Summer (not so much) Fun!


A post from Kelli–

As you know, I was laid off from my office job last December and started going back to school for nursing.  In order to get onto the waitlist for the nursing program, I had to complete a few classes–Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Nutrition, and Dosage Calculations.  I was able to finish most of them this past semester, but enrolled in summer classes to complete Anatomy and Physiology II.  Once I have this class done, I’ll be able to be placed on the waitlist to get into the program.

A and P
The way that the summer class is set up, we are able to complete in a month what would normally be a semester–basically, what we would cover in a week, we are completing in a day.  Between the lecture class and the lab, we have a test at least every other day!  So far, it’s been a lot of work and studying, but I’m getting through it and am pretty sure that I will end up with a good grade and I’ll be able to be waitlisted by the end of the month!  Now to just get into the nursing program…

Olfa’s 35th Anniversary Fun and Giveaway


A bit ago Olfa sent us some fun goodies in honor of their 35th anniversary–that’w when the fighting broke out here at my house.  Kelli and I both wanted the rotating mat they sent.  I’ve always wanted one but haven’t broken down and purchased one….sadly, Kelli said the same thing.  I know I needed a new 6.5” x 6.5” square ruler so I compromised.  I got the ruler…she got the rotating cutting mat.  It’s hard to be a partnership sometimes….


I had a small square ruler but just recently I realized that over the last few years of cutting, I’ve nicked the top edge so many times while cutting and now the edge isn’t perfectly square.  It was on my list to purchase a new one when the package from Olfa came so I was happy!!

Olfa has been quilting with us for a long time.  I’ve been lucky enough to have had rotary cutting tools since the time I started quilting.  Last year Olfa had sent me their new Splash rotary cutter with the easy changing blade.  At the time I got it, I didn’t really need another rotary cutter….well now it’s the one I primarily use.  It’s my favorite.  I love the ease in changing the blade.

Part of Olfa’s anniversary fun is for designers to make and submit a 6 1/2″ block and then they’ll have the blocks put together into a quilt honoring their anniversary.  All of the blocks had to have some type of yellow in them.  I started playing with a couple ideas…I started out with this…


I liked it but I didn’t like that the slide that covers the blade wasn’t included in the design.  I kept thinking about rotary cutting and wanted the design to represent the turning blade….While trying to adjust the placement of the little triangles in the center of this design I accidentally moved the black piece in the background and the design re-adjusted.  Something similar to the block below showed up.  With a little more playing and moving I finally came up with this.  I loved it.  It looked like a turning blade to me.  I sent the design to Kelli and she approved.


The next test was to see if it could be made without funky measurements like 3/16ths. was all good and easy to figure.  So here’s our block and here are the block instructions so you can make one of your own if you’d like.  Just press the link for printable instructions.  I thought some of you might appreciate your own pattern sheet with instructions.

The fabrics are courtesy of the goodie box of fabric sent to me by one of my blog readers.  THANKS again!!

Kelli and I both really liked the block and plan to have it show up again somewhere in our designs.

I have wonderful news for one of my blog readers…Olfa wants to treat one of our blog readers to their own surprise in the mail….This kit includes an OLFA rotary cutter and a small cutting mat.  The small mat would be great to take to a retreat!!  It would also be great to win this and gift it to a friend or relative who is interested in starting to quilt.

If you’d like a chance to win just leave a comment here sending anniversary wishes to Olfa.  We’ll get a winner picked next week.

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