Odds and Ends

No Double Wedding Ring directions today.  I almost didn’t know what to write about.  All of the Wednesday morning posts have been about the quilt along for so long.  I just have some miscellaneous things to talk about today.

First off…I found the blocks to my Double Wedding Ring quilt.  I had sewn two rows while at retreat and couldn’t find them.  I pulled out the stuff to Tulip Fields and there they were…I had that with at retreat too.

I don’t know why I didn’t look there first!!!!!!!!

Second…Can you help me help Betty Jo?  She wrote and asked, “I am searching for a LARGE (like bed size) pattern, or instructions, for a five-pointed star. I want to make my grandson a red, white, and blue Texas-themed quilt. Not having much luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Betty Jo attached this picture….

Has anyone seen a pattern like this?  If you have please leave a comment on this post for Betty Jo to see.  I know it’s hard when there’s something I want and can’t find it.  Let’s all try to put our thinking caps on and help.

Cheryl and about five other people have asked, “What do you use to clean up the machine? Thanks”  That is when I wrote the post about my  Singer 15-91 and cabinet.

The picture above shows the cabinet with only the top done.  The bottom picture shows the cabinet finished and the chair not started.

The product I kept working with is Restor-a-Finish.  I provided an Amazon link so It does wonders at hiding dings and scratches.  We use it on most everything that goes to the antique booth now….picture frames especially come back to life with it.

There are other wood colors.  We typically use light oak and dark oak only.  They work with most of what we have.

Since the original post I’ve gotten at least four emails asking and often a few people asking in the comments.

I think that catches me up on the all the loose ends around here.