the kids what I’m working on all the time.  They even look at quilt books with me.  The one that was with me on this day is especially in love with Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Zuckerwatte.

She saw my quilt books on the kitchen island and asked if she could look and find the quilt that’s her favorite.  I said sure.  Before long that little book keeper had a paper and marker.  She opened the book to the first quilt and said, “Did you make this quilt?”  If I answered “no” she would write and “x” on the paper.  If I said “yes” she would put a check on the paper and if I said I was working on it she would make a “o” on the paper.  It was so cute.


She went through three of Bonnie Hunter’s books then asked if I had anymore books.  I said yes and went to get them.  While I was getting them I grabbed our book that we wrote, Country Girl Modern.

The little girl grabbed our book right away.  I didn’t tell her it was our book.  She opened up and asked if I made that one…I said yes.  She asked if I made the next one…I said yes.  Each time there was a new quilt I said yes I made it.

She kept getting a curious look on her face not believing me.  She was baffled that I had made them all.  As we got the end I told her lets turn a couple more pages.  At the back she saw this page. [Read more...]

Kramer World


Hello from the land of the lost…

Let me explain. Saturday morning we had a storm go through out area. I brought LOTS of rain.

We had three inches in such a short time.

There wasn’t a lot of lightening but there was one huge crack.  At that time I was on the phone with Kalissa.  I told her that I thought something blew.

We later found out that we lost our modem, the cordless phones and the kitchen television.  So…for the last few days we’ve had not internet…IT IS SO HARD!!

Worse of all…I was told by Windstream that it might take until August 9th!!  Are you kidding me?!?!  August 9th.  I told them that all of you are waiting on me…they didn’t seem sympathetic.  Then I told them that something really has to happen soon.  They told me they’d try for July 31st.  Realistically that’s still a long wait.  THANKFULLY I had several blog posts already written and thankfully Kalissa lives across town and will let me used her internet.  It’s really hard though…she’s tired in the evening..I’m tired.  It’s hard to pack everything up and go over to write blog posts.

That’s where things are now…If anyone needs me, you can reach me at

Thanks for all the anniversary wishes.  We had a great day.

Stop by Friday.  I’ll let you know what’s happening with surgery.

UFO Challenge Update


From now until Bonnie Hunter’s new book comes out in September you’ll find me right here on Wednesdays sharing my progress on a UFO (unfinished project).  My hope is to get some finished so I won’t feel guilty sewing on new projects from her new book.  It’s not to late to join in the fun.  You can find my first post about it here.  You can see my listing of all my Bonnie Hunter UFOs here.

Last week I was working on getting more red square and neutral rectangles sewn together so I could keep progressing with my Texas Braid quilt….This week I started in sewing them on.

UGH.  Immediately I was frustrated.  I am working on braids that have the dark to the right side now.


Adding on the neutral piece seems completely awkward.  Someone had written to me in the comment section that they had trouble with their quilt as they too felt awkward with the construction.  UGH.  I had all the other braid sewn so I wasn’t going to quilt but I sure didn’t like it.


Then I got thinking…Rather than try to sew it like this….the awkward way,


Sew it like this…. [Read more...]

What I’m Reading: Sheva’s Promise


I just finished up listening to the audio book Sheva’s Promise: Chronicle of Escape from a Nazi Ghetto by Sylvia Lederman.  This one I listened to via Audible.  If you’re a regular reader you know I read many WWII and Holocaust books…this one is that.

So did I like it as well as other Holocaust books? [Read more...]