My Saturday

Last Saturday we had a snow storm here….that’s okay.  We were hunkered down with our sewing machines ready to sew.  Friday Kelli and Connie came to sew.  We didn’t get a lot of sewing done but we did get set up and were ready for the sun to rise on Saturday.

I finished up the blocks I was working on so decided to pull a different project.  I thought I should pull out my Featherweight and make sure it was running before I was to take it to class.

That’s when I remembered my stool.  I’ve still had trouble with my foot swelling after my surgery 1 1/2 years ago…(what’s up with that?)  I was told it’s normal.  At my final follow up visit I was told that might be the case so after a year I decided to start looking for a stool.  While in recovery I had learned to sew with my left foot on a stool.  I decided to try to go back to that….but I needed a stool.  A short time after that I found this at the thrift store for $1.  It was just what I wanted…minus the lumpy dated upholstery….

I loved the wooden legs but that upholstery had to go!

I got the stool and started in on the project.

Here is the placement of the tacks….I took a close up picture so I’d remember how they went together.

I wanted a quilted top so I pulled some stuff I had and asked the girls for advice….Connie suggested taking the four patches I already had made and sew them together.  That’s what I did.

Kelli was sewing on her project…and Connie on hers while I worked on mine.  Kalissa and Craig ended up coming over.

Kalissa was working on prepping the dress for Lucy’s baptism.  Lucy was to wear Kalissa’s baptism dress.  My sister Judy made it for Kalissa when Kalissa was baptized.

Craig made supper.  Poor Connie got a real taste of the Kramer family.  She had met all but Buck before but she hadn’t really experienced this many at once.  Thankfully they didn’t frighten her off.

This is what the stool looked like after the upholstery was removed.

I added some more quilt batting to the batting that was already there.

Amazingly I had enough four patches plus three extra.  That made assembly quick.  Here’s how it started to look…..

Hubby got out some tools and helped me pull and staple it into place.

While we were doing that, Kelli played with Carver.  They were having so much fun.  Kelli is great with Carver.

Connie pitched in (one of the many reasons I love Connie) cutting and packing bars to take to baptism.

In a short bit….my stool was finished!!  I LOVE it and my foot will too!!

Can you believe my cute little stool really did start out as a $1 item?  I’m sure glad I didn’t let it set and actually recovered it.  Connie was a good influence.

I really hope to do more projects like this.  All too often I buy something and don’t follow through with fixing it.  I want to be better about that.

So while the storm dumped 8 inches of snow on us…we were content to be doing our thing indoors.  It was a great Saturday.