Needing a little help…

A post from Kelli–

I know it’s a huge surprise, but I need help in making a decision.  If you know me at all, you know that this is a regular occurance and happens more often than not.  It even happens with little trivial things like what I’m making for supper.  I will literally make Jason anything for supper (unless we don’t have the ingredients) as long as I don’t have to make the decision of what to make.  I will literally put things off for horribly long periods of time…again, for the simple fact that I don’t want to make a decision.

So…here I am….needing to make a decision….and needing a bit of help.

When I moved in with Jason, he lived in the house that had been a bachelor house for years upon years.  It was a nice little house in the middle of nowhere which I loved, but the condition of the house left much to be desired if you were a girl that was moving in with the boy that she liked and wanted to make a home with….not just a place to sleep, eat, shower and be gone from.  It even came complete with a stove that had three working burners and a refrigerator that had a giant John Deere decal on it and a strange wooden handle.  Again, great for a bachelor house, but not the best for a home.

When the opportunity came that we may be able to move, I jumped at the chance.  After some time and waiting, things were set that we were going to move.  We knew that we needed a new washer and dryer, but I really wanted a new refrigerator as well.  Long story short, we had looked at appliances here and there, but hadn’t made any actual decisions.  Jason happened to be able to borrow a trailer and get the afternoon off, so he went to the appliance store and bought the washer and dryer.  He also decided to “surprise” me and get a refrigerator as well.  He knew that I wanted a bottom freezer one, but when he started looking at prices, he ended up getting one that was nice enough, but was a pretty basic model with the freezer on top. He called me to ask if it was okay and without knowing what he was planning on getting, I told him that if it was a big price difference I would just take whatever he ended up getting….and he was buying and we were just dating, so I felt odd getting too demanding.

All was well…until the stove that we had ended up frying out another burner.  One of two remaining burners worked part of the time, and the one that worked all of the time was the small one in the back corner.  It wasn’t too ideal, but it worked and we just went with it.

When we moved to the farm that we live at now, Jason’s parents had just bought a new stove.  They offered their stove to us as the house didn’t come with a stove.  We happily accepted.  We also purchased a dishwasher, but were a bit short on cash, so just got a cheap one that we thought would be okay.  The microwave that came with the house had a handle on it that was a little iffy.

Since we moved in, the handle has snapped off of the microwave .  It looks like they had attempted to glue the handle back in place a few times, but there was no fixing it this time.  It has also been a pain in the butt about working lately.  We have also discovered that the ice maker (which was the main reason that I wanted a new refrigerator) no longer works in the freezer.  Our dishwasher has also seen it’s better days due to some plumbing and electrical shorting issues.

Recently I’ve really been on a kick that I have wanted to try and get Jason to fix the dishwasher.  After a few “discussions,” me making food I know he doesn’t like a few times, lots of complaining to my mom, and a few tears, he finally looked at it and did what he could, but it just goes halfway through the cycle and then stalls out.

When we were talking about going down to Lucy and Scottie’s baptism, I got him convinced that we would atleast look and maybe buy a new dishwasher.  We went to baptism and made a quick stop at Home Depot.  They asked if we needed help, but we just looked around.  Honestly at this point, I just wanted to have three choices and pick one….but THERE ARE SO MANY!  We talked about what we wanted for features, colors, etc.  And then Jason had a revolutionary idea–Let’s just buy all new kitchen appliances!

I was a bit shocked, but honestly, we really need them.  That however will require more than an Impala to get them to our house and a bit more of a money plan, so we went over to the baptism party.

After talking to Buck and Lora, I also found out that Best Buy sells appliances.  After a little bit of chatting with Lora (she’s a manager there, so I was able to get the good scoop), it sounds like buying through Best Buy would be the best choice for us.  **Before anyone tells me I need to shop local, please know that supporting family in their work and careers trumps buying local for me.**

So this is where I need a little help–I DON’T KNOW WHAT BRAND TO BUY!  I currently have a GE stove, Amana microwave, Kenmore refrigerator, and a Frigidaire Dishwasher.  There are a few features that I am looking for–

Refrigerator–Bottom freezer and ice maker.  I am okay with a french door opening top, but would probably prefer a single door.  Water would also be okay, but I don’t want to give up tons of refrigerator space for it as I really enjoy my coutry water.

Dishwasher–I would like to have the buttons and such on the top of the door so that down the line when I have kids, they can’t just walk by and push buttons.  Other than that, I want it to wash dishes so that I don’t have to.

Stove–Glass top and electric.  Again, I don’t want the dials on the outside part of the stove as I would be afraid little hands would cause problems.

Microwave–I want it to be able to make popcorn and warm up my leftovers.

I do have a few other thoughts–

  1.  I’d like black stainless steel, but would be up for regular stainless steel too.  No white.
  2. I want them all to be the same brand and look like they go together.
  3. I’d prefer to be around $3,000 or less if possible.
  4. I’d like them to all fit in the back of a truck if delivery isn’t possible.
  5. I won’t want them to be smart phone capable and don’t want any other technology upgrades.

So here is where YOU all come in–

What are your thoughts?  Do you have any reccommendations?  What brands do you have and like?  Is there a features that an appliance of yours has that you love or hate?  Again, please don’t tell me that I need to shop local.  I have made my decision as to where I will be purchasing the items and feel as though they have a wonderfully large selection–I just have to make the decision.

Here’s what I’m liking so far-

Here’s the GE set that I like–

And the Whirlpool set that I like–

So like I said, I’m stuck!  And I’m hoping you can help me out a bit!  Let me know what you think–I’m hoping to get something figured out in the next week or so, but we’ll see how that goes…